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Snowbeast Snackrifice: A Complete Guide

by rock_star_megs


So you were strolling through Terror Mountain (or, er, the Games room) and stumbled across Snowbeast Snackrifice, and after a couple of attempts, you're baffled about how the game works and/or how to get a high score? Never fear! Below you'll find a complete guide to Snowbeast Snackrifice that will hopefully shed light on this commonly misunderstood game and help you on your way to a trophy.

The Basics

The aim of the game is simple: you play as a Kyrii (the villager) who has to hit Petpets into the Snowbeast's cave. Each level has a different required number of Petpets for you to meet before you can advance to the next round, and each level also has a set time.

The Game Screen

From top left and going clockwise:

1) Petpets: 0/** -- The Petpet requirements for each level. The number on the left is the counter, telling you how many Petpets you've successfully hit into the Snowbeast's cave, and the number on the right is the required number of Petpets for that particular level

2) Points – Your cumulative total points

3) "X" – Ends the game (takes you to the restart/send score screen)

4) Red Techo – Throws Petpets from the right-hand side of the screen (Petpets travel to the left)

5) 3 snowballs – Your Berserk meter! Read below for more info about Berserk mode.

6) Power meter – power starts on the left (yellow – weak), and moves to the right (red – strong) (middle is orange, which is medium strength). **Important note: you can move and power-up at the same time!**

7) Kyrii – You!

8) Green Techo – Throws Petpets from the left-hand side of the screen (Petpets travel to the right)

9) Time -- Counts down the time in each level

10) Snowbeast's lair (under your points total)

11) PPL members (appear above the Kyrii) – First appearing in level 2, they move back and forth (right/left) and jump, trying to block the Petpets from reaching the cave


The PPLers, as mentioned above, block Petpets from going into the Snowbeast's cave. However, doing so stuns them in place for a few seconds, creating some space for you to throw in the Petpets. But note that even while stunned they can still block Petpets from going in!

Your first PPL member (Yellow Chia) appears in level 2. He's positioned farthest away from you, and closest to the cave. When stunned, he falls onto his side. The second PPL member (Blue Kacheek) appears in level 3, along with the aforementioned Chia. He's in the middle of the screen. When stunned, he falls sitting straight up. The most annoying thing about him is the purple pot he wears on his head, which can block low flying Petpets from going in. (Make sure you get enough power, so that your Petpets have the height to fly over him!) Finally, the third and final PPL member (Red Mynci) appears in level 4, along with the Chia and Kacheek. He's positioned closest to you and farthest from the cave. When stunned, he also falls sitting straight up. He's super annoying because he's so close to you – you'll really want to work around him when hitting Petpets, or else you'll keep hitting them into him.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you hit a Petpet while at full power/max red, it will go THROUGH the PPL (stunning him and giving you the points for the Petpet if it goes into the cave)**

The Controls

The only thing needed for this game is a mouse. (If you have a laptop, I highly recommend using an actual mouse and not your touchpad.) Controls are simple – your Kyrii only moves from left to right, and you click and hold to power-up your throw before releasing to send a Petpet flying.

Where the game gets slightly complicated is trying to aim Petpets into the cave, and also around the PPL members when they appear.

The direction a Petpet travels in depends on where you hit in relation to the Kyrii. If you hit the Petpet when it's directly in the middle of the Kyrii, the Petpet will travel straight from where the Kyrii is. The Kyrii's right hand (and right-hand side) shoots the Petpets right, and the Kyrii's left hand (and left-hand side) shoots the Petpets left.

You may be tempted to stay in the middle of the game screen and wait for the Petpets to come to you to aim them straight in, but it's not worth it point-wise (you'll be wasting time and won't have enough power to send in Petpets, especially in later levels when the PPL appear). Instead, you'll have to aim the Petpets in by positioning the Kyrii to get the direction you want. So, to ensure that the Kyrii sends the Petpets angled to the right, you want to position the Kyrii to the LEFT of the Petpet (so that you then hit the Petpet with the Kyrii's right hand). Likewise, to have the Kyrii send the Petpets angled to the left, you want to position the Kyrii to the RIGHT of the Petpet (to hit with the Kyrii's left hand).

I usually click and hold the mouse (to power-up) while following a Petpet. If the Petpet is coming from the Red Techo (heading from the right to the left side of the screen), I position the Kyrii to the LEFT of the Petpet, so that it angles to the right (waiting for the power bar to be in the red/at the max).

If the Petpet is coming from the Green Techo (heading from the left to the right side of the screen), I position the Kyrii to the RIGHT of the Petpet, so that it angles to the left (and again, waiting for the power bar to be in the red/at the max).

Aiming around the PPL members is easiest in level 2 when there's only one on screen. If he's on the left, try to send the Petpets in to the right, and vice versa. In level 3, occasionally the 2 PPLers will be in sync together (not for very long, though), so you can aim left/right, opposite to where they are. In level 4, it's very rare that all 3 PPLers move in line with each other, so you'll definitely want to shoot when the power bar is at the max (and try for Berserk mode!).


The point system is based on the power meter. The more power you throw the Petpet into the cave with, the more points you get. While there are 3 Petpets in the game (Polarchuck, Snorkle, and Meepit), they are all worth the same. If you notice, the power meter is divided into bars; each bar is worth a different amount per level. Each level the power meter points increase by 4. So in level 1, the max red is worth 4 points, the rest of the red is worth 3 points, and I believe the orange is worth 2. In level 2, the max red is worth 8 points, the bar beside it (to the left) is 7, the one beside it is 6, and so on down the meter to the orange (yellow is too weak to make it to the cave). To maximize your points, you'll want to send the Petpets in while in the red zone, and at full power/max red as much as possible (see Berserk mode below for increasing your score).

