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Celebrate in Style: The Discovery of Brightvale

by mreilynne


On the eleventh day of the Month of Hiding, Neopians everywhere celebrate the Discovery of Brightvale in numerous ways. Some celebrate by eating some of Brightvale's famous fruits, others treat themselves to a spin on the Wheel of Knowledge or a visit to Brightvale Castle, and others celebrate by adding a shiny new stained glass window from Brightvale Glaziers to their Neohome. However, one of the most popular ways to celebrate this special holiday is by dressing up in Brightvale themed wearables! To help you pick out your celebratory outfit, I've compiled a list of some of the best Neopoint and Neocash wearables your Neopet can sport in honor of Brightvale's discovery.

Neopoint Items:

1. Brightvale Glazier Wings

These wings very much resemble the stunning stained glass windows found in the Brightvale Glazier shop. They gleam when the light catches them just right, showing off their beautiful bright green and cream color combination. If their beauty isn't enough to convince you, their price will surely make you want to add these to your closet. You can find your own set via the Shop Wizard for 35,000 neopoints. You might want to make a note that they are positioned especially well on Acaras, Draiks, Flotsams, Krawks, and Techos.

2. Brightvale Market Tent

This fantastic tent serves as a nice background addition to any Brightvale themed outfit. It displays Brightvale's crest in a prominent location at the top of the tent, and its light green and yellow coloring add some subtle spirit for a more subdued look. On top of that, you can snag your own tent for a mere 12,000 neopoints, and it looks great on every species!

3. Brightvale Robe

There are quite a few reasons as to why the Brightvale Robe is the best wearable to celebrate the Discovery of Brightvale. First and foremost, it looks great on both male and female Neopets, which is not something to be said about some of the other clothing items listed in this article. Second, it is simple, allowing you accessorize in many different ways. Last but not least, it is one of the least expensive wearables on this list, since it only costs 2,000 neopoints. What a great value!

4. Fancy Brightvale Gown

Any lady that chooses this gorgeous gown is sure to be the belle of the ball at any Brightvale celebration! The gown shows off Brightvale's signature colors in the most elegant way possible: silky green fabric lined with a ruffled, glimmering gold trim. You can snag one of your own for approximately 14,000 neopoints, which is an excellent deal for such a dashing dress. In my humble opinion, this gown looks best on Aishas, Gelerts, Kacheeks, Peophins, and Xweetoks.

5. Nighttime in Brightvale Background

This is, by far, the best Neopoint background to wear in celebration of Brightvale's discovery. Not only does it feature the iconic Brightvale Castle, but it does so using a stained glass window from the Brightvale Glazier shop! The soft glow given off by the streetlamps is another reason to love this background. It is an amazing value, since you can find it for under 5,000 neopoints.

6. Altador Cup Brightvale Frame

With its great use of Brightvale's yellow and gold colors, Brightvale's crest, and very subtle imagery of Brightvale Castle, the Altador Cup Brightvale Frame is a nice way to show off some Brightvale spirit. This frame was originally obtained by joining the Brightvale Altador Cup team, but you can also find it in user shops for around 500 neopoints.

Neocash Items:

1. Brightvale Frame

This frame was originally a randomly awarded bonus item from The Great Mystery Capsule Adventure Continues NC Mall event in 2010. The frame has it all: simple stonework, a shining green and gold banner, and two small Brightvale flags in the center. Unfortunately, this item may be a little harder to find, since it usually trades at an 8 or higher cap value, but will make a lovely addition to your Discovery of Brightvale celebration outfit if you can get your hands on it! Note: If you want this item but can't seem to find it, the Altador Cup Brightvale frame previously mentioned in this article is a nice alternative.

2. Brightvale Castle Dress

The Brightvale Castle Dress was a limited edition item found from opening the Brightvale Mystery Capsule, and is the perfect dress to wear in celebration of Brightvale's Discovery. It resembles Brightvale Castle in a very subtle way, with a cream-colored base that is accented by dark green ruffles. The best part of this dress is its green off-the-shoulder straps that look flattering on every species! Even though this dress was a cap LE, it is relatively easy to find, and trades at a 2 cap value.

3. Brightvale Team Braided Wig

This wig was released in the NC Mall just in time for the ninth Altador Cup, and very closely resembles the popular Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon. However, it has a little bit of a twist: its ribbon features Brightvale's green and gold colors! This long, sleek braid with entwined ribbon is the perfect hairstyle for any Brightvale themed outfit. Although it just retired, the wig is still pretty easy to find. It currently trades at a 1-2 cap value, and hopefully it will be rereleased next year! The Brightvale Team Braided wig looks wonderful, especially on Blumaroos, Draiks, Kacheeks, Usuls, and Zafaras.

4. New Years in Brightvale Background

Nothing screams "celebration" more than colorful fireworks bursting in the sky, which is why the New Years in Brightvale Background is the best Neocash background to wear in celebration of Brightvale's discovery! While it was originally a limited edition item found in the New Year 2011 Celebration Mystery Capsule, it only trades at a 1-2 cap value, making it pretty easy to obtain.

If you didn't know already, there are tons of different wearables your pet can sport to celebrate the Discovery of Brightvale. Whether you're in the market for gowns and robes, or brilliant backgrounds, or awesome accessories, there is sure to be something here that will catch your eye. Have some fun creating your own combinations of these wearables, and happy celebrating!

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