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Books To Read Before Visiting Brightvale

by pikachu315111


Brightvale, the kingdom of knowledge and wisdom! Like many worlds, Brightvale has many shops and attractions to visit. One of these shops is of course a book shop which has many books written on the subject of not only knowledge but also of Brightvale and its very own shops and attractions! Egotism aside, I thought it would be an interesting idea to go through these books and tells you which ones would be worth reading before visiting Brightvale. In fact, some of these books are written by the shop owners and who better to explain a shop to someone than the shop's owner? So show the kingdom of knowledge how knowledgeable you are about their kingdom by reading these books:

Brightvale Castle - Wise Old King:

Ever wanted to impress King Hagan with words of wisdom yet no matter how carefully thought out and logical phrased your quote is he says he has already heard it? Well they've written a book about it, actually they've written MANY books about it. If you really want to impress King Hagan and show that he's talking to no fool, study these books and you'll never get a snubbed again:

NOTE: Because they're so many books I'll be listing them in groups as some are about the same topic so you may only need to read one to understand the subject.

1. Quote Books:

Book of Pretentious Quotes (Quotes from Neopians who tried to follow in King Hagans footsteps...)

Brightvale Wisdom (Many of King Hagans favourite quotes can be found in this tome.)

Lengthy Quotations (All of King Hagans lengthy quotes in one tome.)

Wisdom of the Elders (This book contains words of wisdom from our elders.)

Wisdom of the Wise (Quotations from some of the wisest inhabitants of Neopia.)

Wise Quotations (A book of wise quotes straight from King Hagan himself.)

Yes, ALL these books are just about quotes that have been said to King Hagan, two which have been written by King Hagan himself: Lengthy Quotations & Wise Quotations. These books are highly valuable to those trying to come up with a wise quote to say to King Hagan by listing all the quotes he had heard over the years. In addition you'll also learn what kind of quotes King Hagan sees wisdom within to help better know what you'll say to him. However if you want to get a better idea of who King Hagan is like as a person then the next group of books are to be considered.

2. King Hagan Books:

Adventures of Young Hagan (Read all about the adventures of a sprightly young Hagan!)

Hagans Secrets (He has a brother?! No way!)

History of Wise Neopians (A comprehensive history of the wisest Neopians to have ever lived.)

King Hagan (A rather shameless self titled work written by the King himself.)

King Hagans Biography (King Hagans heritage, why he values knowledge so much and what caused his dispute with his brother Skarl.)

If you're going to speak to someone famous it might not be a bad idea to learn about said person. And with King Hagan being a ruler of an entire kingdom, he has plenty of books written about him, one being his autobiography (simply titled "King Hagan"). Learning what his thoughts and opinions are is one thing, but these books also provide how he formed them over a lifetime of studying and seeking answers. This information is even more valuable than just a list of quotes as you could discover something about Hagan personally which would let you formulate a quote of a kind he never heard of before thus less likely for King Hagan to having heard of or disliking it.

3. Philosophy Books:

Something Pretentious (We are sure your Neopet will never read this book but judging by the cover it contains something profound.)

Tome of Enlightenment (One quick glance into this book and you will feel quite enlightened.)

It's a good thing to remember that King Hagan is looking for words of wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is something that King Hagan can just look up in a book, but wisdom comes from others and their philosophies. While you can't learn wisdom from a book, these books can tell you about other's philosophies be they pretentious or enlightening. Either way, you may gain some insight which you can make into a quote.

4. Honour in Conduct (This book contains codes of honour for those wishing to visit the royal court.)

If you're going to see King Hagan, it's best to know how to properly act in his court. First impressions can leave a deep impression, so if you make a good one then you're already one step ahead as you've shown you're someone worth listening too. You can have the wisest thing to say but if you do something disrespectful it'll put off those who you are impressing as they make think you think you're better than them, something which you do NOT want a king to think.

Wheel of Knowledge:

Brightvale is one of the few worlds that have a prize wheel; for a mere 400 NP you can spin it and whatever space it lands on you're given a certain reward. The reward can be an item, words of wisdom, free healing, intelligence increase, or an intelligence decrease (never said the reward was always a good thing, but thankfully this "reward" is rare). There are two books relating to the Wheel of Knowledge:

1. Wheel of Knowledge Book (This book explores the mechanics of the wheel and the purpose of it.)

The book is a complete guide to the Wheel of Knowledge informing you what each space rewards, all the items you can be rewarded, and the wheel's history. It's a fairly useful guide if only because it tells you what each space rewards; not that you'll know what you'll get when you spin it. If anything it can help you decide whether it's worth spending the 400 NP.

