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Heroes' Thoughts On Villain’s Favorites

by pikachu315111


Several months ago, Neopian Times Issue #634 was dedicated by many of the article, story, and comic authors as a "Villains" issue, an issue honoring all of Neopets villains or just darker individuals. For that issue I wrote an article called "Villains' Favorite Heroes" where I went around to these villains, mainly those in the Gallery of Evil, and asked them if there was a hero who they liked or respected. Many of their answers were quite surprising, so surprising that it made me wonder what would those heroes think of being a villain's favorite? So in honor of Neopia's heroes, I decided to find that out (it's also a lot safer to ask a hero for their thoughts on villains than the other way around)! Here are the heroes and their thoughts of being a villain's favorite:

Jeran (Ghost Lupe's favorite)

"I'm not quite sure what to think; I'm sort of stuck in a paradox. On one hand the Ghost Lupe is a villain and as a knight I'm sworn to fight against any evil and protect Meridell. But on the other hand he was a knight and an elder knight giving praise to a younger knight is praise that should be graciously accepted with honor. I guess my course of action should be like that of facing a worthy foe part of an opposing side in combat: act in a chivalrous manner and don't underestimate the one being spoken to or about. Though I do wonder, if the Ghost Lupe was a knight, why has he forgone his knightly code to act with malevolence? The Castle Defender is also a specter yet he defends Meridell as he did when he was living during the early history of Meridell. Is it because his kingdom and people are no more? What happens to a knight who has lost their kingdom? I pray I never find out, and as long as I wield a sword I vow Meridell and her people never will either!"

Fyora (Pant Devil's favorite)

"*sigh* I'm never going to live down giving those Alien Aishas a tour of the Hidden Tower; of course that was back in the days before I understood the capabilities of space technology. But back to the question at hand, I don't really think much of it. Of course the Pant Devil would love to get into the Hidden Tower; what thief wouldn't? That's why it's magically hidden to those who wish to cause malice and harm. Though I would like to thank it for informing me of its 'meetings' with Neopians who leave the Hidden Tower; we've gotten reports of Pant Devil sightings and thefts around the tower, but we thought it was just by random chance. Now that I know it's doing this on purpose, I'll get Aethia to increase guard patrols in the Hidden Tower's immediate area."

King Coltzan III (Malkus Vile's favorite)

(due to difficulty of getting an interview with King Coltzan's III ghost (he doesn't stick around long enough to talk to at his shrine, though on the plus side I got a dubloon), we instead asked for the opinions of one of King Coltzan's daughter and current ruler of Sakhmet, Princess Amira)

Princess Amira

"HOW DARE HE SAY SUCH THINGS! The theft of my father's crown, right after his tragic passing no less, was yet another tragedy that I, my sister Vyssa, and the rest of Sakhmet were forced to suffer through until it was thankfully resolved! Vile besmirched my father's memory and ruined the reveal of his shrine, his minions insulted my sister, and now he wishes to hold no grudges? I'LL SHOW HIM A GRUDGE THE LIKES HE HAS NEVER SEEN! If I ever hear Vile is in the Lost Desert I will send General Dacon and my most elite soldiers to capture him so he can be EXECUTED POSTHASTE! And the failure of stealing my father's crown is of your own bumbling, Vile. Your minions couldn't even come up with a good insult toward my sister let alone follow a complicated plan. 'Spotty bum'? Vyssa has much more embarrassing insecurities, like lately she's been mumbling her love for the rogue thief Hanso in her sleep, it's so funny. What? Oh, don't give me that look. I'm Vyssa's sister; I'm allowed to tease her and reveal she has a diary scroll where she writes her dreams of Hanso. *giggles*"

Hannah (Shadow Usul's favorite)

"Huh, odd, I didn't even realize the Shadow Usul could talk. And I'm a treasure hunter, not a thief, unless you're a pirate but then again what I took from pirates didn't belong to them anyway, now did it? *wink* As for me and the Shadow Usul thinking alike, I think... he? She? It?... is just seeing a pattern where there isn't one. Though I decided to go to Kreludor, I got the idea from Grundo scientists who invited me to venture through the then newly discovered series of caves. Kreludor would have been my last place to look for caves containing treasures, or just caves. I'd even say the Kreludor Caves are some of the most challenging caves I've been through. Pirates, icy skeletons, arrows, bombs, boulders, rooms filling up with water; I can handle all that. But almost no gravity, no heat, no sound, losing air and fuel constantly; it gives me the chills. And giant, indestructible, angry robots don't help the situation either; if anything I say it makes it worse. So I'd think I'd say thanks for the compliments, but you got the wrong idea about me."

