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What Would Happen If

by chasing_stars44


Neopia has had a very colorful history. From smart to scary to supernatural, all sorts of stuff has happened on and off this planet. But would it be this way if something wrong were to happen in the past? The answer to this would be no. Neopia would be a different place.

Still, haven't you wondered what would happen if something different happened, didn't happen, or didn't happen like it was supposed to? The results would make Neopia drastically different from what it is today. Whether it'd be better or worse, our lives would change.

Without further ado, let me explain what I believe what Neopia would be like with its history changed.

What would happen if the wheels were not saved?

Alright, this started off when the wheels were going to shut down because they were too old. An enormous sum of Neopoints were needed to save them. That sum was made up for and the wheels were saved. Not exactly the most exciting part of Neopian history.

This one is rather simple question, actually. First off, the famous wheels would not be here with us. This would affect Neopians who are looking to make a quick sum of Neopoints or those who enjoy staring at a wheel turn for a possible total of hours (mostly the Wheel of Monotony). Not to mention that some things the wheels offered, like avatars, would be retired. Thankfully, many Neopians joined together to save them. *claps for those who helped save them*

What would happen if Ilere did not protect Sophie?

For as much as we dislike Ilere for not helping Sophie, Bruno, and Gilly when they needed her, we do have to give her some sort of credit. She took in Sophie when she ran away from Neovia while a curse was being placed on it. Ilere taught her how to be a witch and how to live in the swamp. If she didn't do that, it would be doubtfun for to even survive.

Even if she did manage to survive to where she met Bruno and Gilly, it would be doubtful that the curse would be lifted. It was Sophie's potion making skills that was what stopped the curse. If the curse was not stopped, there was a chance for all the Neopets-turned-monsters would go around Neopia and cause destruction.

What would happen if Dr. Sloth took over the world the first time?

Oh, this was way back. For those who don't remember (I don't blame you if you don't), Dr. Sloth tried to take over Neopia (shocker) by mutating all of the Neopians with his mutation ray and making him do his bidding. Lucky, the Space Faerie stopped him from doing that. He came back after a few years, but that's another portion of history.

Anyway, if Dr. Sloth did manage to mutate all of Neovia with his mutation ray, most of us, if not all of us, would be transmogrified. On top of that, we would all be under the control of Dr. Sloth. There would be a possibility of a resistance or the Space Faerie could stop him, but that would be a little tricky, considering that Dr. Sloth does his best to watch over the ones under his control.

What would happen if Meridell or Darigan Citadel got the magical orb?

Not as far back as the first Dr. Sloth event, but it still was a long time ago. Basically, the magical orb had the potiontial to make a land lush and green. This was the main conflict between the two lands. The Citadel had it first, Meridell stole it, battles were fought, and the orb was destroyed. Not much to it.

What would happen really depends on who got the orb. If Meridell had gotten the orb, then not much would really change. Meridell would still be green and the Citadel would still be dark. No doubt that Lord Darigan would try to retrieve it again. If the Darigan Citadel had gotten it, then the opposite would happen. Meridell would be dark and the Citadel would be green. Again, there would probably be a plan for King Skarl to get the magical orb back. Either way, the whole entire thing starting over again would be likely.

What would happen if the potion on the monster worked during the SFC?

This is a more recent event in Neopian history. Basically, there was a monster hidden in plain sight during the Spooky Food Eating Contest. Corbin and Kell, two monster hunters, tried to have the monster gently fall asleep. The potion didn't work, though. The monster was revealed, but it was enraged and went off into the catacombs.

If the potion did work, then the monster would have fallen asleep. None of the event would ever happen (BORING!). With no event, there would be no Grave Danger, where responsible Neopets send their Petpets into the dark and dangerous Catacombs in attempt for a prize (why the PPL has not stopped this, I don't know).

What would happen if Dr. Landerbrot's machine worked in the first place?

The story is that the Random Events were broken and they needed to be fixed (isn't it a little strange that this started a week after Random Events were increased for a week? Maybe it was overloaded with all the extra work). Strange messages were received, asking Neopians for help to repair the machine with strange items. After a while, it is fixed.

Inflation is most likely the thought that comes to mind to anyone who participated plot when it's mentioned to them. If the machine was working properly, the items would not be needed, then no inflation to usually very inexpensive items. Plus, there would be no daily Random Event that would have the possibility to give out rare items (or lower 'pets stats).

What would happen if Brynn and Hanso weren't able to stop Xandra?

Boo, Xandra (good thing she's now stone)! Who could forget the day Faerieland fell? It's easily the most infamous day in Neopian history. Good thing Hanso was there to stop her. Who knew that the Faerie's best student would turn on them (talk about a plot twist). And we all lived happily ever after!

So what would happen if Xandra succeeded? Well, Faerieland would be no more, for one (even though that almost happened, anyway). All the Faeries would still be stone. This has a big effect on us Neopians because there would be no more free soup, no more free healing, and no more Rainbow Fountain. Not to mention all those wraiths that were attacking everyone were repelled by the Faerie's power. Most of all, Xandra would be ruler of the world (lots of Neopians (and Dr. Sloth) are interested in taking over Neopia these days). This is easily the most drastic change on this list.

What would happen if we had just gone after the thieves during Desert Diplomacy?

Why we didn't do this in the first place, I don't know. Anyway, this is the most recent event in Neopian history. Royals were gathered in Sakhmet with valuable stuff, and it was taken (not the best idea in the world, if you ask me). Anyway, we were figuring out who took what and them arresting them.

Many wondered why we couldn't go after them. This makes sense, but we needed to be safe. You have to remember these were professional thieves. The guards were able to handle it with no problem, so we were in no danger. If we didn't have to figure out who took what, we would most likely get the chance to track them down or find where they hid the items. Which choice would be better in the long run is easily debatable.


Aren't you glad that this type of stuff happened like it did? If it didn't, then the Neopia we know and love wouldn't exist. We would live under a ruler, there would be no Faeries, or no Random Events. Who would want to live like that? I certainly wouldn't.

However, Neopia's bright future is not set in stone. Who knows, maybe Dr. Sloth will return. Someone can find some rather strange object that could potentially end Neopia. Maybe some famous Neopet can go missing. All are possibilities. Will they happen? Well, we just have to wait and see...

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