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Top 10 Organic Foods of Neopia!

by honeybee54321


Also by ohgodkillit

Have you heard about the benefits of feeding your Neopet Organic food? It's a healthy way to make sure your Neopets are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need. A healthy pet is always a happy pet! Most Neopets enjoy living an active life and indulging in all aspects such as the Battledome, reading and collecting. Pets that are unhealthy cannot enjoy these activities as much as they could if they were strong and healthy. The Neopets Team have long been advocates of Organic foods; some Organic foods that are found around Neopia have existed for over ten years! Some owners say it's hard to make the switch to Organic, or that it costs too much. Well, look no further. Here is a list of the top ten Organic foods that all the Neopets are raving about! Also, as a bonus the majority of items that have been selected are easy on the pocket. Let us show you how switching to Organic can be cost effective and delicious.

10th Place:

Organic Cherries (approx: 1800 NP) –

Eating fruit is a healthy way to gain sugars and cherries are known to be one of Neopia's favorites. These Organic Cherries have a beautiful shade of red. Depending on the type of cherry they can be bitter or sweet. Organic Cherries can be used for baking as well; try them in a nice cherry pie or cherry tart. Although these Organic Cherries taste good, they are not the best priced Organic item on the list.

9th Place:

Organic Dill Pickles (approx: 250 NP) –

The tangy flavor of Organic Dill Pickles is something that every Neopet remembers, for good or bad! This handy snack is great on sandwiches and/or can be eaten alone. It's fun to watch your Neopet's face squirm when taking that first bite. Just be sure not to eat too many! Organic Dill Pickles come at a great price and can be accommodating to a tight budget.

8th Place:

Organic Tofu (approx: 100 NP) –

Are you looking to feed your Neopet an alternative to meat? Or do they just like the taste of tofu? Then they'll love this Organic Tofu! It's made from the finest ingredients and can be used in many ways! Enjoy some Organic Tofu in a stir-fry or light miso soup. Organic Tofu is found at a great price using the shop wizard and can also be found in the Health Food store.

7th Place:

Organic Plum (approx: 1000 NP) –

Another wonderful Organic fruit that Neopia has to offer is Organic Plums. Organic Plums can be used to make a tasty spread for toast or other pastries. These yummy plums can be found at the Health Food shop in the Neopian Bazaar. Although the price isn't exactly cheap, the quality is what you are paying for.

6th Place:

Organic Strawberry Yogurt (approx: 600 NP) –

What Neopet doesn't enjoy a bowl of yogurt, let alone strawberry yogurt? Organic Strawberry Yogurt is a delicious and nutritional snack for a Neopet of any age! Organic Strawberry Yogurt can be used as a dipping sauce for other fruits such as blueberries or raspberries. Keep your Neopet feeling full between meals and for the right price!

5th Place:

Organic Honeycomb (approx: 350 NP) –

Honey is a natural sweetener that is a healthier alternative to sugar. Any pet owner knows how much their pet enjoys a sweet snack. Spread some of this Organic Honeycomb on some toast or use it to sweeten up their tea. Some Neopets will even eat Organic Honeycombs whole! It's a great treat that won't break the bank!

4th Place:

Organic Dark Chocolate (approx: 250 NP) –

Chocolate is a favorite among pets and pet owners! But who could have thought that there could actually be a healthy type of chocolate? Well, we've found it! Organic Dark Chocolate is a great alternative to Milk Chocolate; it has great antioxidant properties. Organic Dark Chocolate can be used for baking and makes a nice addition to chocolate cake or chocolate icing. So the next time you're at the Health Food shop waiting for it to restock, be sure to grab some.

3rd Place:

Organic Tuna Olive Salad (approx: 500 NP) –

Organic Tuna Olive Salad is a great light lunch for the active Neopet. Whether you have plans for the Battledome or are just doing some sightseeing around Neopia, this meal will give your pet enough energy to make it through the day! The mix of tuna and olive is enough to satisfy any palate. It's a great price for such a large amount.

2nd Place:

Deluxe Organic Salad (approx: 2000 NP) –

The Deluxe Organic Salad is a mixture of leaves, fresh vegetables and fruits that are bound to delight your Neopet's taste buds. This beautiful salad can be made at the Island Cooking Pot by mixing Organic Red Grapes and Flowers together.

1st Place:

Kau Kau Farm Organic Bottled Milk (approx: 98000 NP) –

Kau Kau Farm Organic Bottled Milk is the best tasting and freshest milk found in all of Neopia. If a Kau drinks Kau Kau Farm Organic Bottled Milk it will instantly become bloated, which might help one working towards the Kelp avatar. Although this milk is expensive, it is considered a Gourmet food as well. So not only will you give your pet the best milk to be found, you will also add another Gourmet food to their list of Gourmets eaten.

This concludes our top 10 Organic foods of Neopia. Although it may not always be easy to find healthy food, working towards a healthier diet for your pet will be beneficial. Keeping your pet happy and healthy will allow them to thrive. Eating Organic foods does not always have to be expensive; there is a half price day each month that applies to the Health Food store as well. These are just a few of the wonderful selection of Organic foods Neopia has to offer. Thank you for reading our article; we hope you found some useful information and advice on how to go Organic.

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