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Wearables for Special Body Types

by mreilynne


We all know that Mutant, Baby, and Maraquan pets are a little harder to customize, because they have poses and body shapes that are different from pets of other colors. What you don't know is that there is a decent amount of Neopoint and Neocash wearables made especially for these body types! To help you figure out how to dress your pet, I've come up with a list of my favorite Neopoint and Neocash wearables for each special body type, as well as what I hope to see made for each pet in the future. Let's start with the most difficult to dress...

Mutant: I can imagine that Mutant pets are extremely hard to draw wearables for, which explains the lack of items available for this special body type. However, Year 15's Advent Calendar and the newly released Abnormal Fashions Mystery Capsule have taken a step in the right direction by adding a few more Neopoint and Neocash items for Mutants. Here are a few of my favorites:

Neopoint - Mutant Stylish Wig, Mutant Tentacle Wig, Mutant Staff of Darkness

1. This is a really nice Neopoint wig for Mutants! It gives off a really suave look. While it was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y15, you can find it in user shops for the amazingly low price of 100 neopoints!

2. These slimy tentacles perfectly complement many Mutants' features, making this wig a great option for your pet's outfit! It's a little bit pricier, but you can still find this wig on the Trading post for about 150,000 neopoints.

3. This staff is seriously spectacular. I love everything about it, from the way it gleams to the blood red thorns! At a reasonable price of 73,000 neopoints, you should definitely consider adding this staff to your Mutant's closet.

Neocash - Mutant Stylish Jet Black Wig, Mutant Spiked Collar, Mutant Gothic Embroidered Shirt

1. I adore this wig. It looks so smooth on all Mutant pets, which is a nice contrast to their naturally messy look. I especially love the way it fits on the Bori! This wig can be found by opening the Abnormal Fashions Mystery Capsule, which is currently buyable in the NC Mall for 150 NC.

2. This collar is perfect for any Mutant that wants to show everyone how fierce it can be! The spikes look so threatening. Though it is retired from the NC Mall, it trades for a 4-5 cap value on the Neocash Boards.

3. I really like this shirt! The bow may make it seem a little more feminine, but I truly believe both male and female Mutants can rock this frock! This is another great item that comes from the Abnormal Fashions Mystery Capsule.

Mutant Wrap-up: There seems to be a ton of accessories, handhelds, and wigs for Mutant pets, but I don't see a ton of dresses and separates for this body type yet. Hopefully we'll see some pants, shirts, and maybe even some formalwear soon! Maybe in time for Mutant Day? On to the next special body type...

Baby: Baby pets are the easiest out of the three special body types to dress! There have been a bunch of Neocash and some Neopoint options released for babies, but I'll just give you a few of the ones I like best:

Neopoint - Baby Holiday Scarf, Baby Knitted Mittens, Baby Faellie Plushie Friend

1. This scarf looks so plush and warm. I love the pretty wintery blue, which allows it to be worn for all cold weather seasons (not just for the holidays)! The white snowflake design is a nice little touch! This scarf was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y15, but you can buy it in user shops for around 1,000 neopoints.

2. When your Baby's hands get a little cold, you can give them these amazing mittens! They look like little white clouds accented with shiny, pink bows. They add a touch of cute to any outfit! These mittens sell for around 20,000 neopoints in user shops.

3. This sweet plushie wants to be your baby's new best friend! It has button eyes that make me melt. At 150,000 neopoints on the Trading Post, this is a little pricier, but it's sure to make your pet smile!

Neocash - Baby Button Boots, Baby Pajamas, Baby Floor Gym

1. These boots look soft and comfy. They're the perfect pair of shoes for any Baby pet who wants to keep warm, and their coloring is lovely! Neocash trading guides say that these trade at a 2 cap value, but I bet you can find them in some cap sales if you really look hard.

2. Every Baby pet needs a nice, cozy pajama set for a sweet slumber, so why not go with these? The thing I like most about this wearable is the fact that it comes in a gender neutral color. These are currently buyable in the NC Mall for 150 NC!

3. This adorable gym is a must have for all Baby pets, with its colorful sun, bobbing planets, plush base, and bright colors! The animation in this item is subtle, but adorable, and goes well with many different backgrounds. Even though this was originally obtained through the Baby Wonderclaw machine, you can trade for it at a 1-2 cap value.

Baby Wrap-up:

Maraquan: As the proud owner of a Maraquan pet, I'm sad to say that there are very limited items to use on this special body type. The nice thing, though, is that the few wearables out there can be used together to create some really nice looks! Here they are:

Neopoint - Golden Maraquan Trident, Maraquan Fin Wings

1. I REALLY love this trident! I only recently found out it existed, and I wish I had known about it sooner. I think it looks great on every Maraquan pet, and is just a nice accessory to compliment any underwater-themed outfit. It is one of the two Neopoint items for Maraquans, so it's more on the expensive side. You can find your own on the Trading Post for 200,000 neopoints.

2. These fins look so light and bubbly, with some small decorative pearls on the back. They're a beautiful shade of blue, and look great with all kinds of water backgrounds! A little less expensive than the trident, these wings can be found on the Trading Post for around 130,000 neopoints.

Neocash - Maraquan Summer Cloak, Maraquan Flowing Fuchsia Wig, Maraquan Fancy Dress

1. What's not to love about this cloak? Everything about is screams Maraqua: the seafoam green color, the golden shell clasps, and the gold wave embroidery on the bottom hem. Unfortunately, this cloak is really hard to find, and you'll have to trade for it at a 10-12 or higher cap value. Hopefully, it gets re-released! Please??

2. This wig is a newer item, and I'm so glad it exists! It's so pretty, with locks that look like they're floating in the water. The lavender flower headband is a cute touch! The wig is currently buyable in the NC Mall for 150 NC.

3. This dress is sure to stun anyone. It has silky scales, little sparkles, and a skirt that flows like an ocean! This dress is much easier to trade for than the cloak, since most people value it at 2-3 caps.

Maraquan Wrap-up: Unfortunately, there aren't nearly enough different wearables for Maraquan pets. The current Maraquan wearables are pretty awesome, but they have limited availability, making them expensive/hard to find. I'm really hoping for a Maraquan Wonderclaw game or Mystery Capsule to help fix that issue!

I hope this guide helped you discover some new items for your Mutant, Baby, or Maraquan pet. They may be a little harder to dress, but maybe they will receive some more attention in the future!

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