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Paint Brush Neopets Halloween Costumes

by pikachu315111


IT'S HALLOWEEN! Time to go trick-or-treating, attend a costume party, and maybe even participate in a food eating contest (that hopefully won't be interrupted by an unknown monster)! And what is the one thing you'll need for all of these events? A COSTUME (well, maybe not for the food eating contest, unless you want to go as the monster...)! Some of the best costumes are based on famous Neopian characters; however, getting a good costume of those characters can be very expensive. But why go through the hassle of getting the supplies and trying to create a costume that looks like them when you can just use a Paint Brush, Lab Ray, or Rainbow Fountain on the right species! Yes, some Neopets when painted a certain colour sometimes look like a famous Neopian character, and I'm going to tell you them now!

NOTE: I'm not going to include Paint Brush Neopets that just so happen to be the same Species and Colour combination of a famous Neopian character. For example, I won't include a Darigan Korbat, Baby Bruce, or Mutant Chia because Lord Darigan, Boochi, and Florg ARE a Darigan Korbat, Baby Bruce, and Mutant Chia, respectively. Of course they're going to look like the Paint Brush Neopets that they are! Now there are three exceptions, but there are reasons for these exceptions.

Alien Aisha (The Alien Aishas)

Starting with the first exception, Aishas and Alien Aishas are technically different species; Aishas being a native species of Neopia while Alien Aishas having come from beyond the stars. Even though an Alien Aisha comes from far away, they only have one major visible difference between them and Neopian Aishas: having an extra pair of ear stalks. Alien Aishas have four ear stalks compared to a Neopian Aisha's two. But by using the Lab Ray or Rainbow Fountain, a Neopian Aisha has access to the Colour "Alien" that makes them look exactly like a green Alien Aisha! The Aisha turns a vibrant green, grows an extra pair of ear stalks, gets a red triangle mark on its forehead that some Alien Aishas have, and gets a space suit complete with bowl helmet. Sadly they only come in green, but otherwise they're completely identical to an Alien Aisha in every way and make for a nice Halloween Costume!

Coconut JubJub (Mystery Island Natives)

The second exception, it's actually not clear whether the Mystery Island Natives (the most well known one running the Tiki Tour Guide) are actually Coconut JubJubs or a different unknown species that JubJubs later got a chance to be painted to look like. Similar to the Alien Aisha, a JubJub will need either the Lab Ray or Rainbow Fountain to be painted "Coconut". Once painted Coconut, A JubJub's fuzzy face is either covered or possibly changed into a coconut with holes for their eyes and mouth. They also gain stringy ankle guards which they seem to be unable to remove (possibly meaning its part of their biology?). There are some differences though, a Mystery Island Native has yellow pupils and face markings while a Coconut JubJub keeps their pitch black eyes and have no markings whatsoever. Either way, if your JubJub wants a special costume for this Halloween, they're a lucky Lab Ray zap or Fountain Faerie quest away of being able to go dressed up like a Mystery Island Native!

Ghost Lupe (The Ghost Lupe)

Despite what his name says, the Ghost Lupe isn't painted Ghost but is rather an actual ghost of a Lupe who had lost his life! However the Ghost Lupe does have features of a Neopet that's painted Ghost: bluish-grey color, ghostly aura, and red eyes. So if your Lupe wants to go as the spooky Ghost Lupe for Halloween then all you'll need is a Ghost Paint Brush!

Halloween Blumaroo (Count Von Roo)

Count Von Roo is not a Halloween Blumaroo but rather an actual vampire Blumaroo! Though his castle is located on Roo Island, whenever there is night Count Von Roo can appear looking to drink someone's blood or commit other evil deeds. He's quite a spooky figure, so it's appropriate that the Halloween Blumaroo looks exactly like Count Von Roo! The Halloween Blumaroo's body is orange, its nose and tip of its ears a crimson (blood?) red, and has black triangle markings on the top of its head (to look like Count Von Roo's hair) and around its eyes (to make the Halloween Blumaroo's eyes look like they're glaring). And to finish the look, the Halloween Blumaroo comes with a black-and-red cape just like Count Von Roo. So Blumaroos wanting to go as Count Von Roo for Halloween, you have a convenient way via a Halloween Paint Brush!