2. Job Coupon Handbook (What are job coupons and where do you get them?)

The Wheel of Knowledge is the only place to get a Brightvale Job Coupon which you can use at the Faerieland Employment Agency. This book teaches you about how the Faerieland Employment Agency works, the levels of Job Coupons, and gives you tips on how to use your Job Coupon to get a good job. While it's maybe odd to have a book detailing info on an attraction that's not even located in Brightvale, the Brightvale Job Coupons are actually the highest Job Coupons there are so getting one is pretty significant. So if you want to make the most use out of this rare reward, this book is for you!

Brightvale Books:

Yes, there are books you can read which will inform you about books. Anyway, this is indeed the book shop which is where all the books I'm recommending come from. Being the kingdom of knowledge and wisdom, Brightvale's bookstore has a lot of books to sell (as you'll see from this list) so knowing about the books will help you get the ones you want (which would be very helpful as you go through this article).

1. Learning Books:

Advanced Learning (In Brightvale it is believed you need to prepare yourself if you are going to learn the most complicated things.)

Advanced Poetry (Great tips and hints to have you writing master poetry in no time.)

Love to Learn (If you love to learn, you will love to learn the contents of this book!)

If you're going to read a Brightvale book, you better like to learn. Brightvale books are full of information and it can be a bit overwhelming if unprepared. Even Brightvale's poetry is structurally complex mixing the usual art of poetry with informing the reader on the subject the poem is about. These books will help you mentally sort through all the information, how to find specific information you're looking for, and have tips helping you remember the information.

2. "Brightvale Books" Books:

Brightvale Books Catalogue (This volume lists all of the books that have ever been sold at brightvale books.)

History of the Brightvale Book Shop (Unsurprisingly, this isnt a very interesting book.)

Brightvale Books Catalogue is the most useful book here as it'll help you find the books I mention in this article! It'll tell you their BDS (Brightvale Decimal System) number to easily find them on the towering shelves. History of the Brightvale Book Shop is honestly just for additional reading and isn't needed to find books. It'll inform you how Brightvale Books got started, renovations it went through over the years, list when certain books were added, and other trivial information until they had enough to justify a book about a bookstore said book would be sold in.

The Scrollery:

"Scrollery? But we were already at a bookstore!" you say not wanting to go back to learning about books. Well you're in luck, as the scrolls in the Scrollery are not meant for reading, their meant to be used in the Battledome! The scrolls are actually magic weapons, read the spells written on them to activate their effect be it attacking your opponent, hindering them, or buffing yourself. The following books will help you understand and control the powers written on these parchments:

1. Spell Books:

Ancient Arcana (This book might be dangerous, should it fall into the wrong hands.)

Mage Spells (Traditional spells that no mage could be without.)

Modern Spells (Full of all kinds of helpful spells to help you in your day to day life.)

While knowing magic isn't required to use a Scrollery scroll, it'll help as they also have general tips you can use in the Battledome like when to use certain spells or what spells combo nicely together. Because spells don't make direct physical contact they don't do Physical damage, doing purely elemental damage, which can throw some battlers off. But once you've gotten used to it you'll find doing purely elemental damage could give you an advantage as you're opponent may not to be ready for non-physical combat.

2. About Roberta (Everything you ever wanted to know about the Acara that saved Altador.)

Not many may know that the Acara Shopkeeper of The Scrollery is Roberta, niece to King Hagan & Skarl and one of the heroes who resealed the Darkest Faerie and reintroduced the kingdom of Altador to Neopia! Though the majority of the book is about Roberta's experience during the Darkest Faerie's awakening, there are parts near the beginning which details her experience in The Scrollery and even her thoughts on some of her favorite scrolls. The book is worth the read just for the parts during the Darkest Faerie's awakening, but for those who want to shop for some scrolls than Roberta's recommendations is a nice bonus to have.

