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Mastering the Mutant

by kreaturepheture


Mutants. Mysterious, fierce, and beautiful (sort of), throughout the years, they have struck awe and fear into the hearts of many. You, yourself, might be considering getting one. But what would taking care of one be like? Well, it certainly isn't easy, that's for sure. Every Mutant has different needs, and it can be pretty hard to meet those needs at times. If you DO take good care of them, however, you have a friendship that will stand the test of time. Are you up for the challenge? All right then, you asked for it...

1. Food

Mutants, like every other 'pet, need food. This area is a little easier than the others, since most Mutants are hardly ever picky about their next meal. Mutant Skeiths and Grarrls are especially flexible, as they will eat even the inedible. Just... remember to keep your slippers away from them, okay? I'm guessing that you probably don't want to end up with half-eaten slippers.

2. Shedding

Of course, some Mutants indeed shed. Furry Mutants, like the Xweetok, have a tendency to shed in great quantities, so these poor little guys will always leave a trail of fur behind. Keeping a Mutant that sheds excessively will probably require storing a broom in each room of your Neohome. This variety of Mutant is not recommended for clean freaks.

3. Clothing

Dressing up your Mutant is rather hard, as the selection of items that they CAN wear is slim. If your Mutant likes to dress up, finding the right items are rather difficult. You may need to consider this before transforming your Neopet. If you do transform them, however, there are plenty of backgrounds and foregrounds that will give your Mutant that perfect, spooky environment!

4. Drool

As to be expected, drool is common among Mutants, especially Flotsams and Tonus. This drool is actually a part of their digestive systems, allowing them to consume things that are normally not edible to the average Neopet. Of course, this drool is highly acidic, and can be rather messy and problematic. Giving your Mutant a bib or some Neopkins highly recommended (I'd probably go with the Neopkins, though--your Mutant probably wouldn't want to look like a baby).

5. Space

Like every other Neopet, Mutant Neopets need their space, perhaps even more so. Large Mutants like the Kyrii, Mynci, and Bori; and Mutants that fly such as the Ruki, Buzz, and Pteri, are especially in need of this. For flying Mutants, cabin fever can be easily cured by taking them for a walk (or soar) every day, but large Mutants, however, need a great amount of space. A large Neohome would be required for these big guys. They really can't spend their entire lives outdoors, you know.

6. The Bite

Yes, Mutants do bite. This is especially common among Lupes and Gelerts. Though they still remain fiercely loyal to their owner even after transformation, these Mutant Neopets also become more aggressive. Being overly protective of their owner, they will nip and bite at anything that they deem a threat. While it is nice that they are protective, it also is rather unpleasant for any passerby. Please teach these Mutants what are threats and what aren't!

7. Books and Toys

You probably are rather surprised by this title. Mutants ARE Neopets no matter what, and they need entertainment as well. Though Mutants are often stereotyped as dim-witted, they are often rather intelligent, and can be quite bibliophilic, in fact. I've heard that many Mutants enjoy books on science, but tastes vary from Neopet to Neopet. As for toys, they need ones that are very durable, as some Mutants are none-too-gentle with their toys. Strong chew-toys will probably satisfy your Mutant Neopet's desire to gnaw on something.

8. Playtime

What better way to bond with your Mutant Neopet than to play with him or her! Mutants may be tough and scary-looking at times, but they still need bonding-time with their owner. The slime and slobber may be a little... sticky, but the stickiness is a sensation that you will eventually become accustomed to (hopefully).

9. Moisture

By moisture, I do not mean water to drink. Certain Mutants such as the Blumaroo, Gnorbu, Koi, and Peophin require to be kept moist. This is especially essential to the Blumaroo and Gnorbu, as they have a very protean composition. It is highly recommended to keep your Neohome humid so that they don't dry out, but not too much! Make it too moist, and they melt!

10. Grooming

You probably are thinking, "Grooming? Why grooming? Most Mutants are as bald as can be!" However, even the bald Mutants require a grooming once in awhile. For example, bald Mutants like Quiggles don't seem like they need grooming at all, but don't be fooled--if you don't groom them, their skin will flake away, and might even attract some Petpetpets (shudder)! This grooming that I speak of can be anything from combing and shampooing a Mutants fur, or giving him or her a nice bath.

11. Dental Hygiene

Does the madness ever stop? Well, it is stopping... sort of. Yes, Mutants do need a brushing! Even though they don't seem like they need this much care, they indeed do. Unless your Neopet needs to have the Halitosis ability ready right before a fight in the Battledome, your Mutant's teeth still needs to be cleaned. And besides, they might even get a visit from the Tooth Faerie!

So, do you think you can handle this type of Neopet? If yes, great! Grab that Transmogrification Potion (as long as your 'pet doesn't mind it), and use it. Do keep in mind that these little (and not-so-little) guys can be quite a handful! Though they are a lot of work, there's nothing a little love and a little care won't fix.

DISCLAIMER: This article is simply for entertainment. Chances are, you probably will not run into most of these Mutant troubles. I hope you enjoyed reading this random article about Mutants... and things you probably won't actually need to worry about when you actually get one! (Please do take care of them, however!)


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