Halloween Lupe (The Werelupes)

The final exception, while actual Werelupes might have once been Lupes it seems like they've changed into a completely different species all their own! Werelupes mainly are colored dark gray, black, and brown though other colors are known but rare. A Lupe painted Halloween post-customisation will change into a very furry, brown Lupe with ripped pants though will remain a quadruped (something that walks on four legs) while Werelupes are bipedal (something that walks on two legs). However, Lupes painted Halloween pre-customisation were given the option to remain unconverted leaving them looking exactly like a brown Werelupe, standing on two feet (however these Halloween Lupes cannot wear or hold anything, only converted Halloween Lupes can). Like the Ghost Lupe (the Paint Brush Neopet, not the character), a Halloween Lupe is also a good choice for Lupes for a spooky costume for Halloween and they'll only need a Halloween Paint Brush to be it!

Halloween Moehog (Dr. Sloth)

Nothing is more evil than Neopia's #1 villain and space conquering overlord, Dr. Sloth, so of course going as him would make for a great Halloween costume! And if your Neopet is a Moehog that task is made much easier as all they'll need is a Halloween Paint Brush! A Halloween Moehog is colored Sloth green, their eyes wince into a sinister glare, and is adorned with a black robe and modeled Sloth scalp (both removable). You couldn't get a more complete Dr. Sloth costume if you tried; all they need now is to master their evil laugh and create a Neopia domination plan!

Halloween Poogle (The Snowbeast)

If you thought the Halloween Moehog came with everything it'll need, you haven't seen anything yet! Though it's mostly known to terrify the denizens of Terror Mountain, the Snowbeast is still a very fearsome beast and perfect to go as for Halloween. The Halloween Poogle seems to agree as it dresses just like a Snowbeast! The Halloween Poogle comes with four pieces of clothing to make it look like the beast of the snow: body costume, mask, shoes, and tail cover. However the Halloween Poogle offers much more than that as underneath the clothes it has yellow-and-red eyes, a mouth full of fangs, and a wintery color scheme of white and shades of bluish-grey. It's a unique costume both on and off, and all your Poogle needs to go as the Snowbeast is a Halloween Paint Brush!

Halloween Uni (Nightsteed)

When anyone thinks about Halloween and the Lost Desert, the first thing that comes to mind is probably mummies wrapped head-to-toe in bandages. However, the Lost Desert plot introduced the cursed people of Qasala, who not only looked like mummies but also skeletons and zombies. The most famous of these cursed people was Jazan's Uni friend, Nightsteed, and Nightsteed's appearance was so frightening that painting your Uni with the Halloween Colour will make them look exactly like him! The Halloween Uni is pretty much a single package of a body covered in dark gray bandages, black tail and mane hair, hooves engulfed in flames, bone exposing wings, red eyes, a gold horn, and additional white bandages wrapped around here-and-there. The only clothing removable is the bridal and harness, but even without it everyone knows it's still Nightsteed, a perfect character to go as for Halloween and your Uni just needs a Halloween Paint Brush to go as him!

Halloween Yurble (The Tax Beast)

What's scarier than ghosts, Werelupes, space invaders, arctic monsters, and mummies? TAXES! AHHH! The Tax Beast is an imp who seems convinced you ALWAYS owe it taxes, truly a frightening beast worthy of being a Halloween costume. If you're a Yurble the option of going as the Tax Beast is as simple as purchasing a Halloween Paint Brush. The Halloween Yurble is colored various shades of green, its face loses its muzzle and eye markings making its face all one color, its mouth twists into a snarl, and its eyes are fixed into a mean glare with sharp crooked eyebrow. If that wasn't enough, it comes with a costume that has a body suit, mask, shoes, and gloves to make it look even more like the Tax Beast. And to finish the look, it even comes with a money bag that you can use to collect your candy when you go trick-or-treating! So what are you Yurbles waiting for? All you need to look like the Tax Beast is a Halloween Paint Brush. I mean, come on; it comes with a free bag to go trick-or-treating with!

Ice Hissi (The Snowager)

Going back to Terror Mountain, the Snowbeast isn't the only giant monster living on the mountain. Deep within the Ice Caves is a giant hoard of treasure protected by an icy serpent named the Snowager. Many attempt to steal its treasure with most getting greeted by a blast of icicles, the fear of which makes the Snowager a good costume for Halloween. And what Neopet would make for a good Snowager than the serpent-like Hissi? The Ice Hissi's body turns to a translucent ice with stripes of light and dark blue, just like the Snowager! The only way to get an Ice Hissi is with a lucky zap from the Lab Ray, but that just makes it all the more worth getting, especially on Halloween!

