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Janet and Jane: The Case of the Rattled Witnesses - Part Four

by chasing_stars44


"I really should have seen this coming," I groaned.

      "It's okay, Janet. We've been in way worse situations," Jane consoled. "Remember Sheree?"

      "The real question is if I forgot Sheree. And even then, we weren't locked in a basement. We were in one, but not locked in one."

      "You said you knew what you were doing," Kell muttered. Muttering seemed to be a thing with him.

      I was getting a little tired of his attitude. It certainly wouldn't help us get out of this place. I walked up to him and replied, "We do know what we're doing. We make mistakes sometimes. Besides, you wouldn't even be in this situation if you just listened to us and stay out of it."

      Anger built up in his eyes. He got up off the floor and walked up to me. "Are you implying it's my fault?"

      "Well, you were the one who suggested you and Corbin to come with us."

      Corbin and Jane knew where this was going. They quickly got in between us. Too bad, too. I really wanted to "teach him a lesson".

      "Let's not lose our heads," Corbin said as soon as he took position. "Don't argue."

      "Yes. Try not to destroy each other," Jane agreed. "At least wait until after we get out of here."

      "And what if we don't get out of here?" I asked.

      Jane gasped a little. She knew I was never this negative (key word being this). "Janet, don't talk like that. You know we can get out of here."

      "When you think of a plan, tell me." I growled like a Gruslen. "Until then, I'll be over there." I point to a chair on the far side of the basement. Once I finished my statement, I stomped there and plopped down in it.

      All was quiet after that. I didn't even need to look at Corbin, Kell, or Jane to see that they were shocked and/or concerned from what I said. What I said was the truth, and they knew it. Why were they surprised from what I said? I just said what they didn't.

      Something was coming from outside. What was that? There was a small window in the basement (not big enough to escape out of, though (we would have done that hours ago if that was the case)), and I was sitting under it. It sounded familiar, but could it be--... Nah, it couldn't. Could it?

      Curiosity overwhelmed me. Not knowing what that was was driving me insane. It was about time to solve the mystery of the mysterious noises (something I could figure out without ending up in some sort of peril). One thing I didn't hope it was was Malkus. I wasn't in the mood to talk to him again (or talk to anyone at the moment).

      I stood on the chair to see Alize and Supra. How in the world did they get here?

      "Jane, we left our Petpets in our hotel room, correct?" I asked.

      "Yes. Why do you ask?" she replied.

      "They're right outside."

      "What?" She flew up to the window and looked out it. Her eyes grew wide. After a second, she flew back to Kell and Corbin. "That's impossible."

      I opened the window and let the Petpets in. They seemed happy to see us again. After they were inside the room with me, a foot stepped in front of the window. I couldn't tell who was there, but it sure wasn't Malkus.

      "I expect being paid for Petpetsitting."

      No way. It couldn't be.

      "Natia!" I cheered.

      Jane's ears perked up into poised positions on her head. It was like she didn't believe me. Truth is, I didn't believe me."Natia? Why is she here?" she asked.

      "Who's Natia?" Corbin asked.

      I turned to the three. "Our rescue. And does it even matter?" I answered both of their questions. "She's here." I turned back to the window. "Natia, we're locked in the basement. Please let us out."

      "Sure thing, Janet," Natia replied.

      "Oh, and the front door's locked, but there's a key on the doorframe."

      "Don't worry. I know. See you in a couple minutes."

      With those as her parting words, she ran off. I hop off my chair and held Supra.

      "You were saying?" Jane asked.

      I gave her a glare. "You know I was being rational."

      "Rational, no. Negative, yes."

      I wasn't happy with what she said. Instead of blowing up in her face, I tried my best to stay calm and not get mad.

      "You are so going to get it now!" I yelled.

      Well, I did say I tried. I never said I succeeded.

      I began to run to Jane. She quickly ran away from me. Just as I was about to catch her, I was picked up by Corbin. It was as if he knew what I was going to do to her (he probably did, though).

