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Ten Impressive Neodeck Cards

by sasaki_kyomi


There are currently 366 Collectable Cards floating around out there, but even with the addition of a high score table, the allure of avatars and stamps still seems to beat out the cards every time. While the excitement for collecting them appears to have waned over the years, Neodeck cards still offer an important glimpse into Neopian history, almost like a mini-Neopedia. Getting to know the faces and places on every card is an exciting and worthwhile endeavor, calling up vivid memories of the famous 'pets that made Neopia what it is today. I've selected ten of my favorite cards to showcase in this article, and hopefully looking at them will get you pumped to expand your Neodeck again!


This intimidating card is the very first in the deck, so if someone has it, you'll see it right away. Perhaps that's why it's left such an impression on me, but I think it has a lot more to do with the powerful, enchanting white aura surrounding the cruel wizard of Neoquest. With his sizzling staff front and center, this portrait of Jahbal sends a clear message that he is not to be taken lightly. For those of you who haven't yet had the opportunity to take this dastardly Eyrie down, don't let the card spook you. His magic may look good, but it isn't perfect; you're more than capable of showing him who's really in charge. Once you've snapped his staff in two, consider tracking down his card as a well-deserved memento of your victory.


Just looking at this card makes me feel weightless, like I'm the one floating at the bottom of the ocean! The stunning deep blue water pierced by rays of sunlight is what makes this card truly special: you just can't find this calming ambiance in any other card. We really don't know much about Liandra aside from what her card's description tells us, and that's a real shame. What kinds of treasures does she find? Who does she sell them to? Does she have any treasure-hunting friends or does she work alone? Maybe one day we'll come to know more about Liandra and her life, but for now, it's certainly not hard to let your imagination run wild as you gaze at this card's gorgeous picture.

The Stuff Collectable Card

IT'S HERE! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! ...Oh, you mean it's just a picture? Phew!

The Stuff: an ancient Neopian menace still shrouded in mystery to this day. In this terrifying depiction, it looks almost like a gaping pink maw ready to swallow everything whole. The Techo and Moehog were clearly unprepared for its arrival and don't seem to fully comprehend their impending gooey fate. They'd better grab a super-sized plate and fork and get ready to chow down, or they'll never make it out of there! While The Stuff seems to be a bit more under control today, this important card serves as a chilling reminder of what will happen should even one Neopet fail to have their daily helping of Stuff.


One might expect Midas to be a gold backed card, but it is in fact only red. Much like Liandra's card, Midas's art radiates vivid, attention-grabbing color. At its root, it is a simple picture showing Midas, a hunk of gold, and nothing else. Even so, it never fails to draw my focus while browsing someone's deck. As a red backed card, it's very easy to acquire, so you might want to consider snapping it up if you're missing it - it could retire at any time. There's no reason that this captivating card should be absent from your deck!

Shylock Usulski

This genius detective reminds me of someone... but who? Oh well, I suppose it doesn't really matter. At a rarity of 98, this card is quite the sought-after item, and it isn't hard to see why. The simple portrait of Ms. Shylock is one for the ages: the lack of color gives it the appearance of an old painting, and the lighting lends a certain gravitas to this Usul's tiny form. Her intelligence and confidence are expertly illustrated. I only need to take one look at this card to know that this is the Neopet I would trust to crack a tough case!

Arlhox VII

The supreme commander of the Alien Aishas looks positively regal in this cosmic card. When I was younger, I loved the look of the stars behind him. The angle at which we view Arlhox already makes him look huge, but with the stars sparkling in the background, he looks positively gigantic. To my young eyes, it looked as if he was supposed to be bigger than the Virtupets Space Station! Whenever I look at the card today, I don't get quite the same feeling, but Arlhox's power and authority are plain to see. With a leader like him, I'm sure those Alien Aishas will continue to construct their vending machines and distribute their gross food for years to come.

Shadow Usul

Where does this picture end and the Shadow Usul begin? Don't stare too long, or you might not have a chance to find out! This is a classic card that seems to be a staple in most decks. The card's description mentions a "crawling blackness", and I definitely feel something crawling up my back as I gaze into the Shadow Usul's menacing eyes. It really is difficult to make out her shape; it's almost as if you only have a vague feeling that what you're looking at is an Usul...

The Monocerous

One of Neopia's most infamous beasts, the Monocerous looks nothing short of ferocious on this card. Leaping through a wall of flame like it's no big deal, this fearsome monster looks more than ready to gulp down another 16 JubJubs. His trademark paralyzing glare is terrifying in the picture, so what must it be like to have those eyes staring you down in real life? Flames lick at the Monocerous's hooves and fur, but he is undeterred from his rampage. Ironically, there is a certain beauty to this image, although it is frightening to behold. One cannot deny the wonder of a seemingly flame-proof fiend, so those who possess this card should consider themselves lucky to have it.

The Battle Faerie

It's almost as if the Battle Faerie's Neodeck card was as an eerie premonition of Faerieland's fate. She appears to be fighting her way through a misty swamp - not the kind of environment Faerieland was known for prior to its chaotic descent. Regardless, this brave faerie is fearless in her card: a testament to Aethia's strength and courage. Her gleaming blades are a nice detail with their flawless reflection of the harsh environment around them. It's a great card for anyone who wants to feel a little tougher, and it's proof that the faeries will continue to flourish, even if they're currently banished from the sky.

Rainbow Fountain Card

Naia is radiant here as she sits among the shimmering Rainbow Fountain water, whose true colors are so rarely seen by most Neopets. It's hard not to feel a little jealous when looking at this card. All that sparkling, color-altering water, and you and your 'pets will probably be waiting a long time to take dip in it. Another neat feature of the card's art is the Fountain Faerie's hair, which is so long that the ends appear to melt into the water. This one is nothing short of memorable, and it has to be one of the most beautiful cards in the entire deck.

These were presented in numerical order and nothing more - I don't think it's up to me to decide which cards are the best! Everyone has their favorites, and there were even more cards I felt would make worthy additions to the list. Perhaps someday soon we'll see the release of some brand new cards, and with any luck, they'll be every bit as dazzling as these.

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