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The Ultimate Faerie Quiz

by aleu1986


In celebration of the Faerie Festival, I have put together this fun quiz so you can put your knowledge of Neopia's Faerie folk to the test! The answers for each category is listed underneath the last question of each category, to make it less confusing when you're looking to see how many you got right... No peeking, though!

What's in a name?

Do you know the names of these faeries?

1: This elusive faerie is best known as the Fountain Faerie, but she does have a proper name, what is it?

A) Nereid

B) Naia

C) Marina

2: The Negg faerie's name is:

A) Kari

B) Nomi

C) Baleria

3: The Space Faerie is the Premium mascot, she lives in outer space where she can keep an eye on Neopia from above. Do you remember her name?

A) Saskia

B) Ylana

C) Mira

4: What are the names of the Dark Faerie Sisters?

A) Malice, Envy and Cruelty

B) Spite, Malice and Vanity

C) Spite, Malice and Envy

5: What is the name of the Snow Faerie who lives on top of Terror Mountain?

A) Taelia

B) Eskimonica

C) Elsa

6: The Battle Faerie's name is: A) Attina

B) Aethia

C) Alana

7: What is the name of the Island Faerie who runs the Cooking Pot and the Trading Post?

A) Jhuidah

B) Jhudora

C) Junella

Answers to Name category:

The Fountain Faerie's name is Naia.

The Negg Faerie's name is Kari.

The Space Faerie's name is Mira.

The Dark Faerie Sisters names are Spite, Malice and Vanity.

The Snow Faerie's name is Taelia.

The Battle Faerie's name is Aethia.

The Island Faerie's name is Jhuidah.

Games, plots, events and more!

This section contains questions related to games and plots where faeries play a part.

1: When you get ready to play Faerie Bubbles, what kind of elemental faerie can you see operating the cannon?

A) Water

B) Fire

C) Light

2: In the game information column, you can read the game control instructions and learn about the different combos of bubbles and their effects. According to this information, what is the WORST combo of bubbles you can do?

A) Dark

B) Air

C) Earth

3: There are two faeries appearing in the game Snowball Fight. Which ones?

A) The Soup Faerie and Illusen

B) The Snow Faerie and Jhudora

C) The Faerie Queen and Jhuidah

4: What is the name of the faerie in Gormball, and what is her element?

A) Amber the Earth Faerie

B) Ember the Fire Faerie

C) Embla the Water Faerie

There are lots of faeries who appear in Key Quest, and this game did in fact introduce a brand new faerie to Neopia. Her name is Bree, and she's a Fire Faerie. If you look closely, you can see that her wings are decorated with keyholes. Neat, huh?

5: Which of these faeries appear in Key Quest?

A) Fyora

B) The Battle Faerie

C) The Tooth Faerie

6: A statue of Nuria the Fire Faerie was an important part of which plot?

A) Lost Desert

B) Altador

C) The Faerie's Ruin

7: Which plot/event introduced Ilere the Earth Faerie?

A) Hannah and the Ice Caves

B) Tale of Woe

C) Spooky Food Eating Contest

8: Three evil Water Faeries known as the Drenched appeared in this plot:

A) The Volcano Mystery

B) Curse of Maraqua

C) Return of Dr. Sloth

Answers to Games and Plots category:

1: A Light Faerie operates the Faerie Bubbles cannon.

2: Air Combos are BAD. Don't do an Air combo, seriously.

3: Illusen and the Soup Faerie appear in Snowball Fight.

4: The Gormball-playing faerie is Ember the Fire Faerie.

5: Alongside Bree and several others, the Battle Faerie also appears in Key Quest. (In case you're wondering how I know Bree is a Fire Faerie, this is confirmed in Editorial nr. 362).

6: A statue of Nuria the Fire Faerie was part of the Lost Desert plot.

7: Ilere the Earth Faerie was introduced in Tale of Woe.

8: The Drenched appeared in the Curse of Maraqua plot.


The one thing the faeries of Neopia are most famous for is showing up at random to send you on a quest for a specific item. Most Neopians have been on more than a handful of quests for various faeries. Do you manage to recognize the elemental faeries based on what they say when they give you a quest, when you check back with them without having the item, and when you complete the quest?

1. "Hi! While you're out looking for my item, I'm going to sit here quietly. THIS IS BORING! Er, please don't take too long, okay?"

What kind of faerie is this impatient?

A) Light Faerie

B) Air Faerie

C) Fire Faerie

2. "Don't give up yet! Encountering a little trouble doesn't mean that you should abandon your quest for wisdom entirely."

This type of faerie hungers for knowledge: A) Water Faerie

B) Dark Faerie

C) Earth Faerie

3. "This is just what I needed for my spell. May the light of faeries shine upon you."