Berserk Mode

In Berserk mode, the game time pauses for approximately 10 seconds, and you also remain at full power. (No need to click and hold to power-up, just keep mass clicking! While trying to aim, of course.) After Berserk mode ends, the game time resumes. Each successful Petpet thrown in is worth 3 points while in Berserk. The Techos toss out approximately 18 Petpets per Berserk mode, which would give you up to 54 points (18*3)! (Note: sometimes, if you've hit a Petpet in right as Berserk mode ends, it'll register as the max red point amount for that level, instead of 3 points. I never purposefully try for this – I always mass click in Berserk – so if it happens, it happens.)

The way to get into Berserk mode is simple: you have to send in 3 Petpets at full power/max red. On the game screen below the Red Techo's head, you'll see 3 snowball-looking things. These are your 3 full power/max red shot indicators. They'll flash red when you've successfully hit a Petpet in at full power/max red. On your third successful full power/max red throw, you'll enter Berserk mode, and the game screen background will change to yellow.

It takes a lot of practice to get the timing right – I even still sometimes release too early (the red bar before the max) or too late (when the power has restarted at yellow, and watch as the Petpet tragically flops right in front of the Kyrii). You'll honestly develop a feel for it/better reflexes the more you practice. The 3 Petpets at full power don't have to be thrown in consecutively, and they do carry over to the next level (so if you managed 2 full power/red max Petpets on level 1, those 2 carry over to level 2).

The key to getting a high score is going into Berserk mode as often as possible. Not only do you maximize your points by hitting Petpets at full power/max red, but it also helps to reach the level requirements (especially in levels 2-4 with PPL members in your way – full power/max red goes right through them!) and you get an additional 18 Petpets per Berserk, which is a huge points difference. For example, in level 1, if you hit in 14 Petpets in the red zone (but not at full power/max red), that would give you 42 points (14*3pts) without Berserk. But, if you had 1 Berserk mode, that would increase by 54 (assuming you hit in 18) to give you 96 for the level. The more Berserk, the more Petpets and points you can get ;)

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If Petpets are tossed out by the Techos as Berserk mode ends, and you hit them in at full power/max red, they will NOT give you a red light for Berserk mode (you'll get the points for the full power/max red shot though).

The Levels

*Note: I've only included the points for the red zone of the power meter. While you do get points for the darker orange, it's best to aim for the red zone as much as possible. More strength/power in throwing Petpets, which you'll need for levels 2-4 to get around the PPL.

Level 1

Time: 20 seconds
Required number of Petpets to advance: 5
Average number of Petpets thrown by the Techos: 14-16
Average number of Petpets thrown by the Techos in Berserk mode: ~18
Points: Max red = 4 // Red zone = 3

A pretty simple level (no PPL to worry about!). You don't have a whole lot of time, nor that many Petpets to send in. Aim to throw the Petpets in while the power bar is in the red zone. For a trophy, at least 1 Berserk mode is needed (you should have 80-96 points with it), though I would recommend 2 (for 135-150 points). Be careful trying for Berserk mode! (You only have so many Petpets to work with in the level, after all.)

Level 2

Time: 25 seconds
Required number of Petpets to advance: 10
Average number of Petpets thrown by the Techos: 19-20
Average number of Petpets thrown by the Techos in Berserk mode: ~18
Points: Max red = 8 // Rest of red zone = 7, 6, 5

The first of 3 PPL is introduced. Such a lovely fellow. This is where you'll really have to work on aiming the Petpets to get around the PPL (it only gets harder with all 3 of them!). Don't worry if you hit him though – it's a good thing if he's stunned! That way, he stays in place for a few seconds, giving you a bit more open space for the cave. For a trophy, at least 2 Berserks, though I would recommend 3 (for ~350-370 points).

Level 3

Time: 45 seconds
Required number of Petpets to advance: 20
Average number of Petpets thrown by the Techos: 35-37
Average number of Petpets thrown by the Techos in Berserk mode: ~18
Points: Max red = 12 // Rest of red zone = 11, 10, 9, etc.

The second PPL is introduced, and you'll learn to greatly dislike him. His purple pot hat blocks some high flying Petpets (super annoying). Again, aim around the 2 PPLers, especially if you've stunned them (this usually happens accidentally on purpose while trying to get the Petpets in the cave). With 20 Petpets needed to move on, Berserk mode is the best way to get them. For a trophy, 3 Berserks are good (should be over 600 points).

Level 4

Time: ~1:05
Required number of Petpets to advance: 30
Average number of Petpets thrown by the Techos: 51-52
Average number of Petpets thrown by the Techos in Berserk mode: ~18
Points: Max red = 16 // Rest of red zone = 15, 14, 13, etc.

The last level, and the last PPL member is added. Make sure he's not right in front of you when you're hitting a Petpet, since he can block it (unless you're at full power/max red, where you'll stun him and get the points!). You have a bit over a minute, and a ton of Petpets to work with. On average, I get about 600 points in this round (with 4 Berserks). With 3 PPLers, you'll really want to get as many full power/max red Petpets in as you can (to get into Berserk, but also to maximize your points – 16 points for full power/max red in this round!). Stunning helps, like in previous levels, but you can accidentally stun them in odd positions, making it hard to get around them (especially the middle purple hat one). For a trophy, 3 or 4 Berserks should do the trick (to get 1100+)!


And there you have it, a complete guide to Snowbeast Snackrifice! With practice, you'll be a champion Snackrificer in no time! Good luck!

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