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Public Reaction: Birthday Week

by azienskieth


November Y16 marks the fifteenth birthday of Neopets as a whole. To celebrate the occasion, there was an entire week of news dedicated to improving the daily life of the everyday Neopian. There were six news days and five major reveals, listed here:

Monday: Grave Danger update, with new prizes (both NP and NC)

Tuesday: New avatars and site themes, along with cheap NC backgrounds based on the new site themes

Wednesday: New prizes at several dailies, along with new offering limits at the Trading Post and Auction House; to top it all off, NC Fortune Cookies were vastly improved!

Thursday: Self-clearing Neopian shops were introduced; basically, every once in a while, every Neopian shop empties itself of all stock, and new items can stock.

Friday & Saturday: The fifty-fifth Neopet, known as the Vandagyre, was introduced! Plushies, Morphing Potions, and Species Clothing were all introduced based on it.

Whew! Now that that's all out of the way, I decided to ask the Neopian public what they thought of the week of updates and what their favourite updates were. Users were eager to share their opinions, and pretty soon, I was swamped with responses! Here are some of what people such as yourself thought about all of it.

dottie27a: Absolutely the fix to the restocking system! I've been wanting the system to be updated for literally years, and it finally happened. I couldn't contain my excitement, and my good mood spilled over into the real world and still hasn't really left. I'm beyond ecstatic at this update!

aleu1986: For me it's a tie between the restocking system being fixed and the release of the Vandagyre. I'm excited about the Vandagyre because they're adorable with a nice personality, plus it's been so long since a new species was introduced.

keero_kun: My favourite change done during birthday week would have to be the shop update. The change makes it a lot easier to get more needed items from the shops, rather than have them filled with rubbish that no one wants.

nepkeete: For me it's the higher payment on the TP. I need expensive books and when I see them and the trader is online, I want them immediately. I hate waiting for auctions to end, but I had to, because all books were over 800K.

fullonparanoid: By far, the Shops revamp. The new way of restocking Shops means that I might actually complete my Gallery in the near(ish) future.

aniaki86: The Lottery avatar! It's so pretty. It's awesome to see the prize fund going over two million too, so more chances to win silver or gold trophy now.

parody_ham: Coming from someone who loves her birds, these Vandagyres are delightful. They are quite cute little panda owls and I look forward to customizing them more in the future.

dennykins: I thought at first it would be the avatars, but it ended up being the changes to restocking by the end of the week. While avatars are great and I love them, these avatars are for areas of the site that I'm not especially interested in. The restocking changes are a huge deal, and go towards solving a number of long term issues on the site.

vitorplemes: Well, after so many years of Neopets, TNT released a lot of new items, which were taking the place of higher rarity items in shops, making their price increase more and more. With the new restock system, prices will deflate a little (I believe not too much) to where they used to be. I am very happy they finally listened to us.

rielynn: Site themes! They are really well done and it's nice to have something new, although we did just get the Habitarium one, that one is more late spring/early summer, I think; I also thought the inexpensive NC backgrounds were nice.

applepowder: All of those updates were useful for the site. Avatars mean more people keeping the contests and Lottery alive, shops being cleared mean overly inflated items deflating (Snorkle Snouts are down by 100K already!), and being able to spend more NP in one single auction/trade should be very useful to those borrowing avatar/Battledome items with collateral, as well as for those who want to sell high-end items.

incheesuswetrust: I think it was more so about the overall updates they gave us this week. These were all highly requested updates from users and some were quite surprising. The release of a new pet after well over seven years was incredible, to be honest. I never thought they would ever do that because of the amount of work it would take with wearables alone. I think these new features restored some life to this site.

ayeunn: The restocking fix; it encouraged me to stock up my own shop and now I may have a chance at the Chocolate avatar! And of course, it helps with those who want to complete their galleries.

cute_kitty_cat_4ever: I like that there is a new species. Maybe not the best, but just the fact that there is one after so many years. I hope they won't be afraid to release more.

xox_cloud_xox: From a practicality standpoint, the restock fix was great and needed. From a personal standpoint as an avatar collector, I can't go past the new avatars getting released!

star138: I'm pretty excited about the Vandagyre--the species I never knew I always wanted. Also, getting some new avatars released is always nice.

joeandtammy: Mine will be a bit different. My favourite time this week has to be the renewed attitudes of our players. Yes, there were some gripes and such but for the most part, Neopians came together, the boards were much nicer, people helping and giving to others.

Thank you for all of the replies, Neopians! They certainly reveal how drastically popular these updates were. Personally, my favourite update was Thursday's, with the reveal of the all-new restocking system - I used to get frustrated because my favourite shops were completely full, but now I can restock there anyway! TNT, on behalf of Neopia, I would like to thank you for making all of these dreams become realities - you can see how appreciated they were.

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