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The Top 10 Active Community Sites in Neopia

by cheese_louise


Neopians often wonder all that Neopets has to offer. There are several kinds of Neo-communities that you can get involved in from art to site communities. I have complied a list of the top 10 ACTIVE community sites on Neopets today from across all categories. You may notice that my list is not numbered. This is because they are already the number one site in their respective category. It was a hard list to narrow down so, some sections have more than one site simply because they go hand in hand, or because they offer a range over that topic. Grab some tea and have a seat while you read. Possibly gather some new inspiration or improve your account as you browse the list.

Asura (neopets.com/~Fusd)

Asura is a great community site run by Kayla. At Asura you can list, rate and comment on sites within the community. So if you are looking for anything in particular but are unsure of the quality or professionalism you can view other visitors ratings. Asura has also come out with a new extension site #Hashtags (neopets.com/~hashtags) which is like a larger version of the Neopets forums. You can join in on or create topic discussions, and also post news and ads on the site.

Unwound Clock (neopets.com/~janice_quatlane)

Unwound Clock is one of the only status directories around. On this site you can find active site listings that provide requests throughout the community. These requests range from art to reviews. Malisha will give you a list of all sites where you can easily access open requests. The site is also updated at least twice a day for visitor convenience.

Dragons Lair, Diamond Directory and Lacuna Directory (neopets.com/~akarad) (neopets.com/~Aisha_1002) (neopets.com/~Iujin)

These sites all have a great amount of site, guide, guild and article listings. You can find anything you need in the community through either one of these sites. If you own a site, you can also have it listed by all three so others can find you.

Ancient Hieroglyphs (neopets.com/~Hallae)

This site features a ton(!) of content. It features articles and guides for art, comic and writing. So if you are ever looking for some help getting into the art spotlight or Neopian Times, hit this site up for a wealth of knowledge on how to improve your game.

Myreso & Neocash Value Guide (neopets.com/~myreso)(neopets.com/~clara)

These sites go hand in hand when dealing with Neocash. Myreso is an excellent guide to the basics and intricacies of dealing with Neocash and Neocash trading. Jazzeh has done an excellent job in explaining the art of NC trading. Neocash value guide, is simply what it sounds like. VERY helpful to anyone who is looking to trade. The guide is complied of a very large list of the most recent and most popular NC items with their value. This makes trading much easier and more even for parties who take part.

Avatar Help & Pamela's Lending (neopets.com/~the_pet_eater) (neopets.com/~pamula)

I have personally used both of these sites over the last several years when it comes to avatar help. Avatar Help is an excellent, detailed and updated guide on how to achieve all the neoboard avatars. They even provide links to other guides to help with other trickier avatars such as stamps, restocking, and games. Pamela has been chain lending pets for years. She puts her trust in anyone who visits her page for pet lend. She has almost every pet and petpet combination you need to get all those avatars. If she doesn't have one you need she will happily direct you to someone who does. These two sites are the top contenders for avatar collectors.

Game Guides (neopets.com/~my_first_little_pony)

Game guides has an extensive list of Neopets games and guides on how to achieve high scores and game avatars. They also have cheats and a sub page for easy trophies. I have personally tried a few of them and have several avatars to prove their honor.

The Battledome guide (neopets.com/~silvercyanide4)

The battledome is an excellent in-depth guide of EVERYTHING to do with the battledome. It explains the basics, pet training, challengers, weapons, healing, avatars, and even how to beat Neopets challengers. I suggest you put some time aside to read this guide as it's quite lengthy, but totally worth it.

Cubbuns Adoption Directory & The Applicants Handbook(neopets.com/~Cubbun)(neopets.com/~Applicant)

Cubbun's Adoption Directory is an extensive and up-to-date directory of every adoption agency on Neopets. This even includes guild adoption agencies. So if you are looking to adopt or trade a pet or even list one, you can find the right place to do so from here. To go perfectly with Cubbun's, is an Applicants Handbook. This site tells you everything to work on when you are applying to get your dream pet. Dorothy walks you through the entire process so you have a higher chance at being the perfect applicant.

Route 10, Gingersnap & Poise (neopets.com/~Sealyio) (neopets.com/~Ibretta) (neopets.com/~pullip_dolls)

All three sites feature doing various kinds of reviews. Route 10 focuses mainly on site reviews, providing excellent service on improving your site. Gingersnap reviews almost everything you could have reviewed. The site has 3 reviewers versus the typical 1 and also features guest reviewers as well. On top of that, the site has an improvement section where you can challenge yourself to graphics and get feedback on what you create. Poise is an excellent Pet Application review site. Ray goes in depth on how you can improve your application and even provides extra tips and guides on how to perfect your application.

This concludes my list for the top ten community sites. There are many many more active sites around Neopets, I suggest taking so time one afternoon to browse through some of them. Perhaps make a request or two. Or maybe think of your own site to open? Being a site owner myself, we always appreciate and welcome new owners and visitors. I hope you all learned something new and maybe found some new inspiration or improved your account. Thank you for reading my article; I hope you found my list useful.

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