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Adventure Awaits: The Wonder of the Faerie Caverns

by nostalgia_14


Neopians, young and old, know about Faerieland because, well, it's Faerieland. Its beauty is unparalleled by any other land in all of Neopia. The Faeries that live there are as kind as they are generous (well, all except Jhudora). If you've yet to visit Faerieland, other than to ask you how that's possible, I must insist you visit immediately.

If you have visited the wonderful land, you've probably noticed a rather vaguely named place called Faerie Caverns. No? It's pretty easy to find. Just take the stone path past the Wheel of Excitement (don't get distracted), walk across the purple bridge, and make your way toward the Poogle Races. If you turn left about half-way between that purple bridge and the Poogle Races, you'll see a very scenic area that will make you wonder why you don't live in Faerieland. That is the entrance to Faerie Caverns.

Well, if you've been too scared to visit for fear of what may lie inside, have no fear. I don't think any Neopians have ever gone in and not returned. At least, according to my sources, everyone has come out quite alright. If you've simply decided that going into the Faerie Caverns would be nothing but a waste of your time, I'm sorry, but I must respectfully let you know that you are incorrect. I would, in fact, encourage anyone who hasn't visited the Faerie Caverns to make their way over to Faerieland this very second and go.

You may, of course, have some rather important questions such as, "Why in all of Neopia should I stop what I'm doing to visit some 'caverns?'" In order to give you all a comprehensive and accurate list of answers to all of your questions, I found a Pet who frequents the Faerie Caverns, a green Bori named Astir.

We sat outside of Faerie Caverns and discussed the "who," "what," "where," "when," and "whys" of venturing into Faerie Caverns. Here's his response to my questions:

Me: How often do you come here? To Faerie Caverns, I mean.

Astir: Oh, daily. For me, it's like eating breakfast or going to work. It's just part of my everyday life.

Me: Really? Why is that?

Astir: Why? Well, the Caverns are both a maze of unknown adventure and a holder great treasures. I've found anywhere from a few hundred Neopoints to 10,000.

Me: Great Fyora! 10,000? Wow.

Astir: Yeah. I've never found more than that, but a friend of mine said she found 25,000 once. I can't wait until that happens to me.

Me: Wow. That's amazing. If it's so great, why don't more Neopets visit?

Astir: Oh, well, it's not always, uh, a great outcome.

Me: What do you mean?

Astir: Well, sometimes I leave the Caverns having actually lost Neopoints.

Me: How's that?

Astir: Well, I mean, I don't always find Neopoints when I enter. Sometimes I get a little distracted by the stalagmites... or stalactites... or whatever and my light starts to dim too much so I have to leave. Sometimes I come to a dead end. Sometimes I hear noises and decide it's just best if I leave immediately. It's no big deal. I've never been really hurt or anything.

Me: But how do you lose Neopoints? It seems like you should at least come out with the same amount you went in with.

Astir: Oh. Before you go into the Faerie Caverns, it's best if you toss 400 Neopoints into the waters. You know, for good luck. But only once a day. I wouldn't suggest trying your luck twice.

Me: That makes sense to me. And everyone's welcome?

Astir: Everyone who's welcome in Faerieland. I think that covers all Neopians, though, so yeah.

Me: Why do you think it is, then, that so many Neopians don't visit the Caverns daily?

Astir: Some don't even visit monthly. Some have never visited, I'm sure and, to be honest, I haven't the slightest clue. My assumption would be that they don't know about it, but I know that's not true for everyone. Maybe some of them just got tired of coming out empty handed.

Me: Just one more question for you before you venture into the Caverns today?

Astir: Absolutely.

Me: Do you have any suggestions for my readers on what path to take in the Caverns?

Astir: No, sorry. I'll go down one path one day and it won't work the next. I'm convinced it's the magic here in Faerieland. I think it affects the Caverns somehow so that the location of the treasure changes daily.

Me: So it's all just...

Astir: Guessing? Yes, with just a little bit of strategy. I like to use the same path over and over until it works. But that's me.

Me: Well, thank you. It's been great talking with you.

Astir: You too.

With that, Astir was gone. I did stay, however, to see how he did. After waiting a few minutes, I saw him emerge soaking wet and shaking (I assume from being cold). He shrugged and yelled, "I'll just have to try again tomorrow!" before he turned and started to walk toward the track for Poogle Racing.

After hearing Astir's account of the Faerie Caverns and seeing him go in (and come back out in one piece), I decided to go in myself. I came out with 400 Neopoints on my first try! Well, I came out with the same amount of Neopoints I went in with because I had to throw 400 Neopoints into the waters for good luck. I did not, however, come out of the Caverns with less Neopoints than I went in with.

As I said before, I'd encourage anyone who hasn't visited the Faerie Caverns to make their way over to Faerieland this very second and go. Even if you don't need the Neopoints, it's quite the amazing adventure for someone whose life is lacking in it (or for someone like me who would otherwise be too afraid to go on any type of adventure). Now go enjoy your trip to the Faerie Caverns.

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