Sergeant Brexis (Spider Grundo's favorite)

"Ah yes, the Spider Grundo, why am I not surprised I'm his favorite hero to fight? I don't know what exactly Sloth did to him, but I don't think he's acting in his right mind. He's acting too primal, as if he was a Spyder, a VERY large Spyder who sees every Neopet as prey to eat! I'm hopeful that maybe one day we'd be able to cure him of his transformation; of course we'd first need to capture him, but he's a slimy one and finds a way to slip through our clutches. But don't worry, citizen, the Defenders of Neopia are always keeping a watchful eye and listening ear for when evildoers such as the Spider Grundo show up again. Though now that I know he's looking forward to trapping me particularly in his web, it gives me an idea for a trap the next time we fight!"

Dr. Flexo (Jelly Chia's favorite)

"This is both intriguing and concerning. Oh, I'm not talking about the Jelly Chia choosing me as his favorite hero; I have no thoughts on that. However I never realized that the Jelly Chia saw our fighting as 'playing'. In fact, if his conversation with you is any sign of his inner thoughts, then he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong! I always knew the Jelly Chia had a juvenile mind, but what you tell me indicates he also has an amoral mind; a mind which does not understand right or wrong. The only 'wrong' thing he sees is eating one another, which is nice to hear as we don't have to worry about him dissolving anyone. This could be valuable information in capturing the Jelly Chia and maybe even habilitating him; of course, finding a way for him to fit into Neopian society would be difficult. If only there was a world made of jelly where he could live peacefully with creatures of his own kind; but what am I saying? A doctor like myself shouldn't be thinking of such nonsensical and nonexistent places."

Sabre-X (Meuka's favorite)

"Uggh, great, I hope this doesn't mean I need to protect the Giant Omelette from Meuka in addition to those who keep trying to take seconds. Actually I'm a bit insulted at what he's insinuating. Guarding the Giant Omelette isn't an easy job. Not only do I need to keep Neopians from taking seconds, but I need to stop Petpets and Petpetpets from munching on it, keep Neopians from bouncing on it which is just unsanitary, and make sure all pieces are safe to eat, and even then some Rotten Omelettes slip through once in a while. And if you think that's easy to do, just remember the size of the Giant Omelette. It's called GIANT for a reason! And it's a job you get no respect doing; most of Neopia just knows me as that Lupe who yells at you for trying to take a second piece of Omelette. However, it's my job and I take great offense to this snotty big mouth Meerca thinking he can not only do it but also selfishly keep the Giant Omelette to himself! If I ever see Meuka around here, all there will be left of him will be SNOT SMUDGES ON MY CLUB!"

Captain K (Commander Garoo's favorite)

"Commander Garoo always did have a 'colorful' imagination, mostly of reds, silvers, blacks, and greens. Don't be concerned with too much of what he said; Dr. Sloth is trapped within the Space Faerie's Token and every hero with space flight capabilities is actively searching for it, myself included. *I ask in surprise they don't have the Space Faerie's Token* Huh? Well, yes, we don't have the Space Faerie's Token in our possession just yet, but we will! I can't tell you how close we are to finding it; there are villains who have space flight too, but what I can say is that we've narrowed our search and will have it before any of Sloth's minions do. We're also keeping our eyes and ears open to radio transmissions in case any space rogues find it. *I point out he just said no one else would get to it first* Huh? Well, yes, I did say SLOTH's minions won't get it, but space is a big place and we can only watch the enemy we know. You know what, don't worry about the Space Faerie's Token; we have the best minds of the Virtupets Space Station and Kreludor working on it! And if Commander Garoo is reading this, I can guarantee you're underestimating Neopia's and my willpower. We will never yield to evils such as Sloth, and I will never yield to you!"

