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The First Day of a Veteran Newbie

by nahaki


Having been in Neopia years ago, I left unannounced, and pounded my pets. Now, I have decided to return. Permanently. I am starting completely from scratch from neopoints, all the way to neocash, new dailies, and everything in between. Luckily, I noticed I came back around Altador Cup time. Which was my favorite time of the year when I would live here. Anyway, this is what my first day was like, back in Neopia...

      "Once again, welcome and please feel free to create your FIRST Neopet!" a yellow Kacheek announced as I looked around at the 'newbies'. I was different, though; I had been there and done that. Only difference is now I was coming back. I had been a Neopian once before, but it was a long time ago, or at least four years. Coming back was a difficult, but fun choice nonetheless.

     We all walked to the create-a-pet center, where the yellow Kacheek guided most of us. As soon as you walked in, there was a desk and behind it, was a wall that was lined with pictures of Neopets, and buttons. After a few minutes in line, I flipped my brown hair back and walked up to the desk. "Which pet would you like to create, Miss Nahaki?" I was asked.

     I was pondering this for quite some time, there were so many things that I wanted to do with my soon to be pet. I wanted my pet to be able to get Beauty Contest trophies, so I thought I should pick a pet that is easy for me to draw (and could always morph into a different pet later). "A yellow Quiggle, please," I stated. After writing down what characteristics I wanted for the Quiggle, I was able to see her. She was quite small (I mean she was newly created, so I guess that's only natural), and looked at me with wide eyes and a smile.

     "Name?" the yellow Kacheek asked me.

     Having known 'badly named' pets were not looked greatly upon, I decided to stick with something short and sweet. "Otuma." I smiled as I was given my new Quiggle to hold. She was perfect.

     "Hello, I'm Nahaki. I'll be your new Mom!" I exclaimed. Otuma smiled and nuzzled close to me, I could swear I heard a faint Mommy... as I hugged her.

     Having being given a newbie pack and free neocash, I decided it was time for us to get a home. As we walked passed the Neopian Petpet Shop, I could tell Otuma was getting fidgety. I turned around and in the window I saw a lone Angelpuss in a basket looking at Otuma. I walked with Otuma into the shop, and my new Quiggle jumped down and waddled over to the Angelpuss.

     After a few minutes with them together, I knew I had to buy this little petpet. Once I handed the few hundred neopoints over to the shopkeeper, we were given the little Angelpuss. Otuma broke her silence she had going, saying, "I'll name you Mai!" to her new petpet. I called Otuma to come with me as I was walking out of the shop. She bounced along happily with Mai floating around after her.

     Once we left the petpet shop, I heard a grumble. It was Otuma's tummy growling. So, I figured since we were in Neopia Central, we should get some food. We were soon off to the Food Shop. When we arrived, Otuma picked out some lunch (as did I), and some petpet food for Mai. I chose a sandwich, but Otuma insisted upon pizza. It's her first day in Neopia, though, so I couldn't deny her anything.

     "Well, we are going to live in Shenkuu!" I said proudly. Otuma was thrilled, and Mai fed off of that by floating around in circles. Since Shenkuu was a bit too far away to walk to, I called over a Uni Cab that would take us there in no time. So, off we went to our new home. The view from the cab was stunning. You could see mountains, houses, and cities!

     We actually arrived in Shenkuu quite faster than I thought we would. I jumped out of the cab, and picked up Otuma. Mai flew into Otuma's arms as we walked through the gate to our new house. The pathway was lined with beautiful flowers, and a small pond with a waterfall was on the left. "The house is so big!" Otuma said as she looked up at the ceiling when we walked in.

     Mai was flying around to the different rooms with Otuma following. I noticed everything was already sent and unpacked. That's quite efficient, I thought. With it starting to get a bit dark outside, I thought I would get Otuma ready for bed. I called her to come to her room, she came and jumped into her new fluffy bed.

     Soon after I was done reading Mystery of the Kougra Paw to Otuma, I noticed her and Mai falling asleep. I smiled and quietly walked out. I went downstairs to start working on Otuma's Beauty Contest picture. After much thought, I decided to draw her as a faerie Quiggle. Having owned one prior to leaving Neopia way back, I thought it would make a nice entry.

     I thought back on my day. Creating a new pet, getting a new home. Even buying a petpet for my new Quiggle! It was going so well, I didn't want the day to end. I continued drawing Otuma's entry, and before I knew it, it was done (and 3am NST). So, I sealed it in an envelope and wrote down the speech Otuma would give, then I sent it via Weewoo express mail (it's a pretty good delivery service, open 24/7).

     Being only Monday, it would be four days before I could start getting votes for Otuma. It was fine, though; it would be her first Beauty Contest and hopefully she would bring home her first trophy, no matter what colour. I would be proud regardless, but gold wouldn't hurt.

     After I sent the entry, I decided to get a late night snack out of the pantry. I ate and walked around my Neohome. Before I knew it, I was getting drowsy. So, off to bed I went. A new pet, a new home, a new beginning. I simply could not wait for the rest of the days... no, years I would spend with Otuma (and Mai, of course).

     That night, I dreamed of everything good. Otuma winning the Beauty Contest, getting her morphed or painted. Even painting Mai! All the great times ahead of us were countless, and opportunities endless. I wished for everything to give Otuma a great life. One day, we might even add another pet to our family. For now however, it's just the three of us, and we are happy as can be.

      Having a life on Neopets is wonderful. I can't wait to meet friends, old and new, participate in the Altador Cup *hides Team Shenkuu gear*, take part in plots, and even train Otuma for the battling at the Obelisk! Not to mention, drawing Otuma, and getting her trophies. Then, maybe one day even painting her! So for now, I say goodnight.

The End

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