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Choosing an Electric Guitar For Your Neopet

by xxskyisfallingxx


The world of musical instruments can be a confusing one to traverse. If your Neopet has been bugging you to buy them an electric guitar, this countdown should help you to decide which one is right for them.

20) Gruundo Guitar

Gruundo is an awesome rock band from Kreludor. Unfortunately, the guitar they designed doesn't live up to its hype. It seems that mass production has resulted in poor action, poor hardware, and a catalogue of other faults. These factors can easily put off learners, so it is best not to get this guitar for your Neopet to play. There are far better options out there.

19) Orange Jelly Guitar

If you're looking for a playable guitar, this isn't it. The flexible neck pulls the strings drastically out of tune with every wobble, making it impossible to play anything but the slowest of songs. The only reason this guitar is ranked higher than the Gruundo Guitar is because you can eat it.

18) Golden Guitar

The Golden Guitar is more of a collector's item than a functioning musical instrument. Theoretically, it is playable, but the sound is extremely unpleasant. With fragile tuning pegs and severe variation in the width of the neck, you're better off wielding this as a club or selling it at the first opportunity you get.

17) Starry Uni Guitar

This is a guitar that your pet will have to try out before you buy it. On some species, the wings will get in the way. This guitar also has an interesting gimmick where the wings flap whenever you play your favourite song. If your Neopet wants shred out some lightning-fast solos, this guitar would be a bad choice because they will end up being slapped with a face full of feathers for every note they play.

16) Double Neck Guitar

Double Neck Guitars are very cool because you get two guitars in one, each with a different sound. This particular model does not provide a good example of the benefits, although it is still serviceable. Double Neck Guitars are not recommended for beginners. One guitar at a time, guys!

15) Valentine Guitar

The Valentine Guitar is a cute, heart-shaped guitar for the casual player. Its small body and short-scale neck make for good playability, so that your Neopet can comfortably strum away for extended periods of time. It may even inspire them to write their own songs!

14) Gloomy Guitar

The manufacturers of Gloomy Guitars tend to have a bad habit of forgetting about them for a few years before shipping them out to the music shop in Neopia Central. As a result, there are usually an extensive list of problems with them. Having said that, if you are willing to invest some time and neopoints into modifying and setting it up correctly, they have the potential to be great.

13) Air Faerie Guitar

The Air Faerie Guitar produces a sweet, melodious sound that your Neopet will love. Unfortunately, it is not designed to handle any kind of heavy distortion. Beginners should avoid distortion while they're first learning, however, because it can cover up mistakes that will be difficult to unlearn later. If the lack of distortion isn't an issue for you, this guitar is definitely one to consider.

12) Darigan Guitar

This guitar is made with denser woods for a deeper, grittier tone. For a smaller model, the Darigan Guitar produces a surprisingly full sound. My only criticism with the design is that the tone/volume knobs have been positioned in a place where they can easily be bumped into the "Off" position with a single overenthusiastic strum.

11) Nimmo Guitar

Like the Valentine Guitar, the Nimmo Guitar is both cute and fun to play. It is well-suited to a range of genres and is sturdy enough to take with you wherever you go.

10) Elegant Punk Guitar

The name of this guitar is an oxymoron, and for that alone it deserves some attention. There are a lot of fancy embellishments that serve no functional purpose whatsoever. On the other hand, it is surprisingly enjoyable to play and would be suitable for any ability level.

9) Electric Guitar

This guitar is a fairly standard, run-of-the-mill contribution to the world of musical instruments, but its V-shaped design is sure to bring out your Neopet's inner rockstar.

8) Faerie Wing Guitar

The Faerie Wing Guitar is another example of a good choice for smaller Neopets. The design allows them to reach the strings easily and play with confidence. It is also quite pretty.

7) Axe Guitar

Axe is usually used as a slang term for a guitar, but in this case it was meant literally. This hardcore design has real stage presence, and a brutal tone to boot. Neopets should be very careful with this guitar. Even though the blade is not sharp, it still has the potential to cause injury. Flipping this guitar upside-down to play left-handed is out of the question!

6) Flying Shoyru Guitar

As its name suggests, soaring clean notes are this guitar's specialty. It's amazing how the manufacturers managed to create such a wide-ranging soundscape from the hardware installed in this guitar. The slim-tapered neck allows for your Neopet's fingers to fly across the strings with precision - after a little practise, of course.

5) Blue Moehawk Guitar

Normally, I would recommend against getting an artist-specific guitar because your Neopet's favourite band might change and then they'll be stuck with a guitar they don't like. However, the Blue Moehawk Guitar is a good, solid choice. It is extremely versatile and can handle just about anything you throw at it, musically or otherwise.

4) Aisha Rock Idol Guitar

With a highly sought-after goldtop finish, this guitar is great value. Not only does it have a host of controls at your Neopet's fingertips, it also comes with cables and a magical amplifying box so they can really rock out. Those boxes are usually much more expensive than the guitar, so you're really getting a bargain.

3) Limited Edition Guitar

This is another guitar that is excellent value for money. The tuning pegs are a little difficult to reach, but it's cheap enough to fix. Sonically, you get what you'd expect from a mid-range guitar. In addition, the proceeds from buying this guitar go towards Maraqua's continued repairs. Buying this guitar may be worth it just for the warm, fuzzy feelings that come with doing a good deed.

2) Wock Til You Drop Guitar

This is a prime example of the perfect double-neck guitar. With 12 strings on the top neck and 6 on the bottom, there is plenty of variety to keep your Neopet entertained for hours. In addition, the quality materials that went into this guitar ensure that it will remain in tip-top condition for a long time.

1) Dr Sloth Heavy Metal Guitar

Everything about this guitar screams perfection, from the bone-crushing distortion to the unmistakeable likeness to Dr. Sloth - who wouldn't want that in a guitar? If you or your pets aren't into heavy metal, then this guitar probably isn't for you. However, seeing as I'm the one making this list, I decided to crown the guitar that I would most like to own, and this is definitely it.

Rock on! *cue guitar solo*

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