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The Snowy Valley Avatar - An In Depth Guide

by wokitana


Getting the Snowy Valley Stamp Avatar is a very difficult task as it requires a lot of hard work to build up millions and millions of neopoints, so that you can buy the rarest stamps present in this page of the album. The rarity of some of these stamps here also makes it even more difficult for the task to be fulfilled as it may be weeks, and even months to have a rare stamp available for sale on the Trading Posts and the Auctions. With this article we hope to be able to help you achieve the elusive goal of stamp and stamp avatar collecting.

Let's get started on the first five stamps, which wouldn't cost us too many neopoints. All these stamps restock at the Post Office, located in Neopia Central and in private shops, Auctions and Trading Posts.

Snow Wars Catapult Stamp – This stamp is cheap enough, that even the poorest neopians can add it to their albums with ease. Its estimated cost is 661 neopoints and can be bought in shops for approximately 1,290 neopoints. It features a catapult throwing a snowball and reminds us to use tactics when playing the games Snow Wars and Snow Wars II.

Rainbow Slushie Stamp – Again, a stamp that anyone can easily add to their albums for a low price! Its estimated cost is 553 neopoints and sells around 1,000 neopoints in shops. This stamp features a rainbow slushie. Mmmmm! Taste the rainbow!

Frosty Snowman Stamp – Yay! More cheap stamps! This stamp’s estimated cost is 1,129 neopoints and it sells around 1,650 neopoints in shops. It features a cute snowman out in the snow. It's C-C-C-Cold BRRRR!!

Wintery Petpet Shop Stamp – Again, a nice cheap stamp. Its estimated cost is 858 neopoints and sells around 1,000 neopoints in shops. This stamp is named after the shop in Happy Valley that sells pets for your neopet and it features a ginger bread house.

Wintery Bruce Stamp – The last stamp in the first row! Nice and cheap again! Its estimated cost is 1,233 neopoints and it is priced around 1,500 neopoints in shops. It shows a picture of a red Bruce sitting down and playing in the snow.

Next row used to be more expensive, and we will keep on focusing on bringing in a lot of neopoints no matter what happens to prices. To save up such an amount of neopoints one should consider playing games, which give out 1,000 neopoints per play on a daily basis. There are also the mirror games which can also be played. Always make sure you don't play both the mirror and the original game at the same time. Playing such games and doing the dailies will help you make about 50,000 neopoints and more in a single day. We advise you to find a good guide on easy to play games, listing such games along with their ratios.

One could also make a lot of profit by restocking in shops, especially on every 3rd day of the month, to get the half-price sale on every item. It is also a good idea to start investing in the Stock Market. A lot of patience is needed here, as sometimes it can take months for a stock to go up and provide a reasonable profit. We recommend you to buy 1,000 shares at 15 neopoints each, every day, and then wait until the stock gets high enough to sell. Some sell when the shares escalate to 60 neopoints or higher, but you can sell anytime if you prefer not to wait that long. Never, ever sell for less than you have paid, not matter what!

If you are lucky enough to be with the winning team for the Skirmish Battles, in the War of the Obelisk, you might be able to get the Cheaper By The Dozen boon and buy your stocks at 10 neopoints a share instead of 15, saving 5,000 neopoints every day for a week. The Oracle grants another useful boon when siding with particular teams, which involves the bank. This is the Bank Bribery, which raises your interest rate by 3 per cent. It's really only worth getting over the stock market boon, previously mentioned, if you have enough neopoints to gain more than the 5,000 neopoints you would save using that boon. Look out for good guides with respect to all of the mentioned games so that you will make the best out of it.

Christmas Meerca Stamp – This stamp used to cost a bit more than the ones in the first row, but with the new restocking system it has gone considerably low in its price. Its estimated cost is 1,131 neopoints and sells for approximately 2,480 neopoints in other shops. It is uncommon, and features a very happy Christmas Meerca on a seasonal background.

Terror Mountain Scene Stamp – This stamp has gone also very cheap. Its estimated price is 948 neopoints and sells for about 1,500 neopoints in other shops. It shows a picture of a beautiful scene taken from the top of Terror Mountain.