Judge Hog (Balthazar's favorite)

(Balthazar had also said he'd pick any of the Defenders of Neopia. Balthazar also originally picked Xandra, though obviously not being a hero he was asked to choose another hero)

"*rolls eyes* It's so nice that Balthazar considers us his favorite heroes for such sound reasons. *sighs* Balthazar's hatred for the Faeries has been well documented, so much so that anything he says will always have a bias against Faeries even when the topic has nothing to do with them. He'll also twist facts until they're to his liking no matter how untrue they are. For example, though our powers are great they pale in comparison to that of a Faerie. In addition the Faeries use their power to keep Neopia's natural balance in order; otherwise we'd have monsters like life draining Wraiths roaming around, OR WORSE! We Neopets can't see this balance so it's hard for us to understand what the Faeries know, something which Balthazar and others like Xandra fail to understand. I have met and talked with Queen Fyora and many other Faeries countless times and I assure you they do not consider themselves above anyone else. Well, except for Dark Faeries, though that's to be expected. The few times the Defenders had to go up against a Faerie, it was always a Dark Faerie, and we've had help from Queen Fyora's court. Now thinking about it, it's theorized that the Faeries who tormented Balthazar when he was a pup were three Dark Faeries known as the 'Dark Faerie Sisters', minions of the Darkest Faerie. If Balthazar would write a report of the Faeries who tormented him, the Defenders could work with Queen Fyora's court to go after them, but he refuses to believe only a specific group of Faeries are evil and instead insists all of them are. Goes to show you how blind hatred prevents justice from being done. *shakes head in disappointment*"

Boris (Count Von Roo's favorite)

"*eyes grow wide with excitement* Count Von Roo says I'M his favorite hero?! *Boris faints though Morris is close by with smelling salts. Morris explains this happens a few times when they talk about Count Von Roo as Boris starts regaining conscious and Morris returns to his post* Huh? What happened? Oh, now I remember, you said I was Count Von Roo's favorite hero! I can't believe it, I'm one of his biggest fans! Yeah, I know he's a villain but he's just SO cool! He can fly without needing wings, can turn into vapor, turn into a bat-like creature, can use powerful magic, hypnotize you with a stare, and is overall indestructible except for a few weaknesses he's super smart enough to avoid! He's, like, unstoppable! Did Count Von Roo say anything else about me? *I tell him what Count Von Roo exactly said about him; however, he starts getting nervous when I mention Count Von Roo may turn him into his heir* Oh, umm, gee, I appreciate Count Von Roo's offer, I really do, but I don't think that I'd, umm, I'd make a good heir, yeah, that's it! Also I have friends I'd like to grow up with, I have my duty as a Meridell knight, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't do as a vampire. So, yeah. *goes back to his post though looking very nervous and holding his hand up to his throat*"

MAGAX ((Ghost of) Hubrid Nox's favorite)

"*grumbles* Yeah, had I known Hubrid Nox would return as a ghost to haunt me I wouldn't have visited his grave. But don't misunderstand my actions; I did not 'forgive' Nox for what he made me do to acquire the wrath of all Faeries. I was paying 'respects', for lack of a better word, from one warrior to another and a student to a mentor, NOTHING MORE! If anything, I'm a bit angry that it wasn't I who slew him. All I had left was vengeance, and now I was robbed of even that! Worse yet, I'm now forever to be haunted by my worst enemy's ghost, unable to harm him but only able to momentarily banish his specter form. But I'm glad he's gone! The worse he can only do now is his ghost being a pest to only me, a responsibility and punishment I accept. And if Nox thinks that I'll allow him to be revived, let alone HELP in reviving him, then he has another thing coming! *suddenly Nox's laugh can be heard. MAGAX summons his Darklight Axe* If you'll excuse me, I have to serve 'another thing coming'."

