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Affordable Alternatives to 10 Expensive Petpets

by saiphami


Petpets are adorable, to put it simply. You know what's not adorable? Falling in love with a petpet, only to find out that it is completely out of your price range. There are so many petpet species in Neopia with extravagant price tags, yet they are so irresistible... what is there to do? Never fear, there are many affordable alternative petpets out there that have similar aesthetics to that precocious Kadoatie or regal Snowickle. And luckily for you, I have composed a list of them!

1. Snowbunny

Snowbunnies used to be affordable, as they were an advent calendar prize many years ago. However, over the years their pricetag has steadily climbed to over 300,000 neopoints! While they are not the most expensive petpet on this list, they are so outrageously adorable and popular that they are a common wishlist item for many.

Alternatives: Hopso, Feepit

While the Hopso is certainly not as plump and fluffy as the Snowbunny, they are an extremely affordable petpet, at less than 100 neopoints on the shop wizard. With their big feet and tiny arms, they are perfectly cute in their own way. Even more compelling is the range in colors they come in that are still cheaper than an unpainted Snowbunny. I'd particularly recommend the Blue Hopso (approximately 100k), as it looks as frosty and snowy as its more expensive counterpart.

The Feepit is not an obvious alternative to the Snowbunny, but it is still a very good option! Feepits have tails that are perhaps even more adorable than the Snowbunny's, and they have fluffy ears to match! An unpainted one (in its trademark shade of blue) is less than 200 neopoints, and other varieties are often found within user shops.

2. Kadoatie

The Kadoatie is one of the most easily recognizable and desired petpets on the site, especially with their role in the always-frustrating-yet-fun Kadoatery. Unfortunately, an unpainted one starts at more than 6 million neopoints, and their painted varieties can be even more expensive! When the Kadoatie is obviously out of your budget, it's time to look to more affordable feline options.

Alternatives: Angelpuss, Plumpy, Schnelly, Birthday Kadoatie

Luckily, there are lots of affordable Kadoatie-like petpets out there. The most affordable is the Angelpuss, who can be purchased for less than 200 neopoints. What is most compelling is that the painted versions are all more affordable than an unpainted Kadoatie. My recommendations? The Tyrannian Angelpuss is a good option, as its scowl resembles the disgruntled looks you'd find at the Kadoatery. The Blue Angelpuss is also a good alternative, as it looks very much like the unpainted Kadoatie's blue fur.

The Plumpy petpet, which is similar to the Angelpuss, is an even better alternative to the Kadoatie due to its permanent scowl. While they do not come in any other colors (yet), they can be bought from user's shops for about 5,000 neopoints – awesome, eh?

A Schnelly isn't exactly cheap, but it's much less expensive than a Kadoatie, which makes it an excellent option for those looking for a petpet that's a bit lighter on the wallet. The unpainted Schnelly is approximately 75,000 neopoints and has black and white fur with brilliant green eyes.

Lastly, if you absolutely HAVE to have a Kadoatie but 6 million is a bit steep for you, the recent release of Birthday petpets has given us a variety of Kadoatie that is slightly more affordable. You can purchase a Birthday Kadoatie for about 1.2 million neopoints on the trading post.

3. Blorbis

The Blorbis is so expensive that it is out of the price range for most Neopians. It was the top plot prize for Pirate supporters in the Curse of Maraqua plot many years ago, and as a result they rarely come up for sale on the trading post.

Alternative: Slorg

There aren't many alternatives out there for the Blorbis, but the best one is easily the Slorg. An unpainted Slorg costs about 3,000 neopoints, and is easy on the wallet. Even better is simply how many colors the Slorg comes in. If you're looking for the aesthetic of a Blorbis, the following varieties of Slorg are very good options: Tyrannian, Elderly, and Zombie. These colors alter the look of the Slorg to make it a little less cute and a little more grotesque, which makes them similar to the Blorbis.

4. Flosset

The Flosset is a very pretty, yet subtle species of Faerie petpet that comes at a higher pricetag of more than 580,000 neopoints. They come in some very pretty colors in addition to their blue and pink trademark, and these painted versions are even more expensive.

Alternatives: almost any other Faerie petpet

Most faerie petpets are much cheaper than the Flosset, but have a similar look to the high-flying petpet! Thus, I'd encourage everyone who cannot afford a Flosset to look at the Faerie Petpet shop and purchase whichever one catches your eye the most. The Pikis and Faellie are particularly good alternatives, as they each come equipped with their own set of adorable wings!

5. Geb

Gebs are almost unfairly cute, especially with how expensive they are. These petpets are very popular due to their starring role in Sutek's Tomb, and they start at almost 5 million neopoints. They are perfect petpets for any Desert painted Neopet, and it can be so frustrating when they seem so far out of reach.

