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The Most Huggable Plushie Pets

by aleu1986


Ah, Plushie Neopets. When you mention Plushie pets to a Neopets user, they may respond by telling you which UC they're trying to trade for, or how badly they regret not buying that Plushie Paint Brush before the conversion happened. Unconverted Plushie pets are highly sought after, and some are extremely rare!

But this article is not about the old artwork, beautiful as it is. This writer wants to shed some appreciative and loving light on post-conversion plushie pets. They also like cuddles and warm hugs you know!

Below I present my personal selection of the most cute and cuddly Plushie Neopets, enjoy!

Plushie Aisha

We're starting the list with an obvious favourite. The Plushie Aisha is a very popular UC pet, but the converted version is just as huggable! Just look at the happy little guy! I like the interesting combination of the steely blue and the warm, sunny yellow, they actually complement each other really well. The seams on the Aishas face, tail and legs is discreet, your gaze is rather focused on the cute smiling mouth and the cheery expression. The trademark collar is naturally in place, and a pair of patches only add to the cuteness – it's a sign of tender loving care!

Plushie Bori

I'm quite fond of Boris and so I definitely think the Plushie Bori deserves more love! The colouring is similar to the Plushie Aisha, only in darker shades, but the Plushie Bori has much more detail. I like how it looks as if he's been stitched together by various parts of other plushies. (No, not like a plushie Frankenstein monster!) The pattern of his belly and the inside of his ears is really cute and makes me think of a toymaker lovingly crafting this plushie. Note also the yarnball in place of the Boris tail tuft, how adorable!

This fellow (or rather, the unconverted version) is also the subject of an avatar! I can't spill the solution to it here in the Neopian Times, however.

Plushie Elephante

If you're afraid of the dark, there is no better companion than a Plushie Elephante! He'll keep you safe through the night and chase those scary monsters away.

One of the many things I love about Plushie Neopets are how unique their designs all are, no two Plushie pets look very similar. The Plushie Elephante certainly stands out with his whimsical green checkered pattern! He's got a big patch on his trunk breaking the pattern up a bit, and the patch even matches his ears. Note also the red gem on his hat, this Elephante sure is bright and colourful! Plus there is something about the large size of an Elephante that makes it so great for cuddling!

Plushie Flotsam

If the Plushie Elephante has bright patterns, he's got nothing on the Plushie Flotsam! This guy sports an impressive three different patterns, all well represented, from the green and yellow checkered pattern on his horn and fins, to the blue stripes on his belly and his orange body with blue spots. Just being a plushie dolphin should earn him a spot on this list! How could you not add this adorable little guy to your Neopets family? A Plushie Flotsam may not belong in Maraqua, but he'd sure love to belong on your account!

Plushie Peophin

If I were ranking these Plushie pets based on how much I like them, the Peophin would take the top spot. He is easily my favourite Plushie pet and I hope to make a Plushie Peophin a part of my Neopets family in the future.

The sunny yellow is a nice base colour which doesn't clash with the fun white and green striped pattern on this tail and neck. His legs especially look like they're made of old patched up socks, a detail I personally adore. The striking red yarn mane is wonderful! Several Plushie Neopets have big manes made of yarn, but the Peophin pulls it off most gracefully in my opinion. I also like how the details of the stitching is subtle, whereas on other Plushie pets it stands out too much and becomes distracting. The Peophin is certainly a very huggable Plushie pet!

Plushie Tuskaninny

The Tuskaninny is another species I'm quite fond of and that I feel does not receive the recognition they deserve. The Plushie Tuskaninny is so adorable, I'm quite surprised they're not more common. In fact, similarly to the Plushie Peophin, I much prefer the converted version to the old one! I love this little guy and how happy and plump he is, all stuffed with soft cotton, just begging to be hugged and held!

I really like the warm, soft colours of the Plushie Tuskaninny, and how the stripes are double, making for an extra special pattern. If you look closely at his tail and flippers, you'll notice a subtle pattern of yellow circles, quite a nice touch! Note also the cute, sky blue nose which grabs your attention and draws your gaze to the irresistible face with its big button eyes. Take a Plushie Tuskaninny home today!

Now that you've had a look at a few of the many super cuddly and huggable Plushie Neopets, let's take a look at how you would go about getting one.

The Paint Brush

Obviously, the Plushie Paint Brush is an easy and quick way to transform your Neopet into a big plushie! The price ranges from approximately 2,7 million NP to 3 million NP and has been steady like this for several years, so don't expect it to skyrocket any time soon unless the Vandagyre becomes available in this colour..

About 3 mill isn't too bad for a wonderful colour such as Plushie, however keep in mind another option of transforming your Neopet, namely...

Morphing Potions

Plushie Morphing Potions are not available for every species, though. 54 of 55 species can be painted in this colour, and there are 27 morphing potions released. In many cases the potion is cheaper than the paint brush, in a couple of cases by A LOT, so be sure to double check as you may end up saving a heap of NP by going for a potion rather than the brush.

Out of the Neopets presented in this article, Plushie morphing potions are not available at the time of writing for Peophin or Elephante.

Aisha, Bori, Flotsam and Tuskaninny can all be turned Plushie with the help of the correct magical potion, and with the exception of the Aisha potion which I could not find a price for, the morphin potions are all cheaper than the Plushie Paint Brush.

Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ)

If you're lucky enough to be given one of her quests, Naia the Fountain Faerie will allow one of your pets to take a swim in the Rainbow Fountain. Not all colours are available however, but luckily Plushie is an option! These quests are given out randomly throughout the site, either via a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie purchased at the NC Mall or as a regular random faerie quest. A Fountain Faerie Quest is very rare, however, so don't expect to get one any time soon! If you want your pets painted it's better to do it yourself rather than to wait on Naia to pay you a visit.

The Secret Laboratory

This is NOT a way to get a Plushie pet; there are certain colours not available from the Lab Ray, and Plushie is one of them.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that a lucky Plushie pet will soon be brought into your Neohome!

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