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Maraqua Travel Brochure

by dragonsfriend1021


Also by annrawr

There are few place left in Neopia to be explored, but one land where there will always be mystery and excitement for any explorer is Maraqua. It is in this marvelous city, in the rough waters north of Mystery Island and south of Tyrannia, that Neopians from all over gather for their chance at adventure, enchantment, unique commodities, and celebrity sighting. If this is what you seek in a trip, make Maraqua your next vacation spot! You'll need to bring along some scuba gear or sprout some gills for this trip though, because one breathe of air won't be enough to experience all the wonders Maraqua has to offer!

Main Attractions

Maraqua is a land unlike any other, filled with enough excitement and adventure to satisfy any eager traveler. So if you're ready to swim through brilliant underwater streets filled with luxury and fine dining or dive down deep into watery ruins filled with mystery and thrill, be sure to include these stops in your underwater vacation!

Ruins of Old Maraqua . Maraqua wasn't always the beautiful underwater city you see today. Long ago, the city thrived until an evil pirate captain named Dread cursed it, causing it to be swallowed up in a vicious whirlpool. After this, Neopians thought Maraqua was gone forever, until news spread that King Kelpbeard had secretly reconstructed Maraqua. Now that Maraqua is back in all its glory, why not visit the site where it all began: in the Ruins of Old Maraqua? Here you'll find the remnants of the once beautiful structures and monuments of the previous great city, now a crumbled ruin. If you'd like to learn more about Maraqua's history and just relive the past a bit, be sure to stop by the Ruins of Maraqua during your exploration of the deep!

Kelp. If fine dining is what you crave, head on over to the restaurant Kelp for a culinary experience any food connoisseur would enjoy! Enjoy bubbly cocktails such as the Lemwart Fizz, delicious appetizers like the Maraquan Cream Broth, mouth-watering entries such as the Ocean Platter, and desserts like the Triple Chocolate Shell that will send your taste buds to the surface and back. Be prepared to pay a hefty price tag, though: culinary excellence does not come cheap! However, serving sizes are always generous and if you can't finish your meal in one sitting, you can sometimes take leftovers home. If you're lucky, you might get a little something extra along with that bag of leftovers as well!

Ye Olde Fishing Vortex. Inside a large underwater cavern in the ruins of Old Maraqua, there is a small air pocket in which Neopians from all corners of the world gather to net some of the most exotic and bizarre catches Maraqua has to offer. Cast a line for a chance at some interesting fish like Bombfish, Madfish, Rockfish, and Radarfish, some large squids, and even some mysterious magical items! With enough patience and practice, you can even catch a rare Titanic Giant Squid and net yourself a snazzy avatar as well! Just be prepared to catch your fair share of old rotten boots!

The Bubbling Pit. While exploring the ancient ruins of Old Maraqua, be sure to stop by the mysterious Bubbling Pit. Here, thousands of different color bubbles can be seen always rising from its depths. How deep this pit is and what lies inside, no one knows, but many say that looking into its depths will show you how you would appear if you were a dweller of the deep. Are you brave enough to take a peek?


After you've seen the sites and explored the ruins to your hearts content, be sure to take a look at Maraqua's marveled shops. Being home to some of Neopia's most unique items, any purchase from one of these shops is sure to be a souvenir to cherish for a lifetime!

Maractite Marvels. If you are searching for the perfect weapon to finish off your Battledome set, be sure to stop by Maractite Marvels, one of the few places in the world where you can purchase weapons and armour made from Maractite. This unique metal can cut through almost anything. If you don't believe its strength, try out some of Maractite Marvels' items, like the Ornate Maractite Dagger, the Maractite Acara Shield, or, if you are lucky to come across one, a Maractite Scimitar. Their power (and their low price) will not disappoint!

Collectable Sea Shells. One of the many things that makes Maraqua so stunning is its beautiful sea shells and you can take home some of your own by stopping by the Collectable Sea Shells Store. Here, you will find a large variety of not just lovely sea shells like the Blue Spiral Seashell and the Blue and Gold Tube Shell, but also exotic Maractite coins and exquisite treasures of the deep like the very rare Floral Maractite Coin and the beautiful Anklet of the Deep. Regardless of what you purchase, a treasure from this shop is sure to add beauty to your stamp album collection!

Maraquan Petpets. Maraqua is home is to a large variety of adorable aquatic creatures and many of them make amazing petpets! If you are interested in having one of these water-breathing critters as a friend, stop by the Maraquan Petpet Store during your trip to pick out your very own Staragus, Lellefisk, Nupie or Bubblebee to name a few. Don't forget to buy an extra large fish tank for your new friend, too. Once you return to land, these little guys will need lots of room to swim around!


In addition to attractions and shops, Maraqua is full of activities for the energetic visitor. Whether it's fighting, treasure-hunting, or simply exercising, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this underwater paradise.

