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What to Do When You're Restock Banned

by terabithian


Most restockers have been there. You sit there refreshing the page desperately, only to discover that every shop is simply out of stock. And a ban can last up to twelve hours or more. What a shame, especially if you were hoping to get that shiny stamp, or other item you were hoping to get.

#1 Refresh the page constantly to make sure you're banned.

Not a recommended option, but it's still something you're welcome to try. Stare at the blank screen, until your eyes go numb, or you're seeing that message over and over.

#2 Chat on the boards

The boards are a great way to meet new friends. Talk to people, complain about being restock banned. Chances are you'll find another person in the same dilemma. You could even try making a game or two on the Avatar Chat, or playing a game of Key Quest.

#3 Play Games

But playing games is so boring. Some of them. Mostly, the ones about jelly, excite me though because of that secret place. Here's a fun idea for games. If you find playing games alone boring, why not try a Game of 30k a day? Everyone puts their neopoints into the bank, so their total neopoints count is equal to 0. Then someone picks a game and you play it 3 times. The person with the highest score, or the person who reaches 30,000 neopoints first, wins.

#4 Engage in Plushie Tycoon

Heading over to the factory, you'll see tired workers grumbling about the working conditions, slaving away at plushie fluff, and loading trucks with terrible quality plushies. Someone didn't pick the best materials! Anyway, Plushie Tycoon is a great time waster, and you could get a nice reward, assuming you don't lose. You can spend every day, hiring and sacking workers. Just like a real Neopian boss!

#5 Enter a contest

Neopets has so many contests to offer. There are contests of all descriptions. If you like to write, the poetry contest is a good contender. And if you like to draw, why not enter the Beauty Contest? The Beauty Contest is great, because you have to advertise as well. So while you're restock banned, you can go and show off your pet. I'm sure your pet will be a better contender than Malkus Vile, for beauty. And if creativity isn't really your thing, there's always other options!

#6 Try for a trophy

There are so many trophies. You could wait for reset day, which takes place on the first of the month. That would make it easier, but the only way to get a game trophy is to practice. If you practice every time you are restock banned, you could end up getting a nice shiny trophy, for your user lookup.

#7 Restock at other places

What do I mean by other places? Well, for a start, there's the Igloo Garage Sale. Two Chias are simply waiting for you to grab their goods. They sell things quite cheaply, so it shouldn't be too hard to make a profit, even if it is small.

There is also the Abandoned Attic, which has many goods. It is only open to users with older accounts, though! But you can get all sorts of things there: stamps, pet pets, morphing potions, and so on.

#8 Play Food Club

Food Club is an excellent way to earn Neopoints. It can be a bit of a gamble, because you have to make sure you bet on the right contestants. But if you do get a win, you'll probably earn quite a bit more, than you originally paid. Not to mention, there's something fun about betting on pirates. You never know when a food fight will break out!

#9 Start a Gallery

Starting a gallery, is an excellent way of using your time. You pick a category, and then you use the shop wizard, or the trading post, to buy items in any category. You could make a Coffee gallery, or a Jelly gallery, or something even more unique. And if you are really lucky, you could get into the Gallery Spotlight!

#10 Create Pet Pages for your pets

Customizing your pet's page is a good way of wasting time. Much more exciting than refreshing, when you'll never get an item! You can put anything you like on a pet page, even a detailed description of your Skeith's nostril hair (though I don't see how you'd want to). You could write a story or put a wishlist on your page. You could even make a description of what your pet's life was like before you created or adopted it!

#11 Play Key Quest

Key Quest is a wonderful way to get neopoints. Not only that, but you can also earn yourself many items to put in your shop that will earn you profit, like codestones, neggs, even paint brushes.

#12 Spin a wheel, any wheel

Take a walk on the wild side and spin a wheel. Just make sure you've got enough neopoints to actually be spinning it. You might win a prize, or you might come away empty handed. But at least it'll fill in some time, especially if you happen to spin the Wheel of Monotony.

#13 Customize your pet

There are lots of neopoint and neocash items for you to customize with. You could even have a mini challenge, with your friends or on the neoboards, and pick a theme, such as 'Spring,' and all dress your pet for spring. Just for fun of course. Or if you're really good at dressing your pet up, you could enter your pet in the Customization Spotlight!

#14 Fight in the Battledome

Fighting in the Battledome is a good way for your pet to get experience. If your pet is too weak, you could try going for the Punching Bag Bob Trophy. You don't even have to be strong; all you have to do is damage him. You could also spend time training, if your pet isn't quite up to scratch.

Anyway, I hope this guide helps you, the next time you're bored during a restock ban. I think I managed not to make too many references to jelly and the like. Until next time!

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