Alternatives: Turtmid, Sunutek

Thankfully, there are two equally awesome pyramid-petpet options out there. Both the Turtmid and Sunutek come under 10,000 neopoints and are in a similar shade to the unpainted Geb. While the Sunutek does not come in any other colors, the Turtmid comes in Green and a rather fetching Island color as well. You might not be able to afford the Geb, but both of these pets are so cute that you won't feel like you're settling.

6. Krawk

The Krawk petpet is expensive not just because of its high rarity, but because it can be used to get an actual Krawk Neopet. However, they are still very popular petpets and thus their high pricetag (over 9 million neopoints) can be disappointing if your heart is set on having one as a petpet.

Alternatives: mostly any other Tyrannian petpet

The Tyrannian Petpet shop has many other affordable options to the Krawk petpet that still have the same type of prehistoric look. The Uggatrip, for example, can be purchased in user shops for less than 100 neopoints. I am partial to the Niptor, as it stands on two legs like the Krawk and is also around 200 neopoints, but nearly any Tyrannian petpet is an excellent alternative to the Krawk.

7. Quilin

The Quilin is a really majestic petpet from Shenkuu. Not only does it look regal in its color scheme, but its cost is regal as well – one of these will cost you around 1.4 million neopoints.

Alternatives: Juma, Biyako, Razumi, Noil

Three of the best alternatives for the Quilin come from the same shop that carries it, Fanciful Fauna. The Juma, Biyako, and Razumi can be purchased for under 15,000 neopoints, and the Biyako is especially affordable at 1 neopoint in user shops! All of these petpets have the same magnificent and royal aesthetic, and they all have similar body types as well. All three also come in a variety of colors if you should want some more options as well.

Another wildly different alternative is the Noil. While this petpet is not from Shenkuu, it is every bit as loyal and grandiose as the Quilin, but it comes at an extremely affordable price of less than 1,000 neopoints!

8. Candychan

The Candychan is one of those petpets that almost everyone thinks is adorable, regardless of its price. It's cute little wings and inquisitive look makes it very popular. Still, the Candychan costs about 15 million on the trading post, which makes it hard to afford for many Neopians.

Alternatives: Gwalla, Wherfy, Ona

Wintery Petpets offer many other options that have a similar look to the Candychan. Of these, the Gwalla, Wherfy, and Ona are especially good alternatives. In addition to having angelic wings, the Gwalla is fuzzy which makes it even cuter – and it is only 6,000 neopoints! The Wherfy is a relatively new petpet but an unpainted one can be purchased for under 16,000 neopoints and has an impressive wingspan; it also comes in a variety of gorgeous colors that aren't even offered for the Candychan yet (the Zombie one is particularly interesting). My favorite alternative though is the Ona, which is around 16,000 neopoints and is about the same size as the Candychan. Many of the varieties of Ona are especially affordable such as the Christmas, Snow, and Pink colors, which makes it a very diverse option for Neopians.

9. Pygui

The Pygui just makes me smile, honestly. It is an incredibly cute petpet with a curly tail and wide smile, which makes its rarity all the more frustrating. They are rarely for sale from users on the site as they are a prize from the Lunar Temple, and it is hard to even know how much they cost.

Alternatives: Snorkle

The Snorkle is easily the best alternative to the Pygui. It has a similar tail, body type, and face, but the best part is its price: only about 5,000 neopoints. Even if you dislike its unpainted pink hue, it comes in a range of colors that can fit into any budget better than the Pygui would. I recommend the Island Snorkle and Faerie Snorkle for those who want one with a little bit more personality, but any variety is a winning choice.

10. Marafin

Come on, you didn't think I was gonna leave these guys off the list, did you? Marafins are easily my favorite petpet on the site (and possibly my favorite thing ever on Neopets), and its hefty pricetag (hundreds of millions) breaks my heart. Their wide eyes and bubbly expression is captivating, and the pretty blue color scheme makes them an obvious choice for many Maraquan-colored pets as well as others. Like the Blorbis, the Marafin was released as a top prize in the Curse of Maraqua plot for Maraqua supporters, and they're extremely difficult to find for sale, let alone actually purchase.

Alternatives: Blue Meturf

I have spent countless hours over the years trying to find an affordable alternative for the Marafin, and the best choice I can find is the Blue Meturf. The unpainted Meturf is green and has similar eyes to the Marafin, but the Blue one has a very similar hue as well which makes it the obvious choice for an affordable option. While the Meturf is furry and the Marafin is not, it is still extremely adorable and much more easily attainable. An unpainted Meturf can be purchased for under 1,000 neopoints, and a blue petpet paint brush costs about 230,000 on the Trading Post, which is a significant savings in comparison to a Marafin.

I hope this list has presented some compelling alternatives for every one of you who has their eyes on one of these elusive petpets. I personally know how difficult and frustrating it can be to want something you cannot afford, and when it's a petpet it is even more upsetting. However, with a little ingenuity and some research, one can find an alternative to nearly any petpet out there that seems a bit out of reach. Now go find your alternative and bring them on home – there's a petpet out there waiting for your love!

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