Attack of the Revenge. Garin, a scrappy young Usul, has chosen to take up a life of piracy. He didn't have any territory, so he decided to start his life of crime in the waters of Maraqua. Unfortunately, that's Captain Scarblade's turf! Help Garin protect his ship The Black Pawkeet from the terrifying Lupe and the other pirates on the Revenge, including preventing enemies from boarding, putting out fires on board, and firing cannons at the opposing ship. And hope Garin wins - Scarblade takes no prisoners!

Whirlpool. A few Maraquan petpets wandered away from their homes, and now they need help to return! Luckily, the whirlpools can help direct them! Use the whirlpools to guide the petpets back to their homes, but beware - whirlpools can be quite unpredictable!

Maraqua Raiders. If treasure-hunting is more your style, there's plenty of opportunity in the (mostly) abandoned ruins of Maraqua! In this game, join Karpoh the Koi in treasure hunting by pushing the treasure into the treasure chest. Make sure you watch out for the locals though - there are some citizens still hiding out in the ruins, and they are quite protective of their treasure!

Jubble Bubble. In a different treasure-hunting situation, an adventurous Maraquan Shoyru named Kelby went treasure-hunting with his JubJub friends. However, the JubJubs couldn't swim deep enough, and now they're falling! Help Kelby save the free-falling JubJubs by catching them in air bubbles and cushioning their fall.

Famous Neopians

While you're in the aquatic kingdom, be sure to visit some of the Neopian celebrities who call Maraqua home. Whether famous for their good deeds or heinous crimes, they are the ones who made Maraqua into the great land it is today. Make sure you pay a visit to these sea-dwelling stars.

King Kelpbeard. The ruler of Maraqua is the brave King Kelpbeard, a Koi who took a stand for his people. Kelpbeard was tired of the threats and dangers posed by Captain Scarblade to the Maraquans, so he challenged Scarblade - and lost. The city of Maraqua was ruined, but the people were not. The resilient Kelpbeard rescued as many of his people as he could and together they rebuilt the city of Maraqua - this time in a secret location and with armies for protection. While the secret was discovered, the new Maraqua was able to defend itself from attacks with some help from Garin and his friends. Now Maraqua peacefully trades with surface-dwellers and, luckily for you, welcomes tourists! On your trip to Maraqua, stop by the underwater palace to visit King Kelpbeard and see tributes to his wisdom and leadership.

Isca. Just a young Aisha during the first invasion of Maraqua, Isca was rescued by King Kelpbeard himself. Once he discovered that Isca's dreams predicted the future, Isca earned the king's favor and a place as his advisor. It was due to Isca's dreams - and her moxie - that New Maraqua was able to defend itself. On your tour of the palace, you can see Isca's room where Kelpbeard once imprisoned her for contacting surface-dwellers, but now is Isca's residence. Just be sure not to interrupt her sleep!

Caylis. Isca's sister, Caylis, was also found and rescued by Kelpbeard. Like Isca, Caylis has special dreams, but unfortunately, Caylis dreams of unavoidable disasters. The citizens of Maraqua believed Caylis was the cause of these disasters, and so she was banished to live as an outcast in the waters surrounding Maraqua. During the second invasion, Caylis redeemed herself by using her magic to help defeat the pirate invaders, and was then forgiven and welcomed back to Maraqua. If you happen to find her on your trip, you can ask her nicely to show you around, and she might even help you.

The Drenched. In the dark waters near Maraqua lives three sea witches known as The Drenched. These sinister sisters scour the seas for strayed sailors, whom they seize and cause to suffer. During the second invasion of Maraqua, The Drenched captured Jacques, Garin's first mate, and tortured him until he was rescued by Isca and Garin. During your visit, you ought to steer clear of these wicked enchantresses - unless you're up for a good fight, in which case you can meet them in the Dome of the Deep!

What to Bring

If you want to fit in with the local citizens, you'll have to pack right! Pick up some special Maraquan clothes at the NC Mall like a Maraquan Fancy Dress, a Maraquan Summer Shirt, or a Maraquan Summer Cloak. You can even throw in a pair of Maraquan Fin Wings, which will not only help you blend in but also help you swim! If you aren't so comfortable getting wet, you might want to dress for the occasion. A Charming Bathing Suit paired with a Flowery Bathing Cap and perhaps a pair of goggles such as Buzz Diver Goggles, Quiggle Swim Goggles or Kacheek Shell Goggles can help protect you from the moisture while still looking stylish. And if you plan to do any treasure hunting or embark on an expedition to the Ruins of Maraqua, you should consider bringing the right gear, including a Maraquan Exploration Suit, complete with a Maraquan Exploration Helmet and Maraquan Exploration Tank. They'll ensure you have plenty of air to complete your excursion!


Whether you're looking to dive deep, explore Neopian history, or find some treasure, Maraqua has something fun for any Neopian. So pack your waterproof bags and journey to the Maraquan waters to submerge yourself in an exhilarating vacation!

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