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The Warrior Princess: Finding Light

by purplbrooke


A figure was walking down a cobble path. The figure was clad in black and had a mask. The only thing known about the figure was the figure is a girl, she has deep blue eyes, she has white fur, and is a Xweetok. She was walking along the path, quietly, waiting for the sun to rise and turn the murky looking sky a sweet orange color.

     The figure saw many houses, some further back, some close to the path. The path split and led to several other paths, all with more homes. In the distance, a beautiful white stone castle was looming and making the village all the more beautiful. The castle had blue and yellow flags waving from the towers. A black iron gate stood tall, guarding the contents behind it. Big houses, more so mansions, were behind the gates. Many noblemen and women, though not royal, often lived in the castle walls.

     The figure saw a stone bench sitting in the town square. She was weary from her long travels, so she decided to sit until the sun rose. She wasn't always a traveling ninja. She was once the princess of a small kingdom. The kingdom was settled in between Shenkuu and Altador. She learned to be a ninja because of Shenkuu and a warrior because of Altador. There was a forest between Alkuu and Altador, so the kingdom wasn't large at all. Her father and mother were the king and queen of the kingdom.

     One morning, the family went to the throne room to have audiences with the kind villagers when an older lady of unknown species came in. She demanded money because she felt it was owed to her. King John wanted her to work for it and offered her a way to find a job. She said her old bones weren't in any condition to work. A blinding light flashed, replacing the old lady with her true form, a shadow Zafara. She had long ebony hair and young hands, not old and frail as she portrayed. She wore a long dress and hat that sent chills in anyone who caught the witch's gaze.

     Queen Clarissa took Clarity and her brother Cole to a secret passageway. They tried to escape, but were captured by the witch. Clarity was put in the dungeon. Her brother knew fire magic and the witch had him work for her. Clarity escaped, even though her parents didn't want to leave. She climbed up the tower leading to her room and grabbed her ninja outfit and began traveling through the woods.

     Before Clarity left the dungeons, Queen Clarissa revealed that all of her side of the family were mages. Clarity was looking for a cousin who knew light magic, the only magic that rivaled dark. As a general rule, light could overcome the shadows of darkness.

     Clarity was now traveling again. The sun had began to rise. Many of the villagers there had began to go outside to go run their shops or go to their jobs. Clarity caught a lot of attention, but she ignored it all. She saw a red Gelert traveling down the walkways and decided to ask where her cousin lived.

     Clarity waved to the Gelert and said, "Excuse me, I'm looking for Elli Tomson. Do you know where she lives?"

     The Gelert gave a skeptical look and replied, "I do, but I don't know if I should tell a ninja where she lives."

     Clarity removed her mask, revealing a beautiful white furred face and deep blue eyes. "I'm not a real ninja. These clothes travel better than what I usually wear. I have these because I live near Shenkuu."

     The Gelert gave a smile of relief and said, "Sorry. You could have fooled me. Elli lives at the cottage over on Maple Street. Her address is 19934 Maple Street."

     Clarity thanked the Gelert and turned around. She began her walk down Maple Street. She looked for Elli's house. It was a beautiful brown cottage with tan trim and a oak door. Elli was outside watering the bushes in front of the cottage.

     Clarity said, "Excuse me. Are you Elli?"

     Elli looked over with a bright smile. "Yes, I am. Do I know you?"

     Clarity shook her head. "No, but I am your cousin, Clarity Ryan. Clarissa's daughter."

     Elli smiled wider and replied, "My goodness, I never thought I would meet my royal family. Is there any reason you're here?"

     Clarity explained her predicament and Elli listened intently. She put her hand on Clarity's shoulder for comfort, but quickly drew it back.

     Clarity asked, "What's wrong?"

     Elli replied, "You didn't mention you have strong magic."

     Clarity gave a questioning look. "I don't. My brother does, though."

     Elli led Clarity inside and gave her a cup of brown liquid. "Drink this and then I can see if you have magic. I could have sworn I felt some running through you."

     Clarity drank the liquid, which tasted like cheese and chocolate. Elli put a hand on Clarity's arm. Afterward Elli said, "Yep. You have air magic. The reason why you didn't know is because it disguises itself in young ones and comes out in their teen years. You're now sixteen, so it's only been in you for three years."

     Clarity stood for a moment in awe. She had magic this whole time? "So, will I still be able to learn light magic?"

     "No," Elli replied. "I can't teach you because if you have a specific element of magic, you need to focus on that. I do have an idea, though. Light magic rivals dark magic, but every element of magic overpowers dark magic. If we can get a mage of every element, then it will be almost impossible for us not to win."

     Clarity said happily, "Then what are we waiting for?"

     Elli smiled and replied, "I need to find a mage of every element. Your brother has fire magic, so he can be our fire mage."

     Clarity shook her head. "He's working for the enemy, remember? There's no why he'll help us."

     "I have a feeling it was all a trick. He's powerful and knows it. So, with that said, he probably tried to stand up against her. Since he's alone, he lost and is probably locked in his room or the dungeons now."

     Clarity thought about how likely it was that Cole would help the witch or if it was more likely he would trick the witch. "Fine, but do you know anyone else?"

     Elli seemed to think for a moment before answering, "Yes. I know a dark mage named Nancy. She's perfect at controlling the magic inside her, so she's not evil like the others who practice dark magic. I know an earth mage named Ivy and a water mage named Aqua. Nancy and Ivy live in Meridell. Aqua lives in Maraqua. If you can make an air bubble around me, I can go to Maraqua."

     Clarity nodded. "Okay. Do you think you can teach me how to make air bubbles?"

     Elli laughed again and replied, "Unfortunately, I can't, but I have a neighbor who happens to know air magic. You need training before we leave if you want to help defeat the witch."

     Clarity and Elli walked over to the neighbor. Elli told her Clarity needed training. Clarity was trained for three months before knowing how to control air magic. It was a quick three months and now Clarity was proud that she knew how to do what was needed.


     The two cousins were traveling a ways together before they were to part ways on their own adventures. Clarity would follow Elli to the land that met the waters of Maraqua. This was so she could do the air bubble that allowed Elli to breathe underwater.

     They reached the area where land met water. Clarity waved her hands and an almost invisible spherical wall appeared around Elli. Elli waved goodbye before jumping in. Clarity turned around and could see Meridell castle looming in the distance with its blue and red banners in the waving in the wind.

     Clarity began her long walk. Even though she could see the castle, it wasn't though she was close to the kingdom. She would probably be walking for at least three days. She knew in the end it was well worth it. After all this was over, she could breathe a sigh of relief. She only hoped that Ivy and Nancy would be sympathetic enough to help. According to Elli, Ivy used to live in Alkuu, but grew bitter and angry when the king wouldn't give her family something they were owed. She left the kingdom and moved to Meridell and never returned. Clarity trekked, hoping to find a good place to camp at sundown.

     Clarity was no longer in ninja clothes and didn't need to travel at night anymore. She watched the sun set turn the bright blue sky a burnt orange and pink. She laid out a tent Elli had lent her and made a fire to warm up. She hoped that Elli would be able to camp with her next time. She made some soup with a pot and the fire. After she was full, she threw some water on the fire to put it out. She climbed in the tent and thought for awhile.

     Clarity hoped Elli was right about Cole trying to double cross the witch. If he did, that meant he would be more than willing to help them. She felt sleep soon envelope her. Before she fell asleep, she wished on a star that one day, everything would go back to normal.

     One day.

The End (Not exactly)


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