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Alternatives to the Everyday Omelette

by snowpuffcookies


Hey, we've all been there. When it comes time to feed your pet, it is so easy and affordable to just feed them omelettes. Three meals for the price of one-if you actually bought it and didn't just snatch a freebie slice from the Giant Omelette on the Tyrannian Plateau. I'm sure at some point, we've all stopped to think on whether our pets are truly fine eating the same thing every meal of every day. Would you like to eat egg for all your meals? I certainly wouldn't. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "If I feed my pet different varieties of omelette, it's not so bad is it? It's not like there's an alternative that's cheap and wholesome and delicious, right?" Well, I'm here to say hold your horses! Let me bend your ear a little bit. It just so happens there are a plethora of just such foods, and they're yours for the taking. You don't ever have to decide between Sausage Omelettes or Bacon and Broccoli Omelettes ever again, if you so choose, if you only read this article and let me show you how to get more bang for your hard-earned neopoints!

I call your attention away from the Tyrannian side of the map, and to the land called Altador. If you've been around Altador, you'd know that there's a quaint little store for food known as Exquisite Ambrosia. If you've ever glanced inside and admired the delicacies, but balked at the prices, never fear. Certain Altadorian foods are sold for a pittance on the Shop Wizard. Let's start with your snacks. In Exquisite Ambrosia, a Tureen of Olives will run you close to 300-500 neopoints. Not exactly as budget-friendly as the omelette. But on the Shop Wizard, It is frequently, not rarely, priced at a paltry 5 neopoints. A cheap, hearty replacement for whatever figure-UNfriendly foods you've been trimming your pet's diet with (Lemon Trifles, anyone?). A Tureen of Olives is also great in that it is a finger food: rest assured your pet won't drip their Brucicle all over your Neohome!

Another great find is the basket of Altadorian Bread. Purchased in Exquisite Ambrosia, you'll be out around 200 neopoints. On the Shop Wizard, the common price is only 5-10 neopoints. If you're looking for something a little more uptown, but still neopoint-conscious, you could even procure a Fancy Cheese Platter. These are a little more spendy than the bread and the olives, at around 70-100 neopoints a platter, but the value of treating your pet with a rich, creamy delicacy for so little may well be worth it.

If you'd rather not, there are other great items for a tiny pricetag, such as a loaf of Ionic Bread. In Exquisite Ambrosia, these will cost you 2,500 neopoints for a single loaf, and if you're reading this, you likely don't want to throw around that many neopoints. On the Shop Wizard, these will run you a simple 5-20 neopoints for the same great food. Talk about savings!

I think one of my favorite items from the Altadorian menu, however, is the Hero Gyro. The things I mentioned earlier were snacks, but this is a meal! A hearty gyro stuffed with meat and greens, commonly found on the Shop Wizard for 5-10 neopoints. I need to reiterate, these are not rare, fluke prices: these are the everyday prices for Altadorian luxuries! I refreshed many times on these prices to verify their accuracy. Altador is full of delectable bargains you can count on if you look to the Shop Wizard. Now, I think it's worth noting that if you search for a whole, common omelette on the Shop Wizard, you will find them for around 20 neopoints an omelette. Instead of stuffing your pet full of eggy, boring omelette, you could treat them like royalty: a Tureen of Olives, a basket of Altadorian Bread, and a Hero Gyro for just about 15 neopoints.

Granted, you could always grab the omelette for free, but why not treat your pet? You can spend 5 neopoints a meal and have peace of mind that you are providing a balanced, varied meal for your loved pet. Speaking of a balanced meal, what meal is complete without dessert? I do so hate to disappoint, but dessert items tend to fetch higher prices on the Shop Wizard. But if you can, stop by and try the Lavender Ice Cream directly from the store for around 300 neopoints. You'll save a bundle as opposed to buying them from the Shop Wizard, where the same ice cream is priced at 800-900 neopoints, and you'll treat your pet of discerning tastes to a sweet treat that won't make them as unfit as your ordinary sweets.

Another bargain to be bought in-store is their delicious, refreshing Sun Tea, for around 900 neopoints. Sometimes you will get lucky and find it on the Shop Wizard for 700 -800 neopoints, but I've often seen the price hover in the 1,000-1,200 neopoint range, so I'd recommend buying this treat in-store.

I hope this article has provided inspiration for those looking to dress up their pet's menu in a cost-effective way. You CAN afford to feed your pet foods other than omelettes for every meal of every day, and for a smaller or equal price. You can feed them gyros, olives, breads, cheese-all from Exquisite Ambrosia, to the Neopians who put them on the Shop Wizard for those low, low prices, and finally, to you, dear reader, for being in the know when it comes to spoiling your pet. Because you can! You can spoil your pet like the prince, princess, king, or queen they are, if you only give Altadorian cuisine a try. And not everyone reads the Neopian Times, so don't worry about the prices of those foods going up due to this article, as I'm pretty sure that won't happen. So this is our little secret! Consider it your reward for being a well-read Neopian. You get to be clued in on things anyone who doesn't read the Neopian Times will have to go without. So thanks for reading, and remember, you don't have to be royalty to eat like royalty!

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