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A Guide to the Legends of Pinball!

by facetiousmind


Zing! Zong! Ping! Pong! "Legends of Pinball” is very similar to the classic you are probably used to playing, but this version has a Neopian twist to it (of course)! Let’s get you more acquainted with this game so that you can go ahead and play for yourself!

Controls and Object of Game

The controls for this game are pretty simple and if you have ever played pinball online before then you can probably already guess what they are. Hold down the spacebar and release in order to shoot your ball and then use the left and right arrow keys to activate the flappers, in order to keep your pinball in game play. In addition to the left and right arrows keys, you can also click on the two flappers to have the same effect in keeping your ball in play. Whichever way you choose is up to you so experiment with each to see which way you like best. The object of the game is to rack up as many points as you can in each level with each ball you shoot through the pinball machine. Each level also has its own goal that you need to reach in order to move on to the next level (explained later).

Basics of the Game

In each level you are given 5 pinballs to wreak as much havoc as possible (aka rack up points)! Hold down the spacebar to release your first pinball into the machine (the longer you hold down the spacebar, the more power you give the ball). Your aim is to keep the pinball in play as long as possible since everything you hit gives you more points. In order to keep your pinball in play, use your left and right flappers when the ball makes its way down towards them. If you let the pinball slide in between the flappers then it will fall into nothingness and you’ll have to release another ball. If you go through all 5 pinballs and lose each one, its game over!


In this game, there are a total of 2 levels. Each individual level has two parts to it: a .1 and a .2 (i.e. 1.1 and 1.2, if you were on level 1, etc). In each level there is a specific goal that you must do in order to move on. These goals are given within the .1 and .2 of each level too.

Level 1.1: (Virtupets) In this level, there are 3 doors at the top of the screen. It is your goal to open each door by hitting them with the ball one by one. Once you do, you proceed to the next level. This level has an extra flapper on the left hand side and has a series of tubes your ball can go in and out of. It has no sinkhole or well it can get stuck in. (Explained later)

Level 1.2: (Virtupets ) In level 1.2 our well known friends, Gorix and Cylara from the “Return of Dr. Sloth Plot,” are perched on a suspended platform at the top of the screen. You must hit Gorix and/or Cylara three times. You can do this in any manner of combinations as long as you hit one or both of them three times total. After you’ve done this, you’ll move on. This level has an extra flapper on the left hand side and also has a tube the ball and go in and out of. It does have a sinkhole your ball can briefly get stuck in.

Level 2.1: (Meridell) In this level there is a Draik in the top left corner dressed up as a Knight and the good old Turmaculus is in the top right hand corner. Both are peacefully asleep… but not for long! Ignore the Turmaculus, he does nothing. You must hit the Draik three times; waking him up a little more each time you hit him, in order to move on. This level has no extra flapper, no tubes but does have a well your ball can get stuck in.

Level 2.2: (Meridell) This level is the final level and the toughest of them all. It has obstacles such as spikes and poles that come up and down. This makes it harder to hit your goal. Speaking of which, Jeran the Ixi is located on the left side of the screen. You must hit Jeran just once and then you’ve beat the game! But he has a shield, so you must hit him when it is lowered. Once you hit him, you have completed the game!

The “sinkhole” that was referred to will hold on to your ball for a few moments. If this happens you will be frozen for a bit but don’t go walking away to make a lunch! Your ball will be released shortly and you will need to keep an eye out to be ready for it. This also gives you a chance to put 2 balls into play (explained later).

Gaining Points

Pretty much everything you hit in this game will give you points! Hitting the goal object of each level (i.e. whether it’s a door, Draik or Gorix) will give you the most points, 20 points for each hit. Anything else you hit in the level that either lights up, makes a sound or shoots you somewhere random will also give you points.


- Always be alert - you may think you have that pesky ball under control but in seconds it can be shooting down the screen, you have to be quick!

- In level 1.1 you can hit one of the doors straight off the bat. Just hold the space bar to get maximum power and release!

- Having trouble passing level 1.2? No problem, you can easily hit your goal objects (Clyara and Gorix) 3 times without doing a lot. Make sure you hold the spacebar down to build up maximum power. If timed carefully (its not very hard), you can hit them straight away when you fire. They are constantly walking back and fourth on a platform so release when either of them are heading to the right and are about 2/3 the way across. Although this method can be useful, you won’t bank many points. After hitting them once, don’t just let the ball fall out of play. Continue with it and rack up as many points as you can!

- The closer toward the edge of the flapper you let the pinball slide down before you hit it, the higher the pinball will go flying!

- You can actually have more than 1 pinball in play at a time! Remember those sinkholes mentioned earlier that hold on to your pinball for a little bit? Getting the ball stuck in the sinkhole or well can be a good or bad thing. While your ball is being held onto a new pinball is released and eligible to be released into game play. You can choose to either release it or wait and play with 1 ball at a time. However, it is quite fun to play with two pinballs at once and can also help you rack up simultaneous points since they will both be going at the same time! But if you are new to the game, don’t have as much experience, or prefer to concentrate on 1 ball only then ignore the 2nd ball.

- Sometimes its better if you just keep the flappers going at all times. This way you won’t be caught off guard if the ball comes sailing down at warp speed. However, use this constant motion with caution since sometimes the flappers can actually guide the ball underneath of them which is definitely something you don’t want to do!

- Don’t forget, you have 3 flappers, not 2! In most levels, you have an extra flapper. This can come in handy, especially when you want to fire at your goal object to advance you to the next level. This extra flapper might just be the ticket to complete the game.

- Huh? Where did my ball go? If you find yourself asking this question, the most likely answer is, its in a tube. In level 1.1 and 1.2 there are tubes which the ball can go in and out of. If it suddenly disappears, it is probably in one. Be ready! They come out fast!

- If you are aiming for a shiny trophy or a spot on that high score table, you will want to take your time. Don’t rush through the levels and just aim for the goal objects. Rack up as many points as you can before advancing by using each of your 5 balls!


This game is quite fun and a great stress reliever if you need one! I hope this guide has helped increase your score and thanks for reading!

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