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Faerie Abilities Guide Series: Level 500

by dragonsfriend1021


Also by woccawoccawocca

Hello again and welcome to the last installment of our Faerie abilities serial guide, where we describe and analyze the new Faerie abilities released in Y15 for the new Battledome! In this series, we not only give descriptions of all of the faerie abilities, but we also analyze the abilities in relation to the others in the same tier, providing advantages and disadvantages of each, comparisons with the other abilities, and recommendations for how to use each ability to give you the best advantage over your opponent in the Battledome. In our final week, we are examining the Level 500 abilities. Each of these abilities will cost you 100 Faerie blessings of one element and 60 Earth Faerie blessings. After you purchase one, if you decide you'd like to switch, the new ability will cost you half the price, or 50 Faerie blessings of their respective type as well as 30 Earth Faerie blessings.

The Abilities

Meepit Stampede

Cost: Dark and Earth Blessings

Meepit Stampede is a once-per-day ability, but make no mistake, it's pretty remarkable. This ability will not only provide you with an extra 10 dark icons, but it also blocks 99% of whatever damage your opponent attempts to deal! That means if your opponent has a maximum strength boost of 16 and attacks you with a Ghostkerbomb and an anagram sword, and both the Ghostkerbomb and anagram sword attack with their maximum number of icons, then your opponent is throwing 54 icons of damage at you and will attack with 864 points of damage - but Meepit Stampede will block 855 points of damage, so you'll only take 9 points of damage! On the downside, Meepit Stampede is a once-per-day ability. You'll have to be very strategic with choosing the right time to use this ability. It's best to save for important battles when you need just a little extra oomph!

With that effect, there is no need to use shields or reflectors with Meepit Stampede. It's a good opportunity to use strong attack weapons, like Ghostkerbomb, anagram swords, Kelpbeards Trident, or any other strong constant or bomb of your choice. Alternatively, you could use this ability at the end of a battle when you're running low on HP and pair it with a strong healer. If that's your plan, you can keep Meepit Stampede in your back pocket and use it as a last resort when you're about to lose a battle. Since it will block most of the damage you'd receive, you will get the maximum benefit from your healer, which gives you a great opportunity to try to turn the tides of the battle.

What separates Meepit Stampede from the other abilities in this tier is the attack, and unfortunately, the dark icons dealt by Meepit Stampede can be fairly easily blocked. Many battlers own a Hanso Charisma Charm, which blocks all dark icons. Ghostkershield also effectively blocks this attack. Though the 99% block for the user will still work, it's a shame to use a once-per-day ability and have only part of it actually have an effect.

Please note that some battlers report that this ability currently shows the attack icons but does not actually deal the damage. TNT is working on this issue.

Summon Monoceraptor

Cost: Fire and Earth Blessings

The biggest downfall of Summon Monoceraptor is one that plagues all of the abilities in this tier: that it can only be used once per day. However, that's not to say it isn't useful. When used, this ability will deal 10 icons of fire damage along with blocking 99% of all damage dealt to you on the turn it's used. Due to the restriction of being a once-daily ability, you're going to want to be choosy about when you use it. Because of the 99% blocking ability, it could very well be your savior in a tough battle. However, the fire damage this ability can do is not to be ignored. There are only a handful of weapons capable of providing 100% fire blocking, and many of them are extremely rare, so your opponent would need to have some seriously specialized equipment, or be using their own ability-inhibiting ability to fully block your attack - making it quite an effective option the majority of the time.

Because of the difficulty of blocking fire icons, you could go all out and pair this ability with weapons that also deal extensive fire damage, like a Ghostkerbomb, Flask of Liquid Fire, or Sword of Reif. Additionally, you could go the opposite route and use your weapon slots to cover other damage types for a well-rounded attack. Other anagram swords such as Sword of Thare, Sword of Thigl, or Sword of Ari would suit this purpose well, as would a Pirate Captains Cutlass, boasting 5 icons of physical and light damage and up to 14 icons of air! When primarily battling in 1-player, make sure to check out challenger profiles on Fan Sites to see what kind of defences your opponents are boasting and use their weaknesses to your advantage.

Esophagor Stench

Cost: Water and Earth Blessings

The last ability rounding out this tier is Esophagor Stench which also boasts 10 attack icons, this time of the earth variety, and once again has the capability of blocking 99% of your enemy's attack on the turn it's used. Like Meepit Stampede, the primary benefit of this ability is its 99% defence capability as, like dark icons, earth icons can be blocked fairly easily. Most of the popular shields like Leaf Shield, Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield, and Ghostkershield block at least 5 icons, and Pirate Captains Hat is a full earth blocker, If you choose to use this ability, you're definitely going to want to use your weapon slots to load up on some weapons that deal different types of damage.

Once again, you could opt for an anagram sword, though we'd advise steering clear of the Skarsden and Thare variety due to their aforementioned easy blockability. Your best bet would be to pick a single different icon type to focus on for your weapons, as it would be quite difficult (and expensive) to be blocking 10+ icons of multiple elements. Water would be a great option, as there are two affordable weapons that can load you up with water attack icons: Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy and Kelpbeards Trident. Together, they give you a combined water attack of up to 29 icons in addition to 5 physical and a couple fire and dark icons.


Overall, we recommend Summon Monoceraptor. The only real difference among all three of these abilities is the icon type of the damage they deal, and fire is the icon that's hardest to block. Hanso Charisma Charm and Ghostkershield are full dark blockers, while Pirate Captains Hat blocks 100% of earth damage, and all three of these are fairly common shields, especially at this tier. However, there are so few strong fire blockers, so there's a good chance at least some of the fire damage from Summon Monoceraptor would get past your opponent's defences. Thus, it's the best ability in this tier.


The Level 500 abilities are very strong and can be incredibly useful if employed during your important battles. And with Level 500, the last tier, our Faerie abilities series has come to an end. Whew! That sure was a lot of tiers, and a lot of abilities to consider! We hope our guides have helped you determine not only which abilities you want to invest in, but also when and how to best use them so you can become a star battler. Good luck!

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