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The Great and Wonderful Kauvara

by mithos__


Let's ponder for a moment of how our world would be like without morphing potions. Indeed, it is quite difficult to imagine not being able to morph our neopets into their dream species. We do owe quite a lot to Kauvara for committing her life to concocting these marvelous morphing potions. So for this article, we were lucky to have Kauvara agree on answering some questions for her. The following was a brief interview with Kauvara:

Question (Q): Hello, Kauvara. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come talk with us!

Kauvara (K): Hello, thank you for having me here!

Q: Everyone knows you as the owner of the Neopian Magic Shop, but we don't really seem to know much about you at all! Would you like to tell us some more about yourself?

K: Haha. I am indeed the owner of the Magic Shop. However, while my family had always owned the shop, I was not supposed to be the owner.

Q: Oh really? Would you like to clarify what you mean?

K: Yes, yes. Of course. You see, the Neopian Magic Shop has been owned and passed down by my family of Kaus for as long as anyone can remember. However, while I was next in line to take on this duty, this was not the life I wanted. I had an uncle named Klum, who was a magician. He was an odd fellow, but he had the life I dreamt about and idolized: brewing strength potions and performing magical tasks for the Faeries. He travelled around the Neopia and even met Queen Fyora herself as well as King Kelpbeard! So despite my father's protests, I left the shop and my home in Neopia Central and went to Faerieland. I left it all behind to pursue my dream of a magical adventure.

Q: What happened then?

K: The Light Faerie was kind enough to take me in as an apprentice where she taught me how to brew a particular magical potion from arbiter berries. Yes, you heard that right, arbiter berries! Those berries are only found on Roo Island and aren't easy to find, I tell ya. I actually still brew and sell that potion to this day; however, since I now own the shop, I often have to ask my sister to go collect the berries for me. You may have seen my Kauvaras Potion stock once in a while for around 200,000 Neopoints!

Q: Why yes, I have! It is quite an expensive potion! But why did you come back to the shop if you were living out your dream?

K: Ah, well, simply put, responsibility. When I had left, my father had to find a replacement for me, and he became rather desperate. He hired another Kau who apparently had experience in making morphing potions. However, it soon became clear to my father that he had never made a morphing potion in his life. Not too long after, some customers began complaining that the morphing potions did not work and our shop had a serious decline in business. The previous owner then mysteriously vanished and my father reached out to me and told me to return home in the month of Celebrating. One of the worst gifts my dad could have given me, right? *chuckles* But I decided to return to my home in the month of Sleeping and here I am now!

Q: Do you ever regret not being able to live out your dream?

K: Well, of course I was disappointed at first. When I was younger, I viewed the Magic Shop as a prison, as something that I wanted to be free of. But upon my return, I realized just how many people are dependent on my morphing potions. I also realized I can have my own adventure here, even if it's within Neopia Central. Making morphing potions is definitely a challenge. One wrong ingredient and the morph may go unpleasantly or even disastrously. It is my responsibility to ensure that the morphing potions are safe and functioning properly.

Q: Do you know what happened to the previous owner of the Magic Shop?

K: Well, no one knows for sure, and even if I did, I don't really want to tell anyways. But what I will say is that when I returned, a Red Lenny Morphing Potion and my old magical clothes and hat were missing...

Q: Alright, I'll just leave it at that. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

K: No, no. The pleasure was all mine. I need some break from just making potions all day, ya know? *chuckles*

Q: Yes, I can imagine making potions can be pretty demanding and tiring. I admire your stamina. How do you do it?

K: *laughs* I sometimes don't. There are times when I take random naps for 30-50 minutes.

Q: Oh, would that explain why nothing stocks for a while then?

K: Uh... maybe...

Q: Kauvara! I get restock banned sometimes because of that! In fact, a lot of people I know talk about the occasional long wait times. Would you like to enlighten them an explanation?

K: Ah, well, yes. I do often get these complaints a lot. What I would like to remind everyone is that I am just a simple Neopian just like you... with maybe some magical abilities, but that's superfluous info. What I am trying to say is that I am just one Kau with hundreds of people swarming my store for morphing potions. So yes, I do try my best in making them as fast as possible, but sometimes the stress gets to me and I just need to take a break from it all. I hope you can understand.

Q: Oh, I see. I understand! Would you like to explain how the potion-making process goes before we conclude this interview?

K: Now THAT, my dear friend, is a family secret. *wink*

This concludes our brief conversation with Kauvara. Hopefully, this article sheds some more light into the life of the shopkeeper of the Magic Shop. Let us not forget how much Kauvara has contributed to Neopia. She may not have wanted this life in Magic Shop originally, but she chose to return and to continue the hard work of making morphing potions for all of us, even when we love to criticize her. So in this edition, let us honour the great and wonderful Kauvara.

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