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Fighting in Style

by pixiegirl667


Let me guess--you have a Uni and she won't step hoof into the Battledome. Ha! I'm right! Well, let her read this article. I'm sure she'll find it very informative.

Many pets don't fight because they think it isn't fashionable, and who wants to wear that thick chain mail anyway? Well, we took a shopping trip, and Sugar's mind was soon changed. With the help of the Shop Wizard, we got some fine deals in!

1. Golden Muffin

My Uni loves all things that glitter and shine. She also likes throwing things (because Gearrin likes snowball fights). And, she doesn't chip her hooves because her Pretty Spring Uni Gloves protect them, although they are not the absolute best thing to bring into the Battledome. So this is a pretty great thing. It has 13.5 icons, which is okay for a beginning battler like my Uni. It is a one-time thing, too, so you should probably stock up when the prices are low (like right now!).

2. Amber Sword

"Oooh... shiny!" is a customary response to this weapon. It can have from 3.3-6 icons, and it is a majorly beautiful (also cheap-yay!) weapon that any Neopet (that is not fighting someone major, like the Snowager) would be proud to wield. As I said before, not the best thing to use, but... the shininess... the prettiness... Well, I guess it's your decision. Oh no! We're behind! Okaylet'sgoontothenextthing.

3. Scarab Ring

All neopets need a sufficient ring to be in style! And one of those cheap element rings just doesn't cut it! It's great for my 'pets, because this ring both blocks and attacks. It blocks 6 icons and attacks 6 icons, which puts it in high regard, my friends. It is around 1,800ish neopoints and you can also win it from a Lost Desert Scratchcard. Believe me, this is a good deal! It is better than the two weapons above, but my Uni says it is, er, "less stylish" than the ones above. I believe we'll continue on to the next one.

4. Royal Blue Cape

Treat your 'pet like royalty and give them this lavish cape to protect them! (*whispers* It is a bit overpriced, so don't tell your neopet until you have saved up enough neopoints.) This cape is a beautiful shade of blue and all respectable beauty-loving neopets can't resist this gorgeous cape. It has 12 defense icons (wow! *gasp*), but, since it is 98 rarity, it is expensive and is not likely to be found at the Marketplace. Just make sure to bring enough neopoints to the Trading Post. And when you battle with this wonderful cape, make sure to bring something that can attack (capes don't attack... that would be scary!)

5. Golden Compass

Again, heading back to the realm of shiny objects. Except this time... we've got a better find! This compass has 6 icons for attack and 2.667 icons for defense. This is a pretty good entry-level weapon, except the defense gives it an added boost. It isn't that great standing alone, and I suggest you bring some other weapons and shields with you. But, you know the saying, "Never resist an awesome shiny object." Wait, that isn't a saying? Oh, well. It's still true even if you deny it.

6. Wanderers Cloak

This is a sturdy cloak. Nice fabric, too. Oh, hi. I forgot you were listening. Anyway, this is a nice sturdy cloak, but some picky 'pets will object to being a "wanderer". It has from 12-15 defensive icons and it has a reasonable price. You will feel grand and privileged to wear such a great cloak (rarity 97). It's also great to run into a cloak that blocks more icons than expected.

7. Weewoo Mote

Okay, I understand that some neopets do not like this weewoo mote... let's battle! My pet does, as she finds weewoos adorable (she is currently saving up for one), and she likes that the weewoo is the only petpet that has a mote. This mote has 1.5-5 icons and it does have a possibility of breaking after use, so as with all the other items, I suggest that you do not depend on the one item solely. The price is also usually relatively cheap, so this is good if you are battling at a low level. Also, for those avatar collectors, buying this item in the Brightvale Motery will get you an Angry Air Mote avatar! Yay!!

8. All of the Gold Battlecards

There are 9 Gold Battlecards, and since we all like shiny stuff... Capara, Branston, Little Timmy, Brucey B, Princess Fernypoo Gold Battlecards each cost around 200 NP, a Kalora Gold Battlecard costs around 400 NP, a 00 Hog Gold Battlecard costs around 1,500 NP, and the Spectre Gold Battlecard costs around 4,700 NP. These cards are one use only, but before you complain about how you are really poor and stuff, let me tell you that you can get them from Cheat! They each do 3 different types of damage and they are okay, if you are just a entry-level battler, but they do not have really good attack. So, it is best to not depend on them.

9. Bag of Healing Dust

Oooh... All neopets love magical dust, especially one that heals AND was used by King Altador himself! This heals half your hit points, and it's good if you have neopets with high HP. Its price is high (I mean, it's a rarity 99!) and it is usually only found on the Trading Post, so it is a bit hard to find it. But I am sure you will agree with me that it is a necessary item for battling.

10. Mystical White Cloak

This beautiful white cloak provides 9 icons of defense and it is much cheaper that some of the items mentioned on this list. It is a pure white cloak with an orange and yellow fringe and a small sun shaped pin, making it a favorite cloak of many fashionistas. This can be used for beginning and beginning medium level.

And there you have it! Some fashionable Battledome items for the unwilling battler. Don't only use the items in this list however! Let your non-picky 'pet battle it out with, er, effective, but not too, um, pretty items! Thanks for reading this and have a great day!

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