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The Best Kacheek Items

by sushicat1__20


Ah, Kacheeks - one of the most popular neopets out there. Known for being cute, cuddly, and great to customize, Kacheeks are a great choice for newbies and even long-time users. With Kacheek Day coming up on the 29th, now is a perfect time to start your Kacheek item collection. In no particular order, here are some of the best Kacheek items, according to me. Cute, pretty, and interesting, Kacheeks have it all!

10th Birthday Miss Prissy Kacheek Hat Box

Even though it doesn't seem like it, this box can store many hats. This is probably the fanciest hat box you'll ever see, and it's obvious why - the box is decorated with prissy features, clouds, and even a bow on top. What kind of girl wouldn't want this? Convenient and fashionable, this hat box is sure to make a great gift for a friend or for yourself.

Autumnal Kacheek Plushie

We can't get enough of the prissy Kacheek, can we? Plushies are cute, but even more so with this Autumnal Kacheek Plushie. Perfect to cuddle with when the leaves start to turn brown, this plushie is also ready to jump into some leaves with you. Featuring a yellow Kacheek with cloud wings and stylish beret, this Kacheek will cuddle her way into your heart.

Faerie Kacheek Mirror

On some days, you may find yourself on the run, rushing to get somewhere on time or attending an important event. Being fast and hasty makes you prone to forgetting things. What if you forget to brush your hair? Or have a stain on your cheek? Or maybe have that embarrassing piece of food stuck between your teeth? That would be a disaster, especially if you were going to a formal dance or interview. The Faerie Kacheek Mirror will help you solve your problems! Small and easy to carry around, this mirror is perfect if you don't have time to groom yourself first thing in the morning. Using this, you will never again show your makeup smears anywhere you're going.

Island Kacheek Morphing Potion

Life on the island is a blast! You get to kick back and relax, eat lots of exotic foods, and go explore the most tropical forests. Instead of standing out like a sore thumb, why not blend in instead? Once you drink this potion, you will transform into an island Kacheek, complete with earrings, sandals, a necklace, and a hair clip. With your new appearance, the natives are sure to welcome you to join their hula dances.

Kacheek Baking Set

Cupcakes and cookies are delicious. Actually, all desserts are sweet and yummy. You won't be able to bake edible items with this baking set, but at least you'll have delectable plastic pieces to look at. With a rolling pin, display area, and mixer, this Kacheek Baking Set comes with everything a perfect toy needs. Pastel and cheerful, just looking at this will make your day!

Kacheek Flower Vase

Why would you use that boring old vase when you could use this Kacheek Flower Vase? Much more decorative and creative than regular flower vases, this vase is one that will highlight your flowers and make them stand out. This pretty pink vase even comes with a squishy plushie Kacheek, which will make visitors to your home go 'aww'! Even if you don't have flowers, this vase will make a good decorative piece for your house nonetheless.

Maraquan Kacheek Squirty Toy

What fun is it if the world has no squirty toys? The great thing is, there's one that features a bright orange Maraquan Kacheek. This squirty toy would be perfect by the poolside or in the backyard on a hot summer's day. You can even use this to prank people as they walk by on the sidewalk - just give this toy a squeeze, and water will come blasting out, drenching whoever passes! This toy is sure to create endless fun and possibilities.

Pink Kacheek Bubble Gum

Bubble gum - a desk's greatest enemy, but very fun to chew and pop. Pink and fresh, this Pink Kacheek Bubble Gum may taste like others, but comes in a uniquely-designed box. With many long pieces to choose from, you can blow bubbles to your heart's content with this package. Be careful, though - once you buy a box, you will always want more! It may be an obsession, but a good one to have. :)

Kacheek Pyjama Gown

This is one unique gown! It is specially designed to fit Kacheeks only, so you can laugh at all of the pyjama-less Blumaroos and Draiks. Although expensive, this gown is very high quality and worth it - it is stylish, warm, and cute all at the same time. Never again will you have to wear that ugly striped pyjama set!

Nature Kacheek Necklace

If you're not rich enough to afford gold and diamond jewelry, then forget about those things! This necklace is just as good. Featuring some inexpensive but genuine gems, this necklace shines like real tear drops. Without the unnecessary hooks and whatnot, this necklace is very easy to slip on your neck. Perfect for any outfit and occasion!

Kacheek Fruit Salad Sandwich

Nothing says healthy like this sandwich. Filled to the brim with all kinds of fruit (tropical, colorful, and just plain weird), this sandwich will have you stuffed with all kinds of good nutrients. If you manage to take a bite out of that layered sandwich, then I'll have to give you credit for that! It's also a gourmet food, which attracts many others. So what more can you do? Get in line to take a bite of this mighty sandwich!

Well, that's it. You now realize the beauty of Kacheeks, don't you? Many others have already considered them the 'best' species, but I'll leave that up to you. Popular or not, one thing about Kacheeks will always be true - they have the best items! Now, excuse me while I adopt another one of those critters...

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