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Treat More than Your Active this Valentine's Day!

by enticing


With February right around the corner, there is a single question looming in the air. How do I show the one I care for most how much I appreciate them? If you are a Neopian with a slight addiction then there is no question who you care for the most -- your neopet, of course! Who else puts up with you bossing them into training school, or marches into battle for you? No one! This of course can lead to a slight problem if you are a user similar to myself who has acquired quite a few neopets... I am forced to face the awkward situation I have put myself into with only focusing on my active neopet. For my active, Kharlohs, I would give the world; all the training courses I can afford, every gourmet, as well as all the books of Neopia. The rest of my pets? I am quite sure they are lurking in the pound starving trying to entice other users to take them away from me.

So, for this Valentine's Day I have resolved that Kharlohs is not going to be my only love. Without my other neopets how else would I get more than one item for the monthly freebies? I simply can not only allow myself to give all the goodies to Kharlohs. For too long I have ignored the obvious favoritism I have allowed. Fyora only knows the hate that Kharlohs' siblings must feel towards him. All of my pets depend on me, as do all of yours! So please continue to read through this article as I will show you 10 ways to love ALL of your neopets!

1. Customization! I know that there are plenty of users who go out of their way to ensure that all of their pets could be the next Miss. Neopia. I, however, am not one of them. I am very ashamed to admit that only 2 of my pets even have backgrounds, let alone any clothes. I choose to let my pets stand in the buff despite the frosty Terror Mountain temperatures. This is an easy fix! To even the playing field between your neopets take the time to spend time with each of them in their closet! Give them the newest styles so that all of your neopets can go into the beauty competition and boast!

2. Draw a picture! Our neopets are very understanding (most of the time) about our lack of talent. If you take 15 or 20 minutes to draw a picture of each of your pets and give them the gift of art there is no doubt that they will appreciate it! One does not need to be the next Picasso to present the gift of art. Who knows maybe it will turn out better than you expect and win them a trophy!

3. Write them a personality! I do not know how most other users roleplay, but when I tend to role play it is always with Kharlohs and his mischievous personality. It has come to my attention after scanning the roleplaying boards that there are plenty of Neopians who write elaborate stories that encompass all of their neopets and give them a personality. Once you give your neopets a personality they will be able to grow and change into a character you never dreamed!

4. Treat them to the Neolodge! If you are at a loss for what sort of gift your non-active pet would like you could always offer them a short vacation at the Neolodge. While they're being pampered and fed, and it will allow you to focus on collecting avatars without feeling guilty that you short changed their gift! This is a great option for the Neopet who remains a mystery to you.

5. Paint them a new color! This is obviously not the cheapest way to treat your neopet, but consider giving your neopet a make over. Maybe one of the reasons you have deserted one of your other neopets is you are just bored with their color. Go ahead and try giving them a new paint job! Not only will your neopet love you, but chances are you will want to parade them around after you drop a few hundred thousand neopoints on their paint job!

6. Buy them a petpet! One of the simplest ways to ensure that your neopet knows they are loved is by providing them with a friend to talk to. Even if it is an angelpuss chances are that your neopet will appreciate they company. Although don't be surprised if they talk poorly about you to their petpet. Especially if you buy them one of those ugly slorgs :(

7. Read them a book! Some of the best ways to bond with your neopet is to read them a book. Books can be a great way to boost your neopets intelligence. If you plan on using this method to treat your neopet be sure to avoid titles such as "Being Stinky" and "Learn Social Skills" as it would behoove you to save that discussion for another time...

8. Play a game! If your neopet isn't a fan of art or literature perhaps they would like it if you challenged them to a game of Faerie Cloud Racers! Please note that if you decide to do this that you are not overly competitive. Personally this method would not work for my neopets as they get their competitive nature from me!

9. Buy them dinner! It sounds simple enough, but half the time I am feeding my main to prepare him for a battle the thought never even crosses my mind to feed my other neopets. I simply allow them to waste away until cachexia claims them. If you are a bit stingy with your neopoints I would buy them something small from the chocolate shop. If neopoints is not a problem for you consider taking them out to Kelp!

10. Give them the spotlight! Allowing a typically non-active pet to bask in the greatness of being your active is always an easy idea for the last minute gifter. It allows your pets the honor of being displayed on every page. Just make sure that your other pets aren't unconverted neopets that Boochi might take pleasure in zapping!

The truth is it won't matter much to your neopet how you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day with them. What matters is that you chose to do something besides ignore them! I would tell you all how I plan on gifting my neopets but one never knows when they might try to sneak a peak at this article! Just make sure that you do something for ALL of your pets and not just your active! In the end they would all go to the battle dome and fight the Meerca Henchman for you. Please keep this in mind as you prepare to buy your gifts for your pets!

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