Hanso (Vira's favorite)

(Vira chose Nightsteed and Bruno as her favorite heroes, though I think we all know who her actual favorite hero is (plus I get revenge for her attacking me))

"Ah, so my roguish charm even lights up the darkest of hearts. *behind him Brynn loudly clears her throat in agitation and taps her foot with her eyes closed* BUT I'm sad to inform her she isn't my type. *Brynn glares at Hanso and angrily throws her glove at Hanso. Hanso turns and walks up to Brynn* What? You want me to say she IS my type? *Brynn and Hanso argue for a bit before Hanso walks back to me and starts reading off a card* I, Hanso, do not approve getting admiration from a villain. *turns to Brynn* THERE! Happy? *Brynn sighs and nods* As you can see, it's not easy being an idol. You have girls of all types swooning over you and sometimes there's ones you don't want attention from *whispers to me and points to Brynn* or rather, you're partner doesn't want you getting admiration from. *Brynn gives a loud, annoyed hum and nasty glare to Hanso* But hey, as a Master Thief and Faerie Artifact Retriever, I've been through tougher *whispers to me and points to Brynn, again* especially if your partner is Brynn, but I kid-*Brynn gives out a loud, angry yell and knocks out Hanso with the hilt of her sword. She apologizes and says they have a high danger level artifact they need to rush and retrieve before dragging him off*"

Master Vex (Lord Darigan's favorite)

(Lord Darigan picked both Master Vex and Galgarroth as his favorite, but Galgarroth is harder to get an interview with being the Citadel's chief general)

"Lord Darigan should have been able to say himself, actually Lord Darigan shouldn't have been asked in the first place as he's no villain! But I digress; eventually I'm sure the powers that be will realize their error and put Lord Darigan in the correct Gallery. As for Lord Darigan choosing me and Galgarroth as his favorite heroes, I'm both honored yet not surprised. Lord Darigan entrusts us with helping the citizens of the Citadel and maintaining order, and we're proud to serve under his rule and wisdom. How could we ever follow the orders of Kass? He was a madman who only wanted praise and blood; he did not care for anyone else or the Citadel! He locked me in my own dungeon and threw Galgarroth off the Citadel for simply questioning some of his decisions! Thankfully for the chief general the Citadel was over farmland and he was able to direct his fall onto a pile of hay, though he had hay fever for weeks. Anyway, I'll be sure to tell Galgarroth that Lord Darigan chose him as his co-favorite hero. Now unless you want to play a game of Cellblock I suggest you leave; a dungeon full of insane prisoners is more boring than you think."

King Skarl (Tax Beast's favorite)

"THE MARROW TAX MADE UP?! HOW DARE THAT PILE OF GREEN FUR SUGGEST SUCH A THING! THE MARROW TAX IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TAXES THERE IS! *stops for a moment of heavy breathing to calm down before continuing* Do you know how many food dishes in Neopia have Marrow as an ingredient? Over EIGHTY PERCENT! Surprised? Don't be, for most of that is from Marrow Oil; why, you probably even have a bottle of Marrow Oil in your kitchen cabinet. Meridell's main export is Marrow, specifically for the creation of Marrow Oil, and do you know how we keep track of all that Marrow? That's right, WITH THE MARROW TAX! If there is one thing that the Tax Beast got correct, though, it's that the Marrow Tax has made me and the kingdom of Meridell very wealthy. And you better believe ninety percent of that goes to maintaining the kingdom of Meridell. *I ask him about the other ten percent* Huh? Well, a king does have to splurge once in a while, BUT only in times of peace, I assure you."

Rasala (Morguss's favorite)

"Uggh, you don't have to remind me how much of a kiss up that hag is. I still can't believe the elder members gave her sanctuary after the atrocities she has committed! Thankfully, as leader of the Order of the Red Erisim, I'm able to limit her privileges to make sure she isn't living in luxury off the Order! And of her daughter, the Court Dancer? I do not care; the girl is amoral, a tool of her mother. I'd give her sanctuary only if it meant she could escape from her mother. But this isn't about her, but of her mother. The hag is constantly trying to get in my favor, but I know if I gave her any bit of influence or power it would end in disaster and look negatively upon the Order. It's why she isn't with us now at the Battleground but instead at our main headquarters confined to her quarters. Could you imagine what she would have tried doing if she was with us during the War for the Obelisk? Surely the Oracle wouldn't have found us worthy if she sensed her nearby, though then again it did accept the other factions as worthy and I'd argue some of them aren't any better. And the hag shouldn't tempt me with agreeing on what I said about fireballs, lest I send one her way!"

