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Autumn Fashion

by yuri445


Also by greyfever

Fall is upon us again. It felt like yesterday when the sun was shining and we were all going to the beach to swim, relax, and sunbathe. You know that season between Summer and Fall, where the weather can't decide whether to be hot or cool? Well, I call that season Falmer. I think Falmer is the perfect season to start thinking about customizing your pets for the coming new season. With Autumn here, we think it is important look into your safety deposit box and the back of your closet and pull out all the cool and cold weather clothes you have stashed in the back. We focused on three important factors in each customization as suggestions for you, and they are: having all Neocash (NC), all Neopoints (NP), and a mix of the two (NC and NP) clothes. We made sure we were representing both genders, so four of the customization are modeled by female neopets and two are modeled by male neopets. The idea is to give owners ideas on how to customize their pets for the up coming season.

NC: If you are fortunate enough to have access to the NC Mall and have neocash on hand, you are able to buy beautifully designed outfits to customize your pets. To get NC, you need to buy a card in the real world, redeem it on the site, and start buying.

NP: We can all get some NP from doing a variety of different activities on the site. From games, collecting dailies, to selling/trading/auctioning of items, and investing in the stock market, making NP around the site is easy and fun.

Neopoints Customization

Apple Picking: Fall is the perfect time to go to a farm and pick apples and pumpkins. This neopets has the perfect outfit for this activity. With his Brown Winter Scarf and Hansos Thief Jacket, he is ready for the cold weather. Of course the Basket of Berries and Apple Tree are needed for this theme to work. All the items on this model cost approximately 1,413,821 NP. The most expensive items are the glasses, shrubbery, and jacket. You can definitely do without these items and still have this look.

Items Used: Apple Tree (1,900+ NP), Autumn Country Road Background (75,000+ NP), Autumn Harvest Foreground (1,000+ NP), Autumn Shrubbery (320,000+ NP), Basket of Berries (1,901 NP), Black Square Glasses (750,000+ NP), Brown Winter Scarf (520+ NP), Hansos Thief Jacket (250,000+ NP), Hardy Blue Trousers (4,800+ NP), Suave Dark Wig (8,700+ NP), Christmas Aisha Shoes (Paintbrush).

Tip: Foregrounds are one of the best ways to layer your customization look. A plain background can handle a foreground to help layer and improve the look you're going for, while sometimes a busy background can do without a foreground.

Harvest Festival:

It's time for the harvest festival! The harvest festival is a time for all neopets in Neopia to gather around to share their food, enjoy each others company, and dance to festive music. In this customization we have a Korbat musician playing music with his Autumn Guitar for everyone enjoyment. The background and foreground conveys all the food every neopet has contributed for the festival. For this festive day he is wearing his AAA Host Trousers, AAA Host Shirt and Jacket and also his Brown Newsboy Hat. It is a simple theme, but it is clear what is going on.

Items Used: Woollen Scarf (1,600+ NP), Round Paper Lantern String Lights (1,000+ NP), Autumn Guitar (40,000+ NP), Embers Boots (1,000+ NP), Cornucopia Foreground (550+ NP), AAA Host Trousers (15,000+ NP), Cornucopia Background (1,000+ NP), AAA Host Shirt and Jacket (87,000+ NP), Brown Newsboy Hat (4,000+ NP).

Tip: Using food related wearable items for your customization would be great if you want to do a harvest festival theme. To get the festive look, you can add a festive outfit or something music related. We would suggest Veiled Autumn Hat, Autumn Trumpet and Corn Field Background for neopoints items. Or for NC item, you can try the Harvest Feast Background and Harvest Feast Foreground for this theme.

Neocash Customization

Cozy Autumn Morning:

Autumn has finally arrived and this Blumaroo is relaxing outside her house in this beautiful breezy autumn morning. She has all the beautiful Fall warm color of the leaves around her. To keep warm, she has the Glowing Handheld Candle and is wearing her favorite dress, the Ivory Tea Dress. The scarf, Extra Plaid Scarf, is used effectively to give us the feeling of warmth.

Items Used: Frosted Autumn Tree, Ivory Tea Dress, Basic Khaki Lace-Up Shoes, Extra Plaid Scarf, Glowing Handheld Candle, Rosy Cheeks Face Paint, Autumn Back Porch Background, Long Brown Autumn Wig, Windy Autumn Fence.

Tip: To get the Autumn feeling in your look, make sure you dress up your pet as cozy as possible. Add a cape or scarf to your customization and it will instantly give you the cozy look. For a morning autumn look we would suggest that you use a darker autumn background to get the early morning feeling. A background you could use is the Cozy Autumn Front Porch Background. The Fall shop is now open in the NC Mall, so go check it out for more items you can use for this theme.

