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Fridays at Noon - Petpet Edition

by vanquishee


Disclaimer: This story was inspired by a certain white and fluffy petpet; can you figure out which one before you finish the story?

People call me Plum and I want you to listen to my story. I must tell you right off the bat that this is not a tale that will end happily. In fact, I am warning you to stop reading. I mean it. Stop. Right. Now.



     Are you still here? What are you doing?! Go back to The Neopian Times and choose something else to read!

     No? You wish to continue? Alright, since you are a glutton for punishment, I will continue with my story...

      Every Friday at noon, my master and I would waltz into the Bakery in Neopian Central with exactly 10,000 neopoints on hand. My master works very hard at the Faerieland Employment Centre and what little neopoints she makes, she would spend on delicious baked goods. After taking four minutes to browse through the array of baked goods, my master would sigh and then approach the Baker and place our regular orders: a boring banana cookie for me and an ordinary tea biscuit for herself - boring, you see?

     We would then take the eleven minute walk from the Bakery to eat our snacks in front of the Rainbow Pool. We would arrive at exactly 12:15 pm and then leave precisely at 12:42 pm with our tummies filled with food.

     However, things changed one Friday morning when my master and I were walking to the Bakery and we had a visit from a "generous" faerie named Queen Fyora. Queen Fyora bestowed my master an extra 10,000 neopoints in an act of random of kindness and said, "Use the extra cash to do something special for yourself."

     Now I'm sure I know what you're thinking; 10,000 extra neopoints isn't that much, but Master and I were ecstatic! We had enough neopoints to buy the finer pastries in the Bakery: cupcakes, pies, or even cakes! However, as the story continues, you could see her generosity turned out to be a curse due to the events that followed....

     Instead of visiting our customary eatery, my master brought me to an ultra exclusive and expensive store, the Food Shop. At first I was confused - why were we in this shop? We don't belong here, everything is too pricey! Instead of the typical assortment of baked goods I'm used to seeing at the Bakery, I saw gourmet foods like organic fruits, colourful vegetables, caviar, and items I'm cannot even pronounce!

     I was about to tug on my leash to leave when all of a sudden I saw the owner of the Food Shop come out of the kitchen doors to serve my master. That single action of opening the kitchen door had me at a standstill because the aroma that permeated through the Food Shop was unforgettable: I felt my paws curl up, my white fluffy tail stretch as high as Faerieland, my eyes beginning to weep, and my tummy starting to get ravenous.

     Using my nose I followed the smell, and like a moth to a flame I saw it - the thing responsible for my behavior, and it was glorious! On top of the beige countertop where the owner would make an assortment of sandwiches and soups, there it was - textured and crispy strips of meat with gorgeous hues of bright red and brown colours.

     "Howdy there! What can I get for you?" I heard the owner of the store say to my master.

     "My friends constantly rave about your turkey club sandwich and since I had a generous visit from a special faerie, I'd like to buy two! One for myself and one for my petpet, please!" she gleefully ordered. I then saw my master slip her left hand into her back pocket to retrieve the money.

     To say that I am a coveted pet would be an understatement because I am. I am essentially a ball of white fur, my belly is as round as a bowling ball, my fur is as fluffy as a cloud, and my face could bring the toughest Neopian to tears - I knew I was adorable and so I used it to my advantage to thank my master for my soon to be delicious meal. I happily purred against my master's legs as I saw the shop owner make my sandwich with the beautiful red and brown strips of meat.

     All of a sudden, I heard my master say, "Go easy on the bacon. I don't think Plum likes that on his sandwich," and she winked at me.




     What did she say?

     Did she just say what I think she said?


     From the corner of my eyes, I saw the shop owner remove three strips of bacon from my sandwich. 'No, I cannot let this happen! Although I've never felt this way about anything before (whether it is my mouth salivating, my body trembling, or my heart trying to beat out of my chest), I was certain it was unconditional love!'

     Instantly, I cried out in frustration, teared up in anger, and even growled to at my master to try to change the order. However, my impulsive reaction created an opposite effect when I heard my master say, "I apologize for my petpet's behavior! He's never like this. I think we have to go now." My master quickly lifted me off the ground, held me tight like a snake coiling against their prey, and proceeded to back away from the shop.

     The wonderful aroma was slowly fading with every step my owner took, and my heart began to sink. The thing that forever changed my life, the reason for my existence was vanishing away - I could feel the connection between the love of my life and I beginning to strain and all of a sudden break loose.

     With all my strength, I struggled against her tight grip on me: I roared in protest, I angrily scowled at her, screamed out in pure agony, and even bit my master's arms with all my might, but alas all my attempts were futile as I could feel her tighten her grip on me and hear my master say, "No Plumpy! No bacon for you!"


     There you have it, folks, my unhappy ending of the story. Just thinking about it makes me want to tear up.

     So the morale of the story is this: if you see a grumpy plumpy on the street, don't be deterred away. It may be an unpleasant experience at first; we'll probably growl at you, pounce on you, or even bite a bit, but all we want is bacon.

     Yes, I am aware that there are dozens, if not hundreds of plumpies in all of Neopia and you could say that we can be a quite handful compared to everyone else - we are, but what petpet isn't a handful anyways? Every petpet comes with stipulations - just like Kadoatie's that require to be fed every hour, we need to be fed bacon. Every day, of every hour, of every minute. In fact, we demand it.

The End

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