Maraquan Uni (Peophin)

An interesting case, the Maraquan Uni doesn't look like a famous Neopian character but rather another Neopet species! A Maraquan Uni has a striking resemblance to a Peophin, only its horn and wings telling you it's even a Uni. Of course the Maraquan Uni lacks some of the Peophin's finer details like its head jewel, ear fins, and hair. The Maraquan Uni also has a unique color scheme of white & blues and striped body markings that no colour of Peophin matches, so you'll never confuse a Maraquan Uni for a Peophin. However if your Uni wants to pretend to be a Peophin (or at least be one for Halloween) but remain as a Uni, a Maraquan Paint Brush can help by replacing its hind legs with a Peophin-like tail!

Plushie Poogle & MSP Poogle (The MSPP)

The MSPP, or Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie, is a creepy and (possibly) evil(?) Poogle Plushie who likes scaring children whose room it winds up in. It's a perfect character to dress up as for Halloween and a Poogle has two ways to do it! First is the easiest way by using a Plushie Paint Brush to paint your Poogle into a Plushie Poogle. The other is only accessible by a lucky zap with the Lab Ray to turn it into a "MSP" Poogle. Both colours will change it into a yellow checkered plushie with pink-and-white polka dot ears, but that's where the similarities stop. The Plushie Poogle has blue eyes, a sweet smile, and a blue-and-green polka dot patch on its back and front right leg. It's the least accurate of the two colours when compared with the MSPP. The MSP Poogle, as its name implies, more strongly resembles the MSPP with red eyes, a malevolent smile, "hair" strands on its head, and its hind right leg covered with the blue-and-green polka dot patch. So if your Poogle wants to look EXACTLY like the MSPP for Halloween it'll require a lot of Lab Ray zapping, but if it doesn't mind being a bit less accurate, then a Plushie Paint Brush is what you'll need!

Shadow Usul (The Shadow Usul)

The Shadow Usul is an enigmatic creature who is essentially a living shadow shaped like a Usul. It acts maliciously, often attacking people at night or in dark places. Since it's a shadow, it can blend into the darkness and you'll never know if it's near until it's too late! Or in other words, another perfect character to go as for Halloween! Similar to the Ghost Lupe for Lupes, if you're a Usul it's rather easy to go as the Shadow Usul as you just need to be painted Shadow. Usuls painted Shadow have been a bit influenced by the Shadow Usul as, though while other Shadow Neopets do have some purple to them, when painted Shadow the Usul's mane is colored a purple similar to that of the Shadow Usul's. However, a Usul painted Shadow have blue eyes, probably to assure those seeing them that it's not the Shadow Usul so don't need to go off and call the Defenders of Neopia. However, it looks enough like the Shadow Usul for Halloween and that's what counts, so Usuls looking for a Halloween costume you may only be a Shadow Paint Brush away!

Snot Meerca (Meuka)

Meuka is similar to the Shadow Usul; he's a mysterious creature of unknown origins. All that is known about him is that he was once a Meerca and is now entirely made of snot, having also grown large yellow teeth that can chew through anything! Truly an unsettling character that's just right for Halloween! One of his theorized origins is that he's a result of a paint brush gone wrong, a worrying origin as there is a colour called Snot that, yes, does change your Neopet into a snotty creature and, yes again, the Meerca can be painted Snot. While the Snot Meerca's body looks just like Meuka, there's one big difference between the two: Meuka's giant maw. Like for Usuls painted Shadow, this could be just so that no one confuses the Snot Meerca for Meuka. That or maybe because the Lab Ray Scientist and Naia, the Fountain Faerie, don't want to support poor teeth hygiene. A Meerca who wants to go as Meuka for Halloween would need the Lab Ray or Rainbow Fountain in order to be painted into a Snot Meerca.

And there you have it! All the Paint Brush Neopets who are made to look like famous Neopian characters! So now the rest is up to you, do you invest in some arts and crafts to try and create a costume from scratch or do you invest in a Paint Brush, Secret Laboratory Map set, or Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies to get one of these Paint Brush Neopets? Whatever you choose to do, just remember to have fun, stay safe while trick-or-treating, and if you decide to visit the Haunted Woods, stick with the main parts of it. Though the Haunted Woods has an all Hallow's Eve long party on Halloween, deeper in the woods other things happen during Halloween. Other more sinister, horrifying things. Other more sinister, horrifying things you may never come back from seeing. So with that thought, Happy Halloween! MUAWAHAHA!

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