      "Calm down, Janet," he said. The Ogrin walked me away from Jane.

      "Let me down!" I shouted.

      "Relax and he'll put you down," Kell informed.

      "I'm not sure if I want to know what happened down here."

      All of us turned to the basement door. The alien Aisha known as Natia walked (or hopped) down the stairs and jumped onto the floor. She skipped up to us with the same cheeriness in her step.

      "How'd you get past Malkus? Isn't he upstairs?" Corbin asked.

      "One, he wouldn't mind me hanging around here," Natia replied. "Two, he, Meerouladen, and Heermeedjet left ten minutes ago. Now I'd put Janet down if I was you. She tends to get... frantic."

      Corbin finally put me down. I smoothed my shirt and picked up Supra again. Without looking, I could tell that the three behind me were a little confused. Trust me, I was, too. What did Natia mean?

      "What do you mean he 'wouldn't mind' you here?" I asked.

      Natia walked closer to us. "He's actually really nice when you get to know him. I should know. I am his niece, after all."

      All of our eyes bulged. We couldn't believe what she said. Yes, Jane and I knew that she had a connection with thieves, but this? How on Neopia could this be true?

      "I know what you guys are thinking, and I'll explain it all to you. You should probably get out of here first," Natia said.

      She ran back upstairs. The rest of us (reluctantly) followed her up.

      "Did you know that she was his niece?" Kell asked.

      Jane and I shook our heads. I could see why she wouldn't want to tell us. We're detectives, he's a thief, yeah, you see.

      "Not at all," Jane said. Once we were up, she ran up to the Aisha. "He's really your uncle?"

      She nodded her head vigorously. "How else do you think I was associated with the Aisha Thieves?"

      "I honestly didn't want to know," I answered. "Now are you positive that Malkus left?"

      "I saw him leave." Natia faced us. "He was heading to Town Hall with Scruffy. Let me tell you, that Puppyblew grew! He's so huge!"

      "Well, I believe we found out what the monster is," Kell said to himself.

      "Yes, but why is he going to Town Hall? There's nothing worth stealing," Corbin stated. "Besides, there's a party tonight there. He'd get spotted in a matter of minutes."

      It was then I remembered what happened just two short days ago.


      I've had flashbacks before, but this one was different. Everything seemed surreal -- like it couldn't have happened. The walls and decor looked more drab, yet the necklace in the Yurble's paw looked even brighter. The only things that really had any sort of color were me, Jane, Mr. Camden, and the necklace. It looked like it happened all to fast but couldn't end soon enough.

      "This is the Necklace of Melia. It's a treasure of Shenkuu," Mr. Camden explained. His voice echoed my head. "The Emperor of Shenkuu was nice enough to lend it to me. It's going to be the centerpiece of a masquerade this Saturday. I originally kept it at Prigpants and Swolthy, but I moved it here to keep it safe." The mayor looked down at the necklace with care. "I'm glad I did." He looked back up at us. "If you could, could you please make sure that Town Hall is secure? I really don't want anyone taking it."


      "It's Saturday, correct?" I asked.

      Kell nodded. "It is. Why?"

      I looked at everyone -- particularly Jane. After a second, she knew what I was thinking. She wasn't happy at the thought.

      "They're going to steal the Necklace of Melia," she said what I couldn't.

      "Oh, Mr. Camden will not be happy if that gets stolen," I groaned. I began to pace the room we were in.

      "There's no doubt that he'll use the monster to help him," Corbin muttered to himself.

      "Come on! Don't be a Frowny," Natia tried to lift our spirits. "I'm sure we can figure something out."

      It was then I got the idea that could get us out of this situation (or get us in a serious amount of trouble, depending on how it went). "I have something," I announced. All eyes were on me when I said that. That is when I said the sentence that could make or break us possibly catching Malkus Vile, Meerouladen, Heermeedjet, and the monster. "Who's up for a party?"

To be continued...

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