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How to Excel at Jumpin' Gem Heist

by jaylahcat


Welcome and thank you for choosing my game guide to Jumpin' Gem Heist. Whether you are playing the game for fun or to earn maximum Neopoints and a shiny new trophy, this guide should help you achieve a higher score. The user whom I had written it for even reported an immediate score increase! This article contains the tips, methods, and "tricks" I use to get scores of over 140,000. Originally I couldn't get a score over 89,000, but since the game was so fun, I played it every day and eventually I got over 100,000 scores with each play as I developed my own strategy. The most important thing I do is throughout the game is to focus on the order the gems fall in. Now I will describe in detail my procedure whenever I play Jumpin' Gem Heist.

When the game starts, I move Solly over to the left of the screen and wait for the first basket. The moment I can hit the basket, I throw the stone, then I carefully watch the gems move up the screen and move under the gem that will land first after catching my stone. After I catch that gem, I quickly move under the other gem so that I catch it when it falls.

The strategy that got me scores of over 100,000 is simply watching the gems fall out of the baskets and finding out what order they will land in (which is easy), followed by quickly moving Solly under the next gems after he catches the ones that are the closest to the ground in order. As far as hitting baskets go, I've experimented with a few different ways of earning points based on which baskets I hit, and I've found that when I hit every basket in the beginning of the game,(or at least tried my hardest to) it's ended with higher scores. I also like to try to always have some gems in the air to catch, but I avoid quickly hitting one basket after another, because that makes it very difficult to catch all of the gems (though sometimes if this happens I manage to catch them all, whenever I'm in that situation, the more gems there are, the less likely I am to catch them all. Techniques like that really are only for the professionals...). Most of the time I try to hit the next basket right after I catch the last falling gem so I don't risk breaking the combo, but I sometimes hit it when the last gem is still falling. I've experimented with hitting baskets right after the gems from the last basket start to fall downward to see if that strategy would get me higher scores, but it didn't, getting me scores in the 980,000s, but never to 99,000. It worked smoothly, though, and the strategy was satisfyingly efficient. I got the highest scores when I hit baskets after catching the last falling gem. The strategy on hitting baskets that I use now would be to try to hit every basket in the beginning, try to hit a new basket after I catch the last falling gem from the previous basket in the middle, and try to hit every basket I see with many gems in it at the end (when the time is low and each string of baskets only takes two seconds to move across the screen, including the time when they stop, wobble, then start moving again.). I also wouldn't advise chasing the baskets at the end, because there is a better chance of hitting the basket if you throw your stone before it is right overhead than if you chase the basket all of the way across the screen and throw your stone as it moves off of the screen, because at this point the baskets move much faster than Solly can.

As with the rocks, I sometimes try to avoid hitting baskets with them inside, even if there are gems in there too, (at the end, because the meteor showers are a lot harsher then) but not always, especially not at the beginning of the game. I don't avoid them much (or at all whenever I can keep up with the basket speed,) because I use a special technique to get falling gems that are just above falling rocks. The technique is to have Solly stand beside where the rock will fall, (preferably to the opposite of the side of the screen it is moving towards, though either side works as long as you have good distance judgment) and when it breaks into pieces on the ground, quickly move to the place where the rock just was to catch the falling gem. The same technique can work in a different way to avoid being hit by a flaming rock in a meteor shower. When there are lots of flaming rocks coming down from the top of the screen in a line, move under the rock that is the highest on the screen (or a rock that is much higher than at least one of the rocks adjacent to it) and when the rock next to it breaks on the ground, move to the place that rock just was to avoid getting hit by a rock. The original version of the technique works just the same if a gem gets above the flaming rock, and you can keep up the five-gems-combo if you can catch all of the gems before moving under the topmost flaming rock in the meteor shower to avoid being hit. Don't worry if one of the gems gets behind a rock, just dodge the rock and try to continue the combo, because one time when I was playing Jumpin' Gem Heist, a gem went behind a rock, I dodged the rock, I never heard the gem crash, and when I got another gem, my combo continued where it left off. That's the end of my guide, so now that you know all of my strategies, good luck getting a trophy!

Thanks for reading!

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