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Adventure Awaits: The Deserted Tomb

by nostalgia_14


There is one question that I'm sure many Neopians, young and old alike, have pondered for quite some time: what is the Mystery of Mystery Island? Only the natives know the answer to this question. It's probably best not to ask, though, since you are, most likely, a visitor.

Many pets have come up with their own answers to this age-old question. Some say the mystery has something to do with Techo Mountain, but those who have been fortunate enough to visit that mountain would strongly disagree. Others say that the secret must lie within the mysterious, dark area at the far corner of the island: The Lost City of Geraptiku.

Few venture into the Lost City of Geraptiku, whether of natives or guests. Guests find it to be daunting and suspicious while natives simply see no reason to visit the empty city. I took the time to visit the lost city and I would, respectfully, disagree.

There are plenty of reasons to visit the Lost City of Geraptiku. While there's very little pull to the city, it does have its enticing qualities. There is, for example, a Petpet shop that is full of some amazing, exotic Petpets that I'd seen before, but never knew where to find them. The shopkeeper isn't there, but you can leave your Neopoints in the jar and bring a Petpet home with you.

There is also the Deserted Tomb. This tomb is said to hold treasures untold... and dangers unparalleled. "Why would I ever go if all that's true?" you may wonder. Well, I was fortunate enough to meet with a pirate Neopet called Chrissy who said she used to frequent the tomb. She was more than willing to give us a few reasons to visit, along with a few of the "ins and outs" of the tomb.

Me: So before I start the interview, what should I call you? Is Chrissy ok?

Chrissy: Oh, you can call me Mum. That's what most pets call me. Right Qiquo?

At this point, the smile on her Biyako's face worried me a little, but I continued the conversation nonetheless.

Me: Uh...

Chrissy: Yes, you can call me Chrissy.

Me: Ok, great... So you've ventured into the Deserted Tomb. What is it like?

Chrissy: Oh, it's a bit of a heart stopper. Every step I took made me consider turning back.

Me: Did you?

Chrissy: Turn back? Of course not!

Me: Why not?

Chrissy: Well, for one thing, I'm a big fan of the unknown. Besides, I really wanted to find the treasure everyone talks about.

Me: Did you ever find it?

Chrissy: Well... I got to where it was, but I think someone beat me to it. The chest was empty already, so I just left.

Me: So then there's no reason for anyone to go in there.

Chrissy: No reason? Why would you say that? Of course there's a reason! It's not like there's only one treasure in the whole tomb! You don't build tombs for Pets who can only put one chest of treasure in it. That place is just full of Neopoints.

Me: Oh, well then why'd you leave instead of continuing to look?

Chrissy: By the time I'd found the chest I'd been in there for a couple days already. I was starting to get a little hungry. And besides, I didn't want to run into the monster while I was tired. I'd never be able to outrun it. I decided to just try again the next day.

Me: Monster?!?

Chrissy: Well, yeah! You've got to have traps in a tomb, don't you?

Me: Traps? What kind of traps?

Chrissy: The monster, for one. Then there's the just the ones that are less obvious, the ones you can set off my accidently stepping on a particular stone or moving a vine. One in particular is the room with the flying spears. I had to visit the Faerieland Healing Springs after that one.

Me: Have you ever found anything in the tomb?

Chrissy: Several times. I found an Obsidian Dagger once and sold it for Neopoints at an auction. I'd have kept it but I don't frequent the Battledome. I've found other things too, but I can't wait to find the Treasure Chamber. A friend of mine found it and came back with both Neopoints and a Codestone!

Me: I know you have places to be and things to do, so I'll just ask you one more question. Do you have any suggestions to Pets who want to venture into the Deserted Tomb?

Chrissy: Yeah, bring food with you. Getting through the tomb is going to take a while.

With that, Chrissy got up and walked into the Deserted Tomb, her Biyako in stride. I waited there for a while, thinking she was over exaggerating a bit when she said days, but when night fell, I decided to go home. Of course, when I got home, I realized that several Neopoints were missing. I don't like to make assumptions but...

There are still several questions to be answered about Mystery Island, the Lost City of Geraptiku, and the Deserted Tomb. Why is the mystery of Mystery Island such a secret? What is the mystery? Why is the Lost City of Geraptiku called a lost city if it can easily be found? Whose tomb is the Deserted Tomb anyway? These are all questions that we may simply have to live with forever. There is one question we can answer now, however: what treasures will be found if you enter the tomb? The only way to really find this answer is to go to the lost city and find the answer yourself.

I've yet to get up the courage to venture into the Deserted Tomb (sorry, I'm a Scaredy Kad), but if the treasures Pets speak of – Neopoints, Codestones, Bottled Faeries, and more – are as real as Fyora, I might just have to put on some armor and take the adventure. I guess I'll meet you there.

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