You get these kind words from a: A) Earth Faerie

B) Air Faerie

C) Light Faerie

4. "Get me RANDOM ITEM. Don't ask questions and maybe I won't turn you into a Blechy."

Yikes! You better hurry and get the item for this faerie: A) Dark Faerie

B) Water Faerie

C) Fire Faerie

5. "Aw, poor thing. You look like you flew to Kreludor and back. I see you found ITEM."

You were quick on your feet for this faerie, weren't you?

A) Light Faerie

B) Air Faerie

C) Dark Faerie

6. "It takes more than sun and rain to make a garden, you know. You do have to dig a little."

And what kind of faerie would enjoy gardening?

A) Earth Faerie

B) Fire Faerie

C) Water Faerie

7. Illusen the Earth Faerie and Jhudora the Dark Faerie both give out daily quests to the Neopets that are up to the task. After completing a certain number, you're rewarded with an avatar! On what level do you get a shiny new avie from each of these faeries?

A) 15

B) 20

C) 35

Answers to Quests category:

1: Fire Faerie.

2: Water Faerie.

3: Light Faerie.

4: Dark Faerie.

5: Air Faerie.

6: Earth Faerie.

7: You get an avatar from Illusen and Jhudora after completing 20 quests.


This section deals with Faerieland's games and shops. You've most likely been there lots of times, either to visit the Healing Springs to let your Neopet rest after a hard battle, or to send them to work at the Employment Agency. These questions should be easy for you!

1: This faerie runs the Faerie Weapon Shop:

A) A Fire Faerie

B) The Battle Faerie

C) The Tooth Faerie

2: This faerie is in charge of the Furniture Shop:

A) A Dark Faerie

B) A Water Faerie

C) An Air Faerie

3: There are two shops/places run by Earth Faeries, which ones?

A) The Petpet shop and the Food Shop

B) The Book Shop and Poogle Races

C) The Employment Agency and the Petpet shop

4: The Library Faerie is a very busy faerie! Which of the following is she NOT in charge of?

A) The Crossword Puzzle

B) The Faerieland Bookshop

C) The Healing Springs

5: This place is run by the Faerie Queen herself:

A) The Employment Agency

B) The Hidden Tower

C) The Faerie Library

6: Which elemental faerie is in charge of the Wheel of Excitement?

A) Light Faerie

B) Earth Faerie

C) Air Faerie

Answers to the Faerieland category:

1: The Faerie Weapon Shop is run by the Battle Faerie.

2: An Air Faerie runs the Furniture Shop

3: Both the Faerie Foods Shop and the Faerie Petpet Shop are run by Earth Faeries.

4: The Library Faerie is NOT in charge of the Healing Springs.

5: The Faerie Queen runs the Hidden Tower.

6: A Light Faerie is in charge of the Wheel of Excitement.

Final Group

An assorted mix of questions to complete the quiz... Some of these may be a tough nut to crack.

1: When you bless your Neopet with a Unidentifiable Weak Bottled Faerie, which Faerie shows up?

A) The Faerie Queen

B) The Battle Faerie

C) You get an image of the pet that received the blessing

2: The Soup Faerie runs the Soup Kitchen located just outside the Marketplace in Neopia Central. Only really poor Neopians can feed their Neopets there. If you have more than this amount your Neopets won't be allowed to taste any of the Soup Faerie's delicious brews.

A) Under 2,000 NP

B) Under 5,000 NP

C) Under 3,000 NP

3: The Faerie Queen herself graces the 3 year User Lookup shield. Another famous faerie can be seen on the 30 months shield. Which one?

A) Illusen

B) The Darkest Faerie

C) Jhuidah

4: In which plot/event did Casandia the Air Faerie appear?

A) The Tyrannian Invasion

B) Operation: Petpet Park

C) The Missing Petpets

5: What is the name of the Negg Faerie's assistant? (She was introduced during the 2012 Festival of Neggs.)

A) Zaira

B) Zana

C) Zeka

6: According to the Neopedia, this faerie is the youngest of the unique faeries:

A) The Soup Faerie

B) The Tooth Faerie

C) The Snow Faerie

7: What species of Neopet is the Battle Faerie known for riding/flying on?

A) Uni

B) Eyrie

C) Draik

Answers to the final group of questions:

1: The Battle Faerie shows up when you bless your Neopet with a Unidentifiable Weak Bottled Faerie.

2: If you have less than 3,000 Neopoints you can eat at the Soup Kitchen.

3: Illusen is on the 30 months User Lookup Shield.

4: Casandia appeared in Operation: Petpet Park.

5: The name of the Negg Faerie's assistant is Zaira.

6: The Tooth Faerie is the youngest of the unique faeries.

7: The Battle Faerie rides a yellow Eyrie into battle.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz. Happy Faerie Festival!

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