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A Guide to Popular Methods for Earning Neopoints

by avielend


How do you fund your Neopets pursuits and interests? With Habitarium and Key Quest currently unavailable, many Neopians are looking to branch out into new Neopoint earning ventures. Everyone has different monthly earning goals and preferences for the amount of involvement they need to have, so luckily there’s a wide variety of options available to explore. Here’s a compilation of some more popular suggestions to help you get started!

1. Playing Games – a safe and steady method

Playing games is a fairly popular method of earning because there is no risk involved – only a guarantee of profits! Additionally, this method is very easy to customize to your personal earning goals. There are numerous guides with suggestions for earning different amounts of Neopoints a day, as well as approximate the time you’ll be playing. These guides will do the hard work for you and determine just how much you need to score to earn 1000 Neopoints.

However, there’s only so much you can do in one day and this method can be time consuming. Following just this method will put a limit on the amount of Neopoints that you earn monthly, so to improve your earnings you might want to look at combining multiple methods.

2. Stock Market Savvy – a safe, but slow method

The stock market is another method that is incredibly safe, but it can also be a very slow method for growing your Neopoints. Stocks are usually purchased at 15 Neopoints – or at 10 Neopoints with the cheaper by the dozen boon from Obelisk battling – and kept until they reach a sell point. Everyone’s threshold for selling is different.

If you’re impatient, or if you are likely to sell before your stocks have at least doubled in value, this method is most likely not going to work for you. However, in combination with other methods, the stock market is a great option for saving. You’ll get much more value from playing with stocks than placing your spare Neopoints directly into the bank.

3. Utilize Your Shop and Trades– make battling, sniping, and surfing pay

Your shop can yield a ton of Neopoints if you utilize it properly. There’s many activities around the site (or random events just from clicking through the pages!) that will give you items to stock your shop with. Two specific ways are obtaining items from your daily battles and sniping.

The battledome will give you fifteen items (plus fifty Neopoints a battle) a day. Some items aren’t worth very much, but you can earn codestones, nerkmids, paint brushes, and more! Since it only takes about twenty minutes to battle each day, you can quickly get some great items to sell.

Sniping is another good method for earning Neopoints, although it’ll be simpler and quicker for premium members to snipe. When you snipe, you search through the shop wizard to find items that are priced much lower than in other shops. Turning around and reselling these sniped items can be very profitable.

A lot of times people won’t want to wait to sell items using the trading post so they’ll price their items that are usually unbuyable in the shops at 99,999 Neopoints. With some patience on your part, you’ll be able to snipe these items and turn a big profit!

4. Food Club Betting – a somewhat riskier method

Food Club is a very popular method, especially by older accounts. It’s a betting game that can yield high payouts, but you can also walk away with nothing. For starting out, there are numerous guides that offer daily bet suggestions. Some of these guides will walk you through how to bet, or why they chose the bets that they did. If you’d like to learn more about making your own set of bets, or you’re not sure whether to bet on a certain day, make sure you read the description.

Older accounts are able to place larger bets, resulting in potentially larger wins. While younger accounts can still play, your profits won’t be nearly as high. However, placing bets is a very quick process and as mentioned, the rewards can be great. In general, most players win much more than they lose, but if you’re not comfortable with the thought of wasting your points, this method is probably not for you.

5. Restocking – there’s a learning curve

Restocking can be a very high profit method to earning Neopoints, however there is a learning curve. Look for guides that mention some of the easier shop options when you’re first getting started – don’t try starting with the difficult shops, such as magic.

Remember, when you first are starting to restock, don’t worry about only restocking high value items. Even items that only give you a few hundred Neopoints profit will allow you to stock your shop and get some profit. Even though this won’t be as lucrative, this will give you a chance to learn the stock in a few select stores very well, which will help you out as you begin branching out. Restocking is often described as difficult or intimidating, but with practice and experience you’ll begin to feel much more confident in your capabilities.

Not for you?

If none of these methods seem like something you’d be interested in, that’s ok. There’s always other options out there, and these are just some of the more popular ones right now. You can look into participating in the lottery, playing the new Ghoul Catchers app, participating in site contests, etc. Just don’t hesitate to try anything out because it seems too hard – with a little bit of practice it won’t seem so difficult.

A combination of methods will be the most efficient and practical way to earn Neopoints, but just make sure you tailor your preferred methods to work for you. There’s no point in choosing methods that are going to leave you frustrated. In the end, all the Neopoints you earn should improve your time here in Neopia, so there’s no reason that the method should detract from that.

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