Sasha (Court Dancer's favorite)

"I'll admit I'm a bit surprised. Everyone says I have a gift to bring happiness to anyone who sees me dance, though never have I thought I'd be getting such admiration from a villain. Actually, are you sure 'The Court Dancer'... is that her actual name?... is a villain? I sense no malice in her words, except to her own mother, but it more sounds like she's been used and her attitude has reflected as such. She sounds a bit vain; it seems she's either afraid or doesn't believe anyone would pay attention to her without disguising her appearance. Of course it's your inner beauty which counts, and disguising herself as such also disguises her inner beauty. Hmm, maybe there's a way I can help her. In Altador I have opened a dancing studio to train the next generation of young dancers. If she and the Order of the Red Erisim be willing, I could accept her as a student and teach her how to be a true dancer and entertainer, no potion of disguise required. I'll write to the Order right now to see if I can, as she puts it, 'elevate' her from her current position... and find out what her actual name is, too."

Soup Faerie (Masila's favorite)

(Masila also picked the Money Tree; however, the Money Tree doesn't speak so...)

"*frowns and shakes her head* I can't believe there are those who would be so selfish, not to mention wrathful. I don't know what else to say other than that. Am I really a fool for wanting to help those in need? Am I gullible for believing those who come to my kitchen asking for a simple free meal? I don't think so, and neither do those at the Soup Kitchen who appreciate my help. The same goes for the Money Tree, who's the very symbol of Neopia charity! The Money Tree does not sit around and have donations thrown at it; the Money Tree accepts every donation it's given with a smile and gives that donation to someone deserving while making sure no one takes more than their fair share. Forgive me for my temper, I just can't understand how someone's heart could be so black and cold. However, the funny thing is, if Masila were to come to the Soup Kitchen asking for a free bowl of soup, I would give her one. Hatred feeds hatred, and the best way to fight against hatred is with kindness. The Money Tree would agree too, giving her a donation with a kind smile if she came to it. And if that still makes me a fool and gullible, *the Soup Faerie gives a gentle smile* then so be it."

Taelia (Jhudora's favorite)

"*sighs* Oh, Jhudora, the way you can twist things into something malicious is an art in and of itself, and also by itself thankfully. For those seeking the truth, I didn't set up my hut on Terror Mountain's peak to give quests. Rather I set up my hut on Terror Mountain to hone my snow and ice magic. In the process I also became a protector to the villagers who dared to inhabit Terror Mountain and provided a safe haven for those who get lost during a blizzard. I don't remember how long ago it was, but one day I decided to ask a villager passing by to fetch me a few items, the first quest I ever gave. Before then a few Neopets had asked if I was giving quests, though I graciously told them I wasn't, but thanked them for their offer. However, I had run out of a certain ingredient so I asked the villager if he could fetch me what I needed and soon came back with the items. I rewarded him with a magical item I had lying around and I guess he must have told his fellow villagers what happened, as next day I had Neopets lining at my hut asking for quests. Realizing I had started something I couldn't stop, I checked my stock for ingredients I needed and would eventually need, and entered into the questing business. So you see, it's not I who asked Neopets to do quests for me, but rather it was Neopets who asked me to give them quests. I've come to enjoy giving out quests and rewarding questers for completing my quests, though I will be lying if I did not admit sometimes I wished I could be left alone to my own hobbies. But that's a life of a Faerie, I suppose, and it's nice to feel important and wanted."

