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Neopoint Customisation for Peophins

by aleu1986


Customisation offers endless possibilities. You can dress up your pet in all kinds of different clothing, and with all the lovely backgrounds available, only your imagination (well, also your bank balance at the National Neopian) sets the limit!

Certain Neopet species are harder to customise than others, and beautiful though they are, Peophins do fall into this category. Thank Fyora for species specific clothing! These wearables are all tailor made to fit one certain Neopets body type, which not only means you can make your Peophin look dashing, you'll also get a more unique look than when you have to rely on the clothes found at Unis Clothing Shop or the NC Mall. Many items sold there can be worn by all species, which means your Peophin might take a stroll down a street in Neopia Central and pass by any Aisha, Kacheek and Cybunny wearing the same shirt as them. Awkward.

So, this species may be a tad difficult to customise, but in Neopoint clothing there is a nice variety which caters well to both the female and male sides of the Peophin population.

When putting together this article, I have reviewed many different Peophin outfits on the following base colours: White, Brown, Striped, Skunk and Christmas. I chose these colours due to them being reasonable purchases for most Neopians, not to mention White and Brown both serve as wonderful base colours both for customisation and cross painting. Striped is besides a cheaper alternative to the Royal PB if you desire your Peophin to have a lovely, light blue colour.

The Christmas Paint Brush grants Peophins two items (a piece of holly and a big, red bow) along with a gorgeous base colour. This paint job is one of the most affordable on the market, so why not grab the chance to get your Peophin a special holiday outfit before settling on the permanent colour (unless Christmas is your final choice, obviously).

Note: Aside from the Christmas PB, this guide does not cover paint brush clothing for Peophins.

Onward to the list of outfits, here they are, in no particular order:

Carousel Peophin: The Carousel outfit is fun and stylish, it comes in three pieces (collar, hat and saddle). The hat features four green ribbons similar in appearance to seaweed, and the collar sports a pretty shell, two reminders of the Peophins natural, aquatic habitat. The straps are decorated with golden stars.

The Striped Peophin matches this outfit particularly well with its light, creamy colours.

Recommended Base Colours: White, Striped, Brown.

Background suggestions: Platform BG, Simple Wooden Stage. Game Room BG matches the colourful playful nature of this outfit. Polka Dotted Pink BG, Faerie Painted BG, Meepit vs Feepit BG and Pretty Floral BG can also work if you just want a simple, colourful background without an actual place setting. Why not decorate with a Merry-Go-Round Garland during the Month of Celebrating?

Inside Circus Tent BG and Roo Island Toy Merry Go Round are obviously the perfect choices, but those are NeoCash items, and this guide deals with Neopoint clothing/backgrounds only.

Extravagant Peophin: This outfit has a total of five pieces (boots, trousers, shirt, jacket and wig). Black boots (or rather, tailcover, as Peophins have no hind legs) with gold buckles, blue trousers with assorted patches, green plaid shirt, black leather jacket with side pocket and a red floppy wig.

Don't let the number of pieces to this outfit scare you from buying it, with the right combination, your Peophin will still look great even if you don't get all five parts.

If you're on a tight budget you can choose to just get the boots, shirt and jacket. Alternatively, if you've just squandered your fortune during a weak moment at Kauvara's Magic Shop (it can happen to the best of us) you can even get away with just the shirt and jacket. (It looks great that way too!)

In my personal opinion this outfit looks best with the wig excluded.

Whichever combination you put together from this outfit, I guarantee your Peophin will rock it!

Recommended base colours: Skunk, White, Brown.

Background suggestions: Try as I might, I did not manage to find a Neopoint one that really matched this outfit well. Might I suggest checking the NC Mall?

Fancy Peophin: Like the Carousel outfit, this is definitely best suited for the ladies. This four piece clothing set includes bracelets, dress, necklace and wig. The necklace is made of lovely pink pearls and features a pink shell (similar to the one on the aforementioned Carousel collar) and the pink colour is found again on the belt buckle as well as on the bracelets.

The dress is green with yellow flowers and a blue front piece, a matching blue belt ties it all nicely together. The Fancy dress flows beautifully along the Peophins smooth, curved belly and tail.

The wig is a shiny dark blue, sleek and simple. It covers the Peophins long, flowing mane and has curly locks, a single one of which hangs out over the Peophin's forehead, dragging your attention to the pet's beautiful face.

The deep dark green colour of the Christmas Peophin creates a nice contrast to the lighter shade of the dress. The pastel blue colour of the Striped Peophin compliments the dark blue wig nicely.

Recommended base colours: Striped, White, Christmas, Brown.

Background suggestions: In my opinion, this outfit looks great both on land and under the sea. Look under "Proper Peophin Lady" as well as "Maraquan Peophin Warrior" further down in this article for suggestions.

Maraquan Warrior Peophin: This outfit consists of four pieces: Bracers, Chest Armour, Tail Armour and the best part... Trident! (How cool is that!?) The different pieces are mainly green, with elements of yellow and brown.

This is an interesting outfit that stands out from the usual pretty dresses and suit jackets, and refreshingly, it doesn't come with a wig.

The tail armour has a fish scale pattern – a smart detail worth noticing.

I really like this set because it's the closest thing you can get to actually dressing up your pet in Battledome gear. (It's not like any of the full body armour are wearable).

Protected by the armour, and armed with the trident, your Peophin is now ready to defend Maraqua!