A Walk In The Park: On a clear Autumn day, walking in the park and just enjoying nature is the best way to appreciate the changing weather. With a smile and her books in hand, this neopet is dressed for her Autumn stroll. Autumn Pumpkin Display Foreground is perfect for this look because the colors fit perfectly with the background and garland. A thought bubble, though rare to see on customization, tells us how she's feeling. The hair suggests a soft breeze in the air. The Yellow Swing Jacket is needed to convey a chill in the air because of the weather change.

Items Used: Cosy Cooking Clogs, Gypsy Girl Earrings, Charming Corn Husk Dress, Side Ponytail Autumn Wig , Adorable Freckles, Yellow Swing Jacket, Night Vision Contacts, Autumn Pumpkin Display Foreground, Breezy Autumn Path Background, Bundle of Books, Dyeworks Yellow: Peaceful Tree Garland, Got To Smile Thought Bubble.

Tip: Using the same color scheme for any customization is the perfect way to match. Having too many colors in one look can confuse the eyes. Having a color scheme for a customization helps make the look cohesive and pleasant to the eyes.

Mixed Customization

Museum Visit: In this look our model is at a museum, taking a break from all the beautiful pieces of art to enjoy a corn on the cob. The background is great for this theme because of the Autumn colors. Since body markings are all the rage in the NC world, we thought it would be on trend to use the Runes of the Obelisk on this customization. The gold color goes perfectly well with the season because the leaves are changing from their lushes green to gold, orange, red, and brown. The markings are settle and doesn't stand out too much, but rather, it blends into and adds to the look. Also, for around 15,000+ NP, you can get one of the few animated neopoints item, Beautiful Autumn Leaf Wings. Yes, the wings are neopoints and they are animated! You should definitely have one of those in your closet, if you don't already. When it comes to the eyes, the Bloodshot Eye Contacts makes a really cool contact lenses without it looking strange on your pet. It instantly changes your pet's eye color without breaking the bank. The Neopoints items in this customization cost about 274,440 NP.

Items Used: Runes of the Obelisk(200,000+ NP), Mayonnaise Chilli and Cheese covered Corn on the Cob(4,000+ NP), Crumbling Ancient Castle Background(12,500+ NP), Beautiful Autumn Leaves Foreground(8,500+ NP), Beautiful Autumn Leaf Wings(15,000+ NP), Asparagus Scarf(440+ NP), Bloodshot Eye Contacts(23,000+ NP), Gormball Necklace(10,000+ NP), Neovian Blumaroo Gentleman Shoes(1,000+ NP), Ruffles and Rivets Jacket (NC), Yellow Ruffle Dress (NC), Shenkuu Team Braided Wig (NC), Autumn Leaf Shower (NC), Nutcracker Face Paint (NC), Hanging Lanterns and Leaves Garland (NC).

Tip: Just because a drawing of a background doesn't fit with a certain customization idea, doesn't necessarily mean that the colors in that background would not work for your customization. If the color works but the background is not your favorite, you can cover it up with a garland, frame, lower and higher foreground.

Nest Building:

In this theme the Draik is working on making a cozy nest to stay in for protection and to get ready for the cold months to come. She has her petpets Crokabeks helping her with the cleaning in their own special way. She is wearing her warmest cape Simple Fur Lined Cape along with her Darling Autumn Dress. To keep her hands warm she also has her Fingerless Asparagus Gloves. To give a homely feeling to her nest, she hangs up a Lantern of Holiday Cheer on a tree branch.

Items Used: Simple Fur Lined Cape (7,000+ NP), Simple Wooden Rake (50+ NP), Lantern of Holiday Cheer (900+ NP), AAA Host Shoes (30,000+ NP), Fingerless Asparagus Gloves (300+ NP), Darling Autumn Dress (NC), Cosy Autumn Tree Background (NC), Fashionable Bone Wig (NC), Crokabek Garland (NC).

Tip: Red, orange and other warm colors are great for doing an Autumn outfit. If you would like to do a nest outfit, wings might be needed. If your pet is without wings, we would suggest adding one to your customization, like the Autumn Leaves Wings(NC) or Beautiful Autumn Leaf Wings (NP). Backgrounds with trees or forest can be a nice addition. We would suggest Nest Foreground, Decorated Autumn Rake, Autumn Shrubbery and Autumn Leaf and Nut Garland if you want the nest look.

Thank you for reading our article! ^_^ All the customization you see here are only suggestions to get your pets ready for the coming season. As more and more items get released in the NC Fall store, you will have more than enough items to customize your pets with. We hope our customization and tips help you a little during Fall.

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