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Four Tips to Improve Your Game of Ready to Roll

by apr312


Hello and a happy weekend to you, fellow Neopians! If you're anything like me, you're always looking for new ways to earn Neopoints (because, let's face it, that gallery hobby added to painting all those pets needs some serious funding). There are plenty of options: Habitarium, Key Quest, Restocking, playing the Battledome, and of course the classic method, games. The Games Room offers a plethora of choices for your paying leisure, but you (like me) only have so much time. My list of daily games is short, and consists only of quick games that give me a decent about of Neopoints.

But here we come to another crossroads: What if you're just plain no good at the best games? There's no use playing a game if you can only earn a few hundred Neopoints, rather than the 1k you're looking for. In that case, what are you supposed to do?

You're in luck, because today I have one more game to add to your list that's easy enough to master—in fact, you'll only need four tips before you're playing like you've been doing it for years! That's right, folks: Ready to Roll. It's the perfect game: the mouse controls are simple enough, just click and drag, so easy that you can even play the game on a laptop with a track pad rather than an actual mouse. In addition, the lag isn't bad at all, and Ready to Roll can be played even with a bad internet connection or old computer because of that (trust me, I have firsthand experience). So go open up that game window and get ready, because we're getting started.

The Basics

I'll keep this short; to play the game, you use your mouse to drag the circular arena around and guide the Yooyu to the sun to complete each level, collecting miniature sun tokens along the way. Of course, you want to avoid any and all spiked balls and chains, lest you lose a life. Simple enough, and if you want more detailed instructions, you can read those in the game—it's time to move on!

Tip One: Take it slow

Yes, I know, you want to make your Neopoints as fast as possible, but this game is fairly short, and it won't hurt you to be careful. Besides, there is no time limit, which means there's also no pressure. This game requires concentration and patience, and if you take the time to wait, say, for the spiked chains to get completely out of your way before rolling down the path to the sun at the end, you risk less chance of losing a life. After all, if you lose a life, you'll have to start the level over, and that will take yet more time that you just don't have! So just go slow, and don't move your mouse too fast—doing so can cause you to go too far, while moving slowly guarantees you won't accidentally fall off a ledge and onto some spikes!

Tip Two: Don't get caught up on the sun tokens

Yes, the sun tokens give you extra points, but my advice is this: only get the sun tokens that are in your path. Focusing too much on the tokens can take too much time, and can put you and your Yooyu in a perilous position to boot. Focus on finishing each level, and if you happen to get some (or several) sun tokens on the way there, that's a bonus! Trust me, there will be plenty on the path, so you shouldn't be missing out on much.

Tip Three: Don't worry if you lose a life

Some of you may be aware that you earn more points from sun tokens if you have more lives left (if not, well, you've learned something new!), so this may seem a little counterintuitive. But remember: getting caught up in the sun tokens isn't a good thing. You earn plenty of points for completing a level. So, if you do lose a life, don't be discouraged; you will start the level over and be able to complete it. Completing a level is the most important part, and gives you a nice sum of points, so just focus on that, and don't be upset if you mess up every once in a while. Besides, the point bonus on sun tokens is just a few points, and won't really make that much of a difference in the long run.

Tip Four: Control your mouse

This is the most important tip I can give you. Obviously, maintaining control of the mouse is important, but there's a trick to it! When rotating the arena, keep your mouse at the outside of the circle. This means you won't have to move it as much to get the Yooyu where you want it, and you won't mess up with the direction. If your mouse creeps into the center of the circle, you will have to move your mouse more to achieve the same amount of movement, and that can be dangerous, because if you accidentally cross into the opposite side, you will find your arena careening in the opposite direction of where you want it to be. This happened to me on multiple occasions before I finally figured this out, and it has helped immensely! So just be sure to keep that mouse on the outside, and you'll be fine.

And there you have it, four tips to improve your game of Ready to Roll! The game isn't too hard, is not overly complicated, and has a low game ratio to boot! (Last month you had to score 780 points to earn 1k, and while this month the necessary score is 880—either way, the score is surprisingly easy to achieve with a little practice) So what are you still doing here, reading my silly conclusion? I'm not that important! Get going and get playing! Trust me, by following these simple tips, you'll be earning an extra 3k a day in no time at all.

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