Recommended base colours: Brown, Christmas, White.

Background suggestions: Underwater BG, Underwater Net BG, Underwater Shipwreck BG. Seasonal Maraqua BG (suited best for the Month of Celebrating, which is also a great time to bring out those Christmas Peophin clothes from your closet!)

Peophin Spy Outfit: This is a very simple, yet oh so stylish outfit. A must for any (male) Peophins closet! It consists of a suit, glasses and wig. The suit is black with a white shirt, and the wig matches it. Similarly to the Fancy Peophin Wig, the Spy wig is small and sleek.

Recommended base colours: Skunk, White, Brown.

Background suggestions: Manor Room Crime Scene BG. (I know the outfit name says "Spy," but your Peophin might just as well be a sleuth when wearing this outfit, plus the black and white background matches the clothes perfectly).

Proper Peophin Lady: Easily one of the most beautiful Peophin clothing sets in Neopia! No need for a Royal Paint Brush when you have this gorgeous set! Consists of dress, necklace, wig and rose.

My single complaint about this outfit is that I wished the skirt was wrapped more tightly around the tail (like the Shimmering dress, for example) but that aside this set is jawdropping. The only buyable piece from this set is the necklace, so once again, if you don't want to spend too much, the rose can be excluded in the final customisation without taking anything away from the overall look. However, I'd say go for the complete set if you can afford it, your Peophin will be doing somersaults with sheer joy! Soon she'll be ready to attend a banquet at Meridell Castle!

The dress is a dark green with deep purple and gold details.

The necklace is silver with a red ruby, and the wig is brown, the long hair is flowing gently over the Peophins shoulders. This wig also comes with a flower wreath featuring a rose to match the one your very own proper Peophin Lady will be holding between her hooves.

Recommended Base Colours: Brown, White, Christmas.

Background suggestions: Spring Courtyard BG, Perfect Gazebo BG, Neogarden BG, Broken Stained Glass Window, Nighttime In Brightvale, Gourmet Club Bowls BG, Neopies Carpet BG.

Sturdy Peophin: This outfit can be used for both male and female Peophins. It consists of armour, boots, wig, shield and sword.

If your bank balance is on the low side, this outfit looks nice just consisting of the armour and sword. Even with the wig added, I'd say it's up to you whether you wish to include the shield and boots.

This wig is basically the shorter, "early morning" version of the Flowing Peophin wig, they have a similar colouring. The sword is a very nice piece, I like the detail of the strap wrapped around the Peophins leg and how the sword is tucked in underneath its leg rather than dangling loosely on the side. The shield should protect the Peophin well with its rectangular design.

Recommended Base Colours: White, Brown, Skunk.

Background suggestions: Any underwater background will work, however this outfit can also be used together with other types of background, such as Idyllic Nature Scene, Misty Shenkuu BG, River Overlook, Rocky Ocean BG... (Places this Peophin might come either to train or to relax afterwards). Tyrannian Cliffs BG and Tyrannian Concert Hall BG look nice also.

Peophin Time Traveller: Five piece outfit consisting of boots, jacket, suit, hat and watch.

The hat is a black top hat (which is the best kind of hat, perhaps with the exception of a pirate hat!) with thick goggles included. The jacket is black and shiny with gold buttons and the suit has a white shirt with a burgundy cloth, brown stripy waistcoat and dark brown trousers. The watch is a large, gold pocket watch complete with chain.

The boots aren't a great necessity, and I'd recommend you try removing the jacket every now and then to allow the suit to shine. (Gotta love that Neovian style!) The jacket doesn't look very nice without a shirt underneath, so keep that in mind!

Recommended Base Colours: Brown, White, Skunk.

Background suggestions: Neopian Times BG, Neovia Shop Silhouette BG, Question Mark BG. (Hey, when you travel through time, who knows where you'll end up, right? ...Or maybe I just ran out of ideas).

There are two gorgeous outfits called Shimmering and Flowing Peophin, and they come with four and five pieces respectively. They both look wonderful, but after some experimentation, I present my personal choice for combining elements from both.

Flowing Peophin Wig, Shimmering Blue Peophin Necklace (or Flowing Peophin Necklace) Shimmering Blue Peophin Dress and Flowing Peophin Bracelet (optional).

The Flowing wig is a light, dirty brown shade, and it's big without being overwhelming. Since the Peophin (usually) lives underwater, it's easy to imagine how great this wig would look when it has the freedom to float around in the water. The Shimmering dress is really beautiful with blue ribbons and puffy sleeves.

Recommended base colours: White, Striped, Brown, Skunk.

Background suggestions: Underwater BG, Underwater Net BG, Underwater Shipwreck BG. I personally think underwater ones would look best, but it's really up to you to decide!

Plaid Peophin: I could not end this article without quickly mentioning the adorable Plaid Peophin Dress and Bow, which looks particularly good on Brown Peophins!

As for backgrounds, the Classroom BG is a pretty obvious choice, but any spring/summer themed BG would look great when your Peophin is wearing this lovely dress and bow.

That's all, Neopians! I hope you have enjoyed reading my article, and please keep in mind this is all based on my personal opinions and preferences, this is by no means a how-to guide on customising Peophins! I just wanted to tell you about some of the great outfits that are made for this fantastic species, now go forth and celebrate Peophin Day in style!

--- Aleu

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