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So You Want to Improve Your Account? 10 Tips

by bck32808


Account improvement is all the rage in Neopia right now. Whether you are the member of an account improvement guild or seeking an avatar lend, it seems like most Neopians are looking to make their accounts stand out in some way. If you have spent any time on the Neoboards I am sure you have come across at least one "account rating" board. As a recent participant in this improvement trend, these are my tips to help make your account look a little nicer. I am not suggesting that you try to adhere to all ten tips at once, but if you are up for the challenge go for it! Feel free to adopt as many or as few of these ideas as you would like. I think you will find that even the smallest change can make a big difference in the appearance of your account.

1. Decide If You Want to Be Well-Rounded or Shine in One Area

At the end of the day, your account is your own. Work on the areas that appeal to you. If you do not use the Neoboards and are not interested by avatars, please do not rush out to buy the Grimoire of Affluence for 10,000,000 Neopoints because you think having the avatar will make your account look better. You are more likely to be consistent in your endeavors if you truly enjoy what you are working on or collecting. Do you love your gallery theme and dream of winning the gallery spotlight one day? You may want to consider investing your Neopoints into your gallery instead of your stamp album. If you dream of using the Avatar Collector avatar, you will probably want to invest your Neopoints in stamps to help you get those elusive avatars and get yourself closer to the avatar high score table. Let your account be a reflection of you and what you enjoy most about the site.

2. Start Small

Some of the most impressive accounts in Neopia have been built over time. The extraordinary gallery collections with thousands of items and the nearly complete stamp albums were not completed overnight. Many users have been working on their accounts for years – I have seen so many accounts that are well over ten years old. Not every player has the luxury of accessing their original account so do not be discouraged. Those trophies were not earned in one day – they still took time, effort, and practice. Even if you are rebuilding an account from scratch, you can still show that you have put thought into your account. Set goals that are attainable for yourself and relish the feeling of crossing completed goals off of your to-do list. Draining your bank account to fill your Neodeck quickly probably will not be as enjoyable as you may think. Instead, you may find yourself feeling discouraged at the thought of saving all those hard-earned Neopoints again. Take one step at a time when trying to improve your account!

3. Customize Your Neopets

Even if you only add a background and paint your Neopets, you will be amazed at how different they look! You do not need Neocash to customize your Neopets, so with a little effort anyone can have fantastic looking pets. Take time to explore the beautiful backgrounds that are available to purchase with Neopoints – I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Did you know that there are at least a dozen paint brushes that cost less than 100,000 Neopoints? Take a minute and browse pet color combinations at the Rainbow Pool. You may be shocked to find that some of your favorite Neopet colors are not too expensive. If you find yourself leaning toward more exotic colors, explore all of your options. Sometimes a morphing potion will cost less than a paint brush of the same color. There are so many ways to make your pets stand out!

4. Take Advantage of Reset Day

Did you know that the high score tables for flash games reset on the first day of the month? In other words, it is usually easier to earn flash game trophies at the beginning of the month than at the end of the month. Additionally, avatars that require being on a game's high score table (Maths Nightmare, Korbats Lab, and Escape from Meridell Castle) are easier to earn at the beginning of the month. Think about your high scores for the games you play and compare them to their high score tables. Come up with a plan for which games you think you could earn a trophy for and be sure to play them on the first! Even if you do not earn a trophy the first time you try for it, with a little practice you can get there eventually.

5. Work to Earn Non-Flash Trophies and Other Easy Trophies

If flash games are not your thing, there are many other ways to earn trophies. If you are interested in game trophies, consider trying some of the following: Completing Neoquest or Neoquest II (or both) will earn you avatars and trophies. Not to mention, both games give you the luxury of working through them at your own pace. There are a number of games (such as Snow Wars, Sakhmet Solitaire, Round Table Poker, Cellblock, and Cheat) that award trophies for advancing through a few rounds of the game or beating the game a couple of times. Finally, try your hand at flash games with a maximum score (Faerie Caves II, Grand Theft Ummagine, Ruins Rampage, Dungeon Dash, Brunos Backwoods Breakaway, Clockwork Codebreaker, and Ugga Drop). These games will take some practice, but if you hit the maximum score and find yourself in the Top 100 on the high score table you will still earn yourself a shiny gold trophy. If you would rather earn trophies for other activities, you may want to try one of these activities: Feeding one Kadoatie at the Kadoatery will earn you a bronze trophy. Besting Punchbag Bob in the Battledome will also earn you a trophy – it may try your patience, but it is a fight you should win! Take your time and explore some of these options – I guarantee you can add at least one new trophy to your collection if you try!

6. Participate in Events

Participation in the site events that take place is critical because often a little effort yields a great reward. Events like the Games Master Challenge and Altador Cup award trophies for very minimal participation. If you want a bigger trophy, you simply have to work harder! Other events, such as the Charity Corner and the Coincidence, award limited release avatars that are no longer available after the event has ended. If you do not already, be sure to give all new events a try – you may be surprised at how much you enjoy them!

7. Accept that Avatar Lending is Your Friend

A lot of avatars require items that are expensive and rare - do not try to buy the items required for every avatar on your own. If you spend some time on the Avatars/NeoSignatures board, you will find that there is an amazing community of Neopians who are willing to lend their pets and pricy items to other trustworthy Neopians. This can be tricky, however, because most users look at your account to determine if they are willing to lend their hard-earned items to you. It may take some time before you find a lender for some of the more rare items. Do not get discouraged, just keep working on building up the aspects of your account that you have decided to work on and one day that lend will be yours.

8. Train a Pet

Training a pet at one of the academies is helpful for so many reasons. Having a battle pet prepares you to participate in plots (which helps earn you trophies and avatars!). A decent battle pet also allows you to win in the Battledome. If you battle on a daily basis, you are adding Neopoints to your account as well as earning prizes that can be sold or codestones that can be used for training. Battling is a simple way to save a little more toward your goals. Finally, some users are willing to trade their painted, well-named pets for a pet that has been trained to a high level of Health, Strength, and Defense. If you do not feel like saving for a Draik egg or a paint brush, you may be able to trade your trained pet for the pet of your dreams.

9. Consider Starting a Portfolio

Having a portfolio is a great place to showcase your account when looking to be lent items for avatars. Not to mention, a portfolio allows you to keep track of all of your goals in one place and can become a tangible measure of the progress you have made. If you are unsure of where to begin there are a number of petpage portfolio templates available and there are a number of Neopians who already have portfolios up and running that you could browse.

10. Have fun!

Remember why you chose this site in the first place and why you continue to play. Make sure you enjoy what you are doing to improve your account and you will go far!

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