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Captain Limebeard Should Be in the Gallery of Heroes

by sugarypixiestix2


Hello, Neopians, I'm writing this today in hopes of getting Captain Limebeard into the Gallery of Heroes. Hence I am submitting this into an issue of the Neopian Times! You may be wondering why would I choose to write an entire article about this Chia. You may also be wondering what he does for the greater good of Neopia. I shall answer this and much, much more, my friends. When you finish reading all about the heroics of this great Captain, you will then be wondering why is he NOT in the Gallery of Heroes! Then, you too, may be writing for the Neopian Times about this particularly stouthearted pirate.

As soon as I heard the word "heroes" and "Neopian Times" mentioned in the same sentence, I knew exactly who to write about, and what to write about. There are many unsung heroes of Neopia, but Captain Limebeard is my favourite. I also have a love of fruit (like he does) therefore we share a camaraderie. I would never be so bold as to call him a friend, but I have met him several times. In fact, I am meeting him later today, at the Golden Dubloon in celebration of my publishing. The Captain would probably tell me to write about someone else more worthy. So, he will not know what my article is about, until he reads it for himself. He's truly a selfless individual, and I know he'd never write about his own accomplishments.

I have countless reasons as to why he should be considered, but if I listed them all then my article would be never-ending. So I have tried to keep the reasons shown here to a minimum to make sure that even those with a short attention span find my examples just.

I told myself I would keep my facts to a dozen, even though that's tough for me to do.

So, please do read my list below with an open mind and a ready eye.

Here are my biggest reasons why Captain Limebeard deserves a spot amongst the heroes of Neopia.

  • Captain Limebeard educates fellow pirates on how to deter that terrible scurvy (and other diseases) by eating fruit.

Note: If this is not a sign of nobleness, I don't know what is.

  • He travels Neopia in order to make sure everyone is eating enough fruits and vegetables. The Captain does this by freely handing out r99 Chia Pops.

Note: Yes, you read that right, this Chia gives away items worth millions!

  • This Chia is obviously very rich (since he owns so many magical Chia pops), but he uses his wealth for the greater good.

Note: Unlike most pirates who bury their treasure away.

  • The Captain is making Neopians richer (which helps the economy).

Note: Philanthropy at its finest.

  • He's giving all other pirates out there a better reputation. Doing this by showing us that not all pirates are liars and thieves.

Note: You'll never have to hide your grog from Captain Limebeard.

  • Captain Limebeard is quite a lively and all-around chipper Chia. He loves being a pirate and he thinks if he can keep on helping other pirates, they'll be less villainous.

Note: Heroes usually do see the good in others.

  • He does not want any fame for his good deeds; true heroes do what they must do because they know it is right, not because they think they might gain popularity for it.

Note: Have you ever heard Captain Limebeard brag about his kindness? I surely have not.

  • Captain Limebeard has a really cool outfit; he wears a green captain's hat (that has a skull in the front) and a fabulous plume feather coming out of it. Along with this there's a matching eye-patch AND a wooden peg-leg.

Note: Heroes do tend to be pretty snazzy dressers.

  • He stays in shape by eating healthy and exercising daily.

Note: There is no such thing as an unfit hero.

  • Shockingly, there are simply no Chias in the Gallery of Heroes.

Note: I think they need to be represented, don't you?

  • He already has his very own Captain Limebeard Plushie.

Note: Which shows he is already admired.

  • Captain Limebeard has no magic powers, but he makes up for that with his intellect and bravery.

Note: His bravery is shown by merely being a pirate, who is good and the other pirates respect him for it.

There you have it...

Hopefully, after reading this you will go out and do some research on Captain Limebeard, on your own.

Find fellow Neopians who have met him and ask them about him.

They will tell you, just as I have here today, that he's a Chia of worth.

It's all true, I promise you, and I dare you to find out otherwise!

I know other heroes out there like the Space Faerie, and Jeran may have fought battles to save lands, but... Captain Limebeard is a warrior in his own way. He helps the sick and poor of this world too. Only he does this with fruits and vegetables, instead of a sword and shield.

If any of you out there are still on the fence about putting Captain Limebeard into the Gallery of Heroes, well, all I can say is I did my very best with what I could. I'm not going to try and argue with you about why, but I do ask of you to read this again. Perhaps you merely skimmed these paragraphs, and did not read it in full. Or maybe you just hate to eat your vegetables, and don't like that he's a Chia pirate. Which is your choice, but I feel it is a wrong one.

In conclusion, I trust that in reading this, you have found a new appreciation for Captain Limebeard.

He would never tell you this himself, but he really is a triumph among Chias, pirates and Neopians in general.

However, I'm not expecting Captain Limebeard to be automatically put into the Gallery of Heroes after this issue.

But maybe, just maybe by having his name included in this issue, it will help my cause, which will give this esteemed Captain the recognition he deserves, and the respect he deserves.

PS: Please don't hate me for this, Captain Limebeard. I just couldn't help but write about you! I know, I know you could never hate anyone but I cannot help but worry.

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