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Summer Fun

by our_teardrops


Summer is almost here! Soon, the sun will be bright, the breeze will be gentle, and there will be time for infinite fun. Here are some suggestions of activities to do when the day seems to last forever.

1) Work On Your Neogarden: It's time to manage your garden. Get your shovels and prepare for some ground labor work. You will need all the help you can get from your little gnomes friends. Add a beautiful pond to enhance the scenery or a nice pool for your pets to enjoy some safe swimming. Plant some stunning flowers and grow some trees to provide shades during the hot blazing days. If you so desire, you can also grow some crops or fruits of your very own. Potato, strawberry and cabbage plants are great for starters. Now, that's healthy! Finish your garden with some lovely fences to protect your pets from unwanted visitors.

2) Go Shopping: With the sun burning down on you, it's time to pack away the jackets, scarves, mittens and head to the mall for some bright new summer fashion. The NC Mall has some great variety of clothes from dresses, skirts, shorts, wings to sandals, hats, backgrounds and trinkets. If you want a hair style fit for the summer, browse the selection of wigs. The NC Mall is not the only place you can get a new wardrobe of seasonal clothes for your pets. You can also use your hard earned neopoints for some new garments appropriate for the summer heat. Now your companions will adore you if they haven't already!

3) Get A New Makeover: Summer is a great time to stand out. Pay a visit to the Rainbow Pool for a fresh new color. If you're lucky enough to be granted access by the Fountain Faerie, your pet can take a nice refreshing dip in her magical pool and emerge with a grand makeover of a brand new color. Now you'll be turning heads and receiving loads of compliments!

4) Head To The Beach: The perfect season for some tanning under the sun. But first, head to the grooming parlor for some sunscreens and lip balms to protect your delicate complexions. If you and your pets happen to get sun burned, use some After Sun Aloe Gel What if you're having trouble getting a tan? Well, you can always buy a tanning spray to help your pets get a bit of tan while providing some protection from the sun. Sometimes the sun can be too hard on the eyes; sunglasses might be a good investment.

If you're feeling brave, you can venture into the ocean and surf the waves. You might want to practice a bit with Cassile or Bowe first. I'm sure they won't mind helping you hone some surfing skills. Not everyone likes to surf, and that's fine. You can still enjoy a game or two of volleyball. Don't underestimate those Myncies, they're tough opponents! You can also build some sand castles with your pets. Don't want to play? Then lay out the beach towels, sit back and enjoy the sun.

5) Take A Vacation: What better time than summer to take a vacation and travel around Neopia with your pets? Visit Kiko Lake and take a tour on the famous Glass Bottomed Boat. Make a stop by Maraqua to collect some seashells for your album. Enjoy a ride on Roo Island Merry Go Round and take this time to explore Mystery Island. Just make sure not to make the natives angry!

6) Get A Summer Job: Stop by the soup kitchen and volunteer to help the soup faerie feed the poor. This generous faerie has her hands full daily with long line of pets waiting for a bowl of hot soup and warm bed. Or, head to Faerieland Employment Agency and see if your pets can snatch some jobs. It's a great way to earn Neopoints and build your pets' resumes while keeping them busy. If your pets are more of the action packed type and want to fulfill the job of the hero, head to the battledome and defeat some villains. The world of Neopia will thank you.

7) Organize A Picnic: Invite your neofriends over to your neogarden for a summer picnic. Prepare the infamous Dr. Sloth summer fruit salad, a refreshing Usul summer Tacos, some delicious Isca summer dumplings and finish it off with Illusen chilled summer soup. What are you waiting for? Start preparing in the kitchen! You don't want to leave the guests hungry do you?

8) Attend Summer School: For pets that love to learn and study, you can continue on your quest to knowledge throughout summer. Head to the Neopian Plaza to stock up on school supplies. If you're planning on training schools, Cap'n Threelegs Swashbuckling Academy is accepting applications for all students up to level 40. Courses are all paid in dubloons only.

Once you graduate from the Swashbuckling Academy, the Training School in Mystery Island will take over your pets training until level 250. Courses are all paid in codestones. You can skip Cap'n Threelegs Swashbuckling Academy all together, and train straight from the Training School at level 1; however, it is recommended to begin at the Swashbuckling Academy because the courses are cheaper.

So I can't train anymore my pets anymore once they hit over level 250? There's a limit on how much schooling they can have?

Nonsense! The Secret Ninja Training School will become available and accept applications from the pets who dedicated hours of training to become one of the most powerful pets in Neopia. All courses are paid in red codestones.

9) Create A Summer Reading List: There are so many books available in Neopia. Can your pets read them all? Generate a list of books for your pets to read during the summer. Reading makes your pets more intelligent. They may even be able to win the prestigious Neopian Book Award or the Booktastic Book Award! You can boast about your summer reading accomplishments to the library faerie while you help her with the cross word puzzles.

10) Relax And Fun: Settle down, read a book under the tree, bake some cookies, or share ice creams with your pets. Daydream under the sun, or go on a Key Quest adventure through Ti-Key board map. Enjoy the great scenery, the smell of palm trees, and the sound of peaceful waterfall as you collect all the keys on your way to the door. The possibilities of summer fun are endless!

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