Igloo Garage Sale Stamp – This stamp is also cheap to buy nowadays. Its estimated price is 2,216 neopoints and costs about 3,000 neopoints in other shops. It shows a picture of Mika and Carassa in front of their Igloo on top of Terror Mountain. Looks like they had another great garage sale!

Rink Runner Stamp – This stamp is quite rare and not long ago used to be unbuyable from users’ shops. Its estimated price is 1,416 neopoints and it sells for about 5,000 neopoints in shops. It features the skating Bruce from Rink Runner, a game located in Happy Valley.

Christmas Kougra Stamp – This stamp is another easy addition to your Snowy Valley collection. Its estimated price is 982 neopoints and sells for about 1,750 neopoints in shops. It has a cheerful Christmas Kougra on it. What could be cuter than that?

In the third row the stamps get very expensive, and the amount needed for one of the stamps here, is only made possible over a large period of time. In this section we are going to suggest some more ways as to help increase our neopoint income. Play the usual daily games and do some restocking. Also try the auctions, where there is a great variety of profit making, especially where prices are set lower than normal. It's true, there will be too much competition! But you'll never get anything if you don't try! The item might be yours where there are few people bidding or else your bid might come in exactly when the auction ends. Be careful with auctions and always be aware of the price of any item you are bidding on, so you don't overbid and lose neopoints.

Play and earn your maximum daily ten golden or silver Keyquest keys, offcourse when the game is fixed and playable once again. Keyquest gives out so many good prizes, like codestones and neggs, along with a generous amount of neopoints (daily quota is 30,000 neopoints). You can also win the Secret Laboratory Map pieces here which are very profitable, although these are not very common and are only achieved with the golden keys. Paint brushes and red codestones are also prizes given out from gold keys and who knows what the great future will bring out as prizes. Can’t wait for the game to be back... it’s so exciting! Good game guides are always recommended.

Christmas Uni Stamp – It's a good thing this stamp is cheap, as we have a pretty pricey one coming up in this row! This stamp’s estimated cost is 519 neopoints and it sells for around 1,000 neopoints in shops. It features a joyful Christmas Uni, on a seasonal background.

Christmas Zafara Stamp – Another cheap priced stamp, nowadays. Its estimated cost is 1,885 neopoints and it sells for approximately 2,300 neopoints in other shops. This stamp features a Christmas Zafara, that looks so angelic with the halo and a white pair of wings. So cute!

Scratchcard Kiosk Stamp – Even if you are poor, you should be able to get this stamp pretty easily at the present time. This stamp’s estimated cost is 1,948 neopoints and sells for around 3,500 neopoints in other shops. The picture here is of the Wocky that looks after the Scratchcard Kiosk in Happy Valley.

Candychan Stamp – This stamp is the only one on the whole page that is not available at the Post Office, because it's a retired stamp. It is extremely rare and pricey. It is doubtful it will ever be released again by TNT. Though you never know! Maybe one day Dr. Sloth will auction such a stamp! Its estimated cost is of 9,000 neopoints and its price on the Trading Posts and Auctions depends on its availability, that is, on how many people are trying to sell one, and ranges from 40 million to 50 million neopoints. This is the cutest stamp ever and it features a Candychan lost in thought. Adorable!

Grundo Snow Throw Stamp – This stamp’s price has also gone cheaper too. Its estimated cost is 1,056 neopoints and it sells around 1,700 neopoints in other shops. This stamp features a green Grundo about to throw a snowball. Let's all have a snowball fight in the frosty snow!

The stamps in the 4th row are moderately priced. At least we don't have to spend millions here, though we should still work hard to continue increasing our income of precious neopoints for the more expensive ones coming up later. Keep doing the things we already mentioned and you'll get this row done in no time. If you haven't already done so, now would be a good time to start playing Food Club. There are many guides around that will explain how Food Club works, and several pages that people post their bets on. If you’re trying to make your own bets, and you’re having a difficult time to understand the factors of playing such a game, just follow bets posted by other people. It is important to note that you won't win every day, though most people who post their daily bets come out with a very good monthly profit.

