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What Avatars Should You Collect?

by chasing_stars44


Avatar hunting is a favorite pastime for a number of users in Neopia (I am one of them). If you are unfamiliar with the term, avatar hunting is when some users go after avatars (sometimes out of their own way). Some are better at this than others. Many have a preference of what they like to collect. So what avatars should you be going after?

Here is a little test to see what type of avatars would be easiest for you to collect. Keep track of your answers, since they will matter at the end. Once you're done, you'll find out what may be best for you and may also tell a little bit about you (Note: These are just suggestions. You do not have to go after this type of avatar only. Besides, it's fun trying to get new avatars). Now let's go!

#1: What do you like to do in Neopia?

a) Play games.

b) Collect.

c) Write or draw.

d) Perfect your 'pets.

e) Participate in what's going on.

#2: What boards are your favorite?

a) Game.

b) Shop Ads / Trading and Auction.

c) Neopia Writers.

d) Customization.

e) Plot.

#3: If you won the Neopian Lottery, what would you do (besides marvel at the new avatar)?

a) Buy a whole lot of scratchcards and spin the Wheel of Extravagance.

b) Get that new stamp that came out.

c) Probably get some new paints and an easel.

d) Get that adorable Snowbunny for your Neopet.

e) Find and buy those items that are needed for those quests that's been going on.

#4: Which of these avatars are you hoping for in the future?

a) Coal War Tactics.

b) Neodeck.

c) Storytelling.

d) Schnelly.

e) Something that involves that new event.

#5: Quick! A new plot just started! What do you do?

a) Check out the puzzles that were introduced with it.

b) Try and get the prizes at the end.

c) Write something for the Neopian Times about it.

d) Find out if there's are any new Petpets or morphing potions coming out with it.

e) A mix or all of the above choices.

#6: What type of items are your favorite?

a) Anything related to the new game that came out.

b) Stamps.

c) Something I can draw with.

d) Clothes, Petpets, or Paint brushes.

e) These cool toys from Charity Corner.

#7: What is your favorite part of any plot?

a) The games that are part of it / The game that came out because of it.

b) Collecting the items at the end.

c) Getting inspiration for that short story you were meaning to write.

d) All the new Petpets that get introduced.

e) How can I choose? All of it is my favorite!

#8: You spend a whole lot of Neopoints on one item. What is this item and why?

a) A rare scratchcard so I can try and get the jackpot.

b) A stamp so I can finish the Faerieland page.

c) A white Weewoo because it's the symbol of the Neopian Times.

d) A Meowclops because they are adorable.

e) A bottle of Brown Sauce. How else am I supposed to finish Dr. Landelbrot's quest?

#9: Where do you / Where would you like to live in Neopia?

a) Roo Island. All the games!

b) Neopia Central. I'm sure the card I'm after will be there.

c) Brightvale. All the smart fellows.

d) Lost Desert. The fashion there is wonderful!

e) Neovia. There's always something supernatural going on there.

#10: What Neopet to you wish to be like?

a) AAA. I would be the game master.

b) The Auction Genie. This way, I would find all the good items.

c) King Hagan. Being smart is my number one goal.

d) The Uni Clothes shopkeeper. Just look at that fashion sense!

e) Sophie the Witch. It'd be cool to get something exciting going on.

#11: You had a bad day. What happened?

a) My favorite game was just taken off of the site.

b) I lost an auction at the last second.

c) The comic that I worked so hard on for the Neopian times was rejected.

d) I just realized that my favorite Neopet can't be painted my dream color.

e) The plot ended before I could solve the last puzzle.

#12: If you could go back in Neopian time and change something, what would it be?

a) Bring back Omelette Defender.

b) Get that coin while it was still cheap.

c) Change some of my older, more embarrassing articles.

d) Get a Meowclops, Snowbunny, and Kadoatie while they were still cheap.

e) Finish that puzzle that I didn't finish from the last question.

#13: What do you like to do with your Neopets?

a) Train them for the Battledome.

b) Feed the Gourmet food.

c) Draw them.

d) Dress them up all pretty like.

e) Have them help me investigate during the Desert Diplomacy.

#14: Which of these Contests/Spotlights are your favorite?

a) Kreludor Caves Spotlight.

b) Booktastic Book Club.

c) Neopian Times

d) Customization.

e) Anything to entertain me while I wait for event results.

#15: What store are you most likely to be caught in?

a) Toy Store. I can practice for bigger games.

b) Post Office. They might just have that last stamp.

c) Neoschool Supplies. I need new pencils.

d) Uni Clothes. A new shirt came out and I have to have it!

e) Anywhere where I can get something to keep the Random Event machine going.

You survived! Congratulations! Now you can see what avatar may be easiest for you to get (if you didn't already figure that out already). Now let's see the results...

If you chose mostly A, the avatar choice for you may be... -drumroll- Game avatars! You like to play games and new games excite you. If there's an avatar with a game, you would want to get them, and it may be easy for you to get it. You're already on the high scores.

For game avatars, you need to get a certain score on a certain game (don't ask me the requirements for any of these). They may be a little tricky, especially for a game that you are not good at, but you can do it. Unlike the others on this list, you can make Neopoints from achieving these avatars.

If you chose mostly B, the avatar choice for you may be... -drumroll- Item avatars! You like to collect (almost to the point of hoarding). Whenever a new item comes out and you collect that type of item, you can go out of your way to get it. Nice to see you're determined.

Item avatars are given out from items or item collection (I am not telling you what gives out what). Because these items give an avatar with them, they will be expensive. I'm not suggesting this, I am telling you to have a good sum of Neopoints before you try and get something that costs an arm and a leg.

If you chose mostly C, the avatar choice for you may be... -drumroll- Creative contest avatars! You are very creative and have a broad outlet for your feelings. You have a huge imagination. Drawing and writing is fun for you.

These may be considered game avatars, since creative contests are technically contests, which mean they're a game, but they fall in a category of their own, since they are not traditional games. They allow for creative license. Unfortunately, there are only a few creative contests that give out these avatars, one of them being the now retired Random Contest. Don't fret, though. I'm sure TNT will come up with some new avatars for the creative contests (like that Storytelling one I mentioned earlier).

If you chose mostly D, the avatar choice for you may be... -drumroll- Pet/Petpet avatars! You care deeply for your Neopets and will do anything for them. You don't aim for the inexpensive Snow Paint Brush. No, you go for the expensive White Paint Brush because you are willing to spend top dollar for them.

For these, you need to have a certain 'pet color, 'pet species, 'pet color and species combo, Petpet age, or all of the above. It can be a little confusing. Some are easy to get, but some are very difficult to get. You must be willing to alter your Neopet a lot if you want to get these without disowning them (which is not nice).

Finally, if you chose mostly E, the avatar choice for you may be... -drumroll- Plot avatars! The normal is boring to you. You like it when there's something special going on. Whether it's hunting for monsters, fixing the Random Events, or finding out what thieves stole, you don't care what goes on -- as long as it entertains you, you're good.

You need to be a little careful when trying to get these types of avatars. Since plots are once in Neopian history, you can't go back to go get one that you failed to get (I'm sure that some of you can relate). It's hard to give out advice for this type of avatar since plots vary. There is rarely two similar plots. Not to mention that not all avatars give out avatars. -cough- Desert Diplomacy -cough- I guess the only piece of advice I can give you is to participate and do your best.

That is it for this little quiz! I hope you had fun. Now, you might be able to get a little variety in your avatar collection. Now to give out the most important piece of advice I could give. Remember to have fun while hunting avatars.

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