Cap'n Threelegs (Captain Scarblade's favorite)

"So Cap'n Scarblade says I be his favorite hero because of my tales as a pirate, does he? Well, wit' the way he acts he must not have listened that well or needs a refreshed tellin'. If ye don't mind me showin' my age, back in my days pirates didn't 'own' parts of the sea. Every pirate knew the sea was free for everyone to sail. Sure, pirates got into fights with each other now and again, but when ye sailed on the seas you accepted that possibility, even if ye be a pirate yerself! Aye, but nowadays these young pirates dare to actually try and chop up the seas into pieces and claimin' this piece be thems, that piece be ye's, and those pieces be theirs. And the result of them doin' all this? They fight with one another to claim and defend these pieces they 'own'! It's bad enough they chopped up a map, but what's the point of choppin' it if they just goin' to fight anyway? Anyhoo I suggest Scarblade and all ye young pirate cap'ns tryin' to carve a name fer yerself re-listen to the tales of us older cap'ns, ye may actually learn a thin' or two about proper pirate etiquette."

Brucey B (Benny's favorite)

"Oh, well, I've been told I'm an inspiration to Bruces everywhere, but I always thought they just meant for young Bruces. Though really, I'm just a normal Neopet like everyone else who found a lucky coin, discovered a new land, and saved it by defeating Dr. Sloth. Something anyone can do. Though I'm not too sure if that also applies to villains, being my story is about defeating a villain and becoming a hero. Though there's one thing I can agree with, it's hard to be taken seriously being a Bruce, but don't think becoming famous changes that. I'm asked all the time how I was able to defeat Dr. Sloth being short and chubby, and when I tell them all I did was charge and tackle him they find it hard to believe me! Can you believe it? I mean, yeah, I'm short and chubby, but all of that is packed muscle and ramming into you will feel like being hit with a cannonball! All the advice I can give is be all you can be and don't let the stereotype of your species hold you back, oh, and maybe finding a lucky coin if you can. But the lucky coin isn't necessary, it just helps. Wait, I don't think that's advice I should be giving a villain... um, also be a good guy, there, that should fix it."

Nabile (Jazan's favorite)

"Ah, so that's the reason why Jazan has been filling out papers to be put into the Gallery of Heroes a few weeks back; sadly he has had no luck. I'm not surprised I'm Jazan's favorite hero, he's my favorite hero too, even if he's not in the Gallery of Heroes yet. Though I guess right now I can say he's my favorite villain *chuckle*. I tease, but Jazan does his best to keep Qasala and me happy and has done a wonderful job doing both, though I do worry about him overworking himself. And I'm not just sitting back either, I'm also assuring the happiness of Qasala and Jazan. I mostly make public appearances, however the times Jazan has gone off to see what's happening in Neopia like during the Faeries' Ruin he trusted me with running Qasala till he got back. I also help Jazan calm down when he gets infuriated, ESPECIALLY when Hanso drops by unannounced. Or announced. Either way, I know Jazan can seem rough around the edges but that's because he really cares, and it's that kind heart I see when I see my Jazan."

Gilly (Eliv Thade's favorite)

"*Looks nervous* Great. Just the thing I wanted to hear. I barely escaped with my life the last time I stumbled into Thade's Castle. His entire castle is booby trapped, made so the floors fall beneath you if you get one of his anagrams wrong! Thankfully my favorite kind of puzzles are anagrams, so I guess there must be some kind of spirit of the Haunted Woods which likes me. Of course, now Eliv Thade considers me his rival and being he's completely insane I have no idea what he's going to do! I may have to change a few of my routes through the Haunted Woods to go nowhere near his castle, though knowing my luck I'll just get lost again; does it ever seem like the paths throughout the Haunted Woods shift time to time? Hmm, maybe I can ask Sophie to make me some kind of protection spell, when she's in a good mood, of course."

AND that'll do it! I'm surprised that the picked heroes' responses were as varied as the villain choices were. I thought many would be angry that a villain chose them as their favorite but many heroes seemed more confused than anything else, and some didn't even mind or cared. Goes to show you that maybe there isn't much of a difference between heroes and villains; except for the whole heroes doing good and villains doing evil, then there's a MAJOR difference. So as I did with my previous article, I'd like to remind everyone to stay vigilant, for with every good there is in Neopia, there is also evil just around the corner-AHHHHH! *gets attacked by a furious Vira, again*

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