Stocking Stamp – With a little effort, if none at all these present days, you’ll be able to get this stamp easily. Its estimated cost is 1,316 neopoints and it sells for around 2,400 neopoints in other shops. This lovely stamp features a festive Christmas stocking, hung up by the fire, ready to be filled with presents and candy.

Cliffhanger Stamp – This stamp is not commonly found at the Post Office. Its estimated price is 1,415 neopoints and it sells in users’ shops for 90,000 neopoints. If you have patience and wish to save some neopoints it might be a good idea to try restocking it yourself. It shows the Tuskaninny climbing the cliff in the game Cliffhanger. Don't you lose, or else the poor Tuskaninny will fall down the cliff!

Christmas Scene Stamp – This stamp is also rare and restocks at the Post Office occasionally. Its estimated cost is 1,600 neopoints and you can find it in shops, selling for around 90,000 neopoints. Again, patience is a virtue and will save you neopoints! Try restocking it yourself. This stamp features a lovely Christmas Kougra on a snowy background.

SHFISS Stamp – This stamp’s estimated cost is 1,355 neopoints and it sells in other shops for approximately 2,000 neopoints. SHFISS is short for Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop, but wait! Is that a mistake? If you look closely the letters F and I are switched! The Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop sells icy treats on Terror Mountain. Chilly!

Negg Faerie Stamp – This stamp rarely shows up at the Post Office because it is very rare. Its estimated cost is 2,300 neopoints and it sells for around 200,000 neopoints in the Trading Posts or the Auctions. It features the beautiful Kari, the Negg Faerie holding her favourite negg.

Finally, we are at the last row, which is no picnic we assure you! We are going to teach you how to make even more neopoints. This technique is called sniping and involves restocking items from other users' shops for a lot cheaper than their actual value. Sniping involves the Shop Wizard, or the Super Shop Wizard if you are a Premium Member. The difference between the two is that the Shop Wizard finds a random selection of shops selling the item you are looking for. You are not guaranteed the cheapest price here. On the other hand, the Super Shop Wizard is accurate and always shows the cheapest price first.

All you need is a decent amount of neopoints at hand, the amount always depends on what you are looking for. For example, you wouldn't need more than 50,000 neopoints if you are looking for smaller value snipes like codestones but you need around 200,000 neopoints if you are looking for Secret Laboratory Maps or other rare items which are not usually sold in users' shops. We would like to mention that the Super Shop Wizard has limitations and certain items like the laboratory maps, morphing potions, paint brushes and nerkmids cannot be searched. The Shop Wizard is essential to help us look for these rare and expensive items.

So, what do we snipe for? Absolutely anything expensive. Transmogrification potions, job coupons, gourmet food, petpets, talisman beads, weapons, plushies, stamps and so on. Make your own list of about thirty items and search for them every hour or so. Watch out as both Shop Wizards tire out easily and will ban you to search any further. If you get banned you will have to wait for the hour to finish before you can use either Shop Wizard again.

Be patient, as you will only succeed if you are persistent. It is very probable that in most days you won't get anything, though there will be other days that will give you several items. Also, one snipe may give you a couple of thousand neopoints profit while another one would give you millions. We recommend you to find a good guide about sniping which would help you become a Neo multi-millionaire immediately.

At this point we would like to make a note that The Almost Abandoned Attic sells all stamps rarity 80 to 99 at a cheap price, which is based on the etimated value (approximately) shown on the item's lookup. This is a good place to try out restocking, particularly if you aren’t all that good at the haggling part of restocking. The Almost abandoned Attic doesn’t have any haggling! There is no need to limit yourself to just buying the stamps. Become familiar with a selection of items and in no time you will be an Attic restocking pro! At the present time the Almost Abandoned Attic is still waiting to be fixed by TNT and we would like to express ourselves here and urge TNT staff as to bring it back asap, so that those users that aren’t very good at restocking will have their chance to make profit and eventually save up neopoints for extremely high end priced stamps. As always, don’t forget to follow guides so you know when and how the Attic restocks.