Brightvale Glaziers:

Brightvale is the only place that sells stained glass windows and luckily they're very good at making them. However, since they're the only ones who makes and sells stained glass, naturally there aren't a lot of educated buyers to give you advice on purchasing stained glass windows. But as this article has shown before, Brightvale has you covered as they have a few books you should consider reading if you plan on getting some stained glass windows for your Neohome:

1. All About Glass (How to repair your windows and tips on placing your windows for maximum light.)

An all-in-one book, it goes without saying that stained glass windows require much more care and planning than your average window. This book will tell you how to fix common damages that may happen, figuring out which place in your Neohome will have the most light, and how to install your stained glass window to catch the most light. If you can wait purchasing that stained glass window you always wanted so that you can read this, it'll be well worth it and be quite the sight.

2. Brightvale Guide to Stained Glass Windows (Some would say this is the absolute best guide to stained glass windows.)

This is indeed the best guide to stained glass windows because, as I said above, Brightvale is the only place in the entire of Neopia that makes and sells stained glass windows. Either way, this book lists and has a picture of all the stained glass windows that Brightvale Glazier's sell, even having a special section in the back of commissions they've done for buildings like Brightvale Castle, Faerieland's Queen Fyora Castle, and Altador's Hall of Heroes among many more famous locations you may see stained glass windows in.

3. Stained Glass Repair Guide (This book features a plush cover for all those clumsy Neopians out there.)

While All About Glass contained some information about repairing stained glass windows, it was split between that and focused more on the installation. This book is your go-to-guide if your stained glass window had sustained serious damages. It'll tell you cleaning tips, how to take out and put back in pieces of stained glass from its framing, simple mending tricks if a piece cracks apart, and many more things you'd never would have thought would be needed to know about owning a stained glass window.

Brightvale Armoury:

Though a kingdom of peace, a kingdom who cannot defend themselves will soon be a kingdom no more. However Brightvale doesn't use armor or shields to defend themselves, but rather uses robes, cloaks, and tunics. But don't think just because they aren't a hunk of metal it won't defend you; the garments are made with the toughest materials which are sometimes harder then steel! Not only that, but there's also rumors they're blessed with a touch of magic. Of course, you can't tell any of that just by looking at them. But not to worry, after reading these books you'll know exactly what you're looking at in both defense and fashion:

1. The Armoury (This book contains a complete history of the armoury and the armour it holds.)

Much like a few other books for previous shops, Brightvale Armoury too has a book which lists all the armour which it sells and what they do. If you're only planning on reading one book for each shop and attraction I recommend, this will be the book you want to read for all your armoury information. As an added bonus it also has some history about the shop and the development of the armour sold in it.

2. Brightvale Dungeon Security (A detailed list of all the security and safety methods of the Brightvale dungeon staff.)

When dealing with possibly dangerous criminals, you'll need durable armor to keep you safe from an unexpected attack. Though the book is mostly about how Brightvale Castle runs their dungeon, there's a few chapters dedicated to equipment including armour. In fact, Brightvale Castle gets the armour for their guards from Brightvale Armoury, what better recommendation can you ask for?

3. Brightvale Guard Training Manual (All you need to know about becoming a guard for Brightvale castle!)

Though Brightvale Dungeon Security listed some armour that guards used to keep themselves safe, it doesn't list armour guards used when they need to go on the offensive. Brightvale guards have learned to use many of the Brightvale Armoury garments for all sorts of situations be it for battling, defending, or even presentation. Once again the book is more about guarding routines, but the few chapters it has on armour might be worth a read if you plan on buying some for yourself.

Fruits of Brightvale/Brightvale Fruits:

With Meridell being a huge producer of vegetables, Brightvale focuses their crops on producing fruit. Because of this Brightvale has a preference for and much more understanding of fruit and have learned to grow many varieties and even make their own breeds. This does mean that, unless you're a food expert or chef, you may not know what you're buying. But you don't need to be as said food experts and chefs have written these books for such purposes:

1. Joy of Fruit (A guide to making fruit preserves, tarts, pies and salads.)

While you can perfectly eat fruit as is, being their main crop Brightvale has created many delicious dishes using fruit. This book lists all the fruits which Brightvale grows, information about them like their taste and nutritional facts, and various dishes you can make with them.

