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Against Draik Eggs

by puddydog


This is a portrait of a Baby Pteri. Cute, isn't it? A little itty bitty speckled egg. If you heard of someone frying it up for dinner, or making a Baby Pteri and Spinach Omelet, I don't doubt that they would be flamed on the Neoboards for being a horrible person. Why? Because we acknowledge that this egg is someone's cherished baby.

These are also little itty bitty speckled eggs- Draik Eggs. They look a lot like the Baby Pteri, don't they? Unfortunately for these little fellows, they're not. If they were, perhaps their consumption would prompt the appropriate outrage. Perhaps gourmands across Neopia wouldn't gobble them down for pleasure or pursuit of a trophy. There is an outrageous double standard for Neopet eggs in our society, and it's time to take a stand against it! The Gourmet Club must cease its encouragement of eating Draik Eggs.

First and foremost, Draiks are a rare, noble and beautiful species. Ever since their discovery in Year 4, the Draik has been prized in our society as both a symbol of status and for their unique look. According to the Year 16 census data, there are only 51,438 Draiks in existence, representing a mere 0.02% of all Neopets. The only pets with fewer out there are the newest, Vandagyre, and the prestigious Krawk. The rarity of Draiks puts them at risk. We have the Petpet Protection League, but currently no organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of Draik populations. Until we stop eating our precious Draik Eggs, we are inhibiting the growth of this wonderful species.

I spoke to the proprietor of the Merifoods, Greg Meeka, about this issue. "I just can't keep Draik Eggs on the shelves," he explained to me. "As soon as I stock them, woosh, they're out the door in the hands of happy customers. It isn't my responsibility what happens to them after they leave my care though." When asked if he himself would ever dine on Draik, his surprise was clear. "They're far too expensive for my taste! But even if I were that rich, I don't think I would. I think I'd feel guilty... I mean, they're supposed to hatch into Neopets. It's a bit like cannibalism when you think about it."

His sentiments are shared by the Draik community. President of the Draik Pride Union, Huxtable Rake, was adamant about making change. "Any Draik worth their wings would never eat a Draik Egg. I implore other species to band together in solidarity for our cause. We wouldn't eat your children, so stop eating ours! The next generation of Draik are at risk of ending up on your plate."

Opposition to the Draik Egg eating ban has come swift and strong from Gourmets everywhere. Some critics cite the fact that many pets vying for the Gourmet Food high score board have already added Draik Eggs to their total, making it unfair for the others if they're removed. "Pirate Draik Eggs are getting cheaper these days, so are a good option for mid-range gourmands. To ban them now would be to disadvantage those of us who haven't had one yet," a passing Shoyru pointed out. But with more than 1300 items on the Gourmet list though, would the removal of 10 Draik Eggs really make such a significant impact?

We as a society must think about the moral implications of our choices. The Kadoatery was once an all-consuming cesspool of Blue Draik Egg eating, with those furry critters mewing for our children day and night. Fortunately TNT, in their infinite wisdom, decided to remove the Blue Draik Egg from the list of Kad food years and years ago. It took some adjusting for them, getting used to a new diet, but nowadays they are as happy as caged petpets can be. To help with the transition, here is a list of my top 5 100% Draik-free Gourmet egg and negg recipes to assist ovotarians in their transition.

1. Altador Sunny Eggs

With little triangles of toast perfect for dipping, the Altadorians have eggs done to a tee in this R90 treat. Boost your Gourmet score without the guilt with a platter Altador Sunny Eggs, best enjoyed with a runny yolk and just a dash of salt and pepper.

2. Deviled Eggs

Coming from the Haunted Woods come the Deviled Eggs. At R92 and coming in at under 1000 NP, you can even use the little pitchforks as toothpicks after your meal is over. The spicy touch of mustard keeps your tongue tingling for hours afterwards.

3. Negg Noodles

From the exotic lands of Shenkuu are the Negg Noodles. This little beauty of a dish is often under 100 NP! At such a price, you can afford you dine on non-Draik eggs every day! If you're good at puzzles, you can even earn them as a daily prize at the Mysterious Negg Cave.

4. Egg and Tomato Sandwich

A drastic jump up in price, but totally worth it in terms of flavour, we find the Egg and Tomato Sandwich. Originating from Neopia Central's Food Shop, this classic lunch option will set you back more than 1m. If you're more of a traditionalist, this might be a great choice to soothe your eggy cravings.

5. Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg

Your eggs needn't be savoury. The Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg of Terror Mountain, if you can get your hands on one, is a sweet taste that you'll remember for the rest of your life. It comes with a hefty price tag of around 4m, but if you were wanting to put down for Draik Eggs then you're probably not that tight with the purse strings to begin with.

So as you can see, not only is eating Draik Eggs a horrible and immoral practice, it is completely unnecessary! I strongly encourage anyone reading this article to take the plunge and commit to refrain from them from this day forward. If you'd like to sign our petition or volunteer some time to help this cause, contact your local Draik Pride Union representative today.

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