Snow Faerie Stamp – We wouldn't suggest buying this stamp in the Post Office unless it's half price day. The normal price in the Post Office is 1,554 neopoints. It sells for the same amount in other shops and features the kind Taelia, the Snow Faerie wrapped in her magical furs, looking for those who have lost their way in the snow.

Ski Lodge Stamp – This is a rare stamp sold at the Post Office. Its estimated value is 1,700 neopoints. It used to be found on the Trading Post or the Auctions but since its price deflated it is sold in users’ shops for 35,000 neopoints. The picture on this stamp is of the haunted Ski Lodge located in Terror Mountain. Oooooh.....Creepy!

Snowager Stamp – This is another rare stamp which restocks at the Post Office. Its estimated cost is 2,300 neopoints. It sells either in users’ shops or the Trading Post or the Auctions for 100,000 neopoints and features a very, very angry Snowager. Dare you wake him up from his slumber?

Snowbunny Stamp – This is a super rare stamp that restocks at the Post Office with an estimated value of 5,000 neopoints. At times you cannot even find a single one available anywhere but at the present moment you can buy one at the Trading Post. Its price is very high and ranges from 90 million to 110 million, again depending on the stamps' availability. It features a super cute, little Snowbunny hopping around in the snow.

Sticky Snowflake Stamp – Also a super rare item that restocks at the Post Office, with an estimated value of 6,000 neopoints. It is rarely found in the Trading Post, attracting much competition from buyers, resulting in the inflation of its already costly price. It is described as the rarest stamp in the Snowy Valley collection and features a Sticky Snowflake, which is a weapon used in the Battledome. The price of this stamp is usually no less than 100 million neopoints and is very unstable, depending on the availability of the stamp itself.

A note about buying stamps that cost millions:

Sellers usually keep the price to the minimum for collectors, and one can usually haggle down a bit on the requested price. The Trading Post is the best place to buy such stamps, and the actual trade will involve an offer in items, where ten is the maximum, against the stamp itself. Some sellers favour easy to sell items, like swords from the Hidden Tower or other artifacts such as paint brushes. One can also offer neopoints along with the items, up to a maximum of 2,000,000 neopoints. Another boon worth mentioning here, would be That Millionaire Feeling. With this boon you can bid even more neopoints than before!

Sellers may sometimes also accept hard to sell items, but these usually have to amount to an overpay on the requested price. With regards to which would be the best items to use on such a trade, it is recommended that one should ask the seller what they want, rather than buy your choice of items. He or she might totally refuse all your stuff and you will have to resell again, probably losing neopoints along the way. The Auction House can also be used if the price is 50 million neopoints or lower. The seller here usually sets a private, neofriend auction where the buyer will bid his amount of neopoints. This is the simplest and safest way to use for purchasing such stamps as it does not require the hoarding of very expensive items which you will use later in the trade.

The most important thing to note, is that these tremendously high priced stamps are extremely difficult to buy in a single trade or auction. There are many people out there willing to do split trades or auctions to get the price they want, though TNT discourages this method as it is unsupported. You will lose everything if the seller decides to scam you, and you’re unlikely to get your items back. TNT also states clearly, that a person who tries to scam another user, by using split trades or auctions, will have their account frozen. A huge thanks goes to TNT for changing the limits on the Trading Post and Auctions! There are still many stamps and other items that cost more than the new limits but we are sure many of you will agree that the new limits are more advantageous and will make buying such items much easier.

Please note that the stamp avatars where briefly available through the Random Event Generator, but avatar events have been deactivated due to a glitch that caused the event to be far more common than originally intended. Perhaps some time in the future they will be reactivated and given out in a rare and orderly fashion. This way you might have a chance to get your avatar for “free”! We hope everything here has been helpful, and wish anyone who wants to try and get this elusive stamp avatar lots of luck. Just don't forget to be patient! Anything this rare is worth the time and effort you put into it!

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