2. Preserving Berries (Its not as easy as one might think. Thank goodness for this handy guide.)

Berries are a type of fruit and thus Brightvale grows a large variety of berries which fills out different tastes and nutritional needs. But berries don't last very long so if you're not careful you can end up wasting the ones you buy; unless you preserve them! With knowing how to preserve berries you can buy them without worry and maybe even be able to make dishes with them more easily.

3. Food for Thought (A recipe book full of foods that might just make you smarter!)

Brightvale is very big on a food's nutritional facts putting high value on food which helps with the development of the body and mind. Brightvale dishes are praised for being healthy and, not surprisingly, a lot of dishes are made using fruit that's grown right in Brightvale. Each recipe lists all the ingredients you'll need so you'll know exactly what to look for.

Brightvale Motery:

Motes are mysterious elemental entities which absorb magic around them which releases it all upon being used. Not a lot is known about Motes and even what is known is just what they do when used in the Battledome. So if you don't know anything about Motes, don't worry, most everyone else doesn't. But if you plan on buying some from the shop which only sells them, here are a few books you might want to consider reading.

1. The Mote Encyclopedia (This book claims to list every mote in existence.)

Another listing book, though it's more interesting than the others. Due to the Motes' mysterious nature, the book is more about theories about what each Mote is, represents, and what's its purpose. Still, this book will tell you what you need if you plan on buying any Mote from Brightvale's Motery. But then again, who knows what you're truly buying when it comes to Motes?

2. The Water Mote (A bit damp, but a wonderful tale of a water mote.)

Not exactly a guide, but a story that helps better understand what a Mote is or at least does. Though written as a story, it's based on a documentary of a Water Mote as it floated alongside a river and interacts with everything that it encounters. Each Mote acts differently according to their element, so though this is mostly about a Water Mote you can use it to predict how other Motes will act.

Royal Potionary:

Scholars aren't the only group that reside in Brightvale, many wizards have also took up residency and that includes potion makers. With Brightvale being a well of knowledge, many kinds of potions have been able to be made with varied effects. With such potent concoctions it's easy to understand why some would be hesitant to buy a potion they know nothing about. Luckily wizards like writing books just as much as making potions, especially books about potions:

1. Potion Books:

Brightvale Potion Manual (Your guide to potions in the land of Brightvale.)

Directory of Brightvale Potions (Not sure where to start? This book might be just the guide for you.)

Potions of Brightvale (Learn how to make your own potions using plants native to Brightvale.)

If these books sound the same, it's because they sort of are. At least Brightvale Potion Manual and Directory of Brightvale Potions are, the former one focusing a bit more on how you can use the potions while the latter more focused on listing them. Potions of Brightvale tells you what plants the potions are made from and how to make your own, though what's important here is knowing what the potion is made of since potent potions are made of equally potent plants.

2. Alchemy Lessons (Alchemy lessons the easy way... the theory without the practice means less things blowing up, of course.)

Though many potions are made from mixing and manipulating plants, some are made from alchemy. Alchemy is changing one element to another, like lead into gold. So just because you know what a potion is made of, if it's made using the process of alchemy you may actually not know what it's made of afterall. That is, if you don't read this book. Alchemy is not magic, it's a science thus every process has a consistent result. Once you know what other elements an element can change into and by what alchemy process, you can safely know what's in the potion that you're buying.

Colouring Pages:

The final place in Brightvale you can visit are the Colouring Pages which is a place filled with black and white pictures of Brightvale you can add color to. It's not really an attraction which needs a book dedicated to it, but this is Brightvale so it does have one:

1. The Royal Book of Colouring (Even royal children like to stay within the lines.)

A colouring book that was originally commissioned for royal children to keep them occupied while on long rides between kingdoms. A version for commoners was released much later making those pictures available for everyone to color, but the book also contains copies of how royal children colored the pages. There's really nothing here to analyze, at most it's interesting to see how the royal children colored the pictures.

There, now don't you fell more enlightened? Now are these books really necessary before visiting Brightvale? Of course not, you can visit anytime and figure out things quickly on our own. But if you feel like you ever wanted to know something a little extra or get answers for something you're trying to figure out, here are the books which can potentially provide those answers! So get to reading, you may never know what secret you'll stumble upon reading about.

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