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Fel and the Omelette Adventure

by scathachs


It was a cold and terrible day in Tyrannia, which was strange, I thought. Usually Tyrannia is all sunny and happy and things, with that Giant Omelette and everything sitting out there on the plateau. What would happen to the omelette without the sun to keep it warm? I did wonder this to myself as I paced past the thriving sounds of the Concert Hall.

     Eventually, perplexed by the thought, and perhaps a little worried for my favourite free food supply, I decided to ask someone from my family. Perhaps my brothers and sisters would know how the omelette kept warm on these grey days.

     Of course, it was no use asking my baby sister Nor. She is barely out of her egg shell and is still adjusting to the world. Nor is a plushie Draik, don't get me wrong, she wasn't hatched just yesterday or anything, but Draiks are a bit... funny when they first pop out of their eggs, if you ask me. She seemed to have all sorts of false knowledge, things like Jelly World. Pfft! As if there could ever even be free jelly anywhere. It was utterly absurd.

     My other siblings are Zah and Kera. They are a bit more educated, but I pride myself on being the oldest and the wisest. Zeh is a Royal Blumaroo, he never talks about his past. He gets around shrouding himself like something might come for him one day. You learn to accept these things when you're family.

     Kera is also a Royal, but half the time he is out sailing the seas of Neopia, something about vast uncaptured lands... I've got no idea about exploration, to be honest, and I suppose places like Lutari Island, Shenkuu and Moltara have all been discovered within my time, so I can hardly bring about a stable argument for his endeavours.

     There's a lab pet too, Cos. Cos is pretty domesticated and doesn't do much. I've sighted him – or her depending on the day – twitching awkwardly every now and then. I don't blame the poor fellow, I'd probably be a wreck if Scat zapped me too. We once saw Cos's pet turn into a pile of ash. Things like that leave a lasting impression. Shudder.

     I should also introduce myself properly. My name is Fel, and I am a Darigan Yurble. I enjoy reading and higher education, battling in the Cosmic Dome and relaxing at the Neolodge. The others say I am anti-social and grumpy, but I'll never refuse to help them out. I've even gone up against the Snowager to protect my family and I would do it again!

     There's also Scat, she feeds us and plays with us, reads me books and helps me win in my battledome fights. Scat is there helping us all out and staring in awe every time the Lab Scientist zaps one of us. She's a bit creepy like that.

     Anyway, back to the important bit: the Giant Omelette.

     I found everyone playing Destruct-o-Match a little way away, there were all looking up at the coloured blocks that were being stacked upon one another. They are rather big blocks, all painted brightly, and placed upon one another randomly. It's a primitive game, basically if there's two or more of the same coloured blocks next to one another, you get to smash them with an equally as primitive hammer. They all seem to enjoy it.


     I made my entrance known. "Hello, everyone, looks like a striking game you've got going there, but while the blocks are re-stacked for your next game, allow me to ask a question of you all."

     They all nodded and listened intently.

     "It is rather gloomy today for Tyrannia, don't you think? I've never seen it this dark before, there's positively no sun." Everyone nodded at my words.

     "Then, what happens to the Giant Omelette on this day? Can anyone fathom it?"

     "Fel, all you think about is food!" Nor chimed in with a giggle.

     "I am sure the Omelette is alright, but I have no answer for your question, dear brother," Zah responded grimly. Last was Kera,

     "You have studied much, brother. If you do not know, I surely cannot answer, however, I can call upon the scribes and scholars of my home and have them satisfy you."

     "No." I spoke aloud while my mind was in deep thought. "Let us go and find out for ourselves. Let us be the knowledgeable ones and go on a little adventure," I proposed strongly to my siblings.

     After a lengthy discussion, mostly with the Royals who were so used to servants doing things for them, it was agreed that we would go and see the Giant Omelette on this chilly old day.

     And so we all turned on our heels, quit Destruct-o-Match and began our hearty journey to the omelette, tracking across the map of Tyrannia and out onto the Plateau, our feet sore and our bellies rumbling, hoping that our dear omelette was safe from the perils of weather.

     We saw many petpets along the way, skittering about between bushes and under rocks, but few other travellers crossed our path. It was curious, perhaps the weather kept everyone safely tucked away in their neohomes warm and cosy.

     It felt like we had been travelling for days, yet still there was no sign of us drawing nearer to the omelette, nor was there any sign of the sun, nor any sign of the Kreludor rising. Nor finally stopped to sit on a rock, exhausted.

     "We cannot stop now, Nor! Let us solve this mystery!" I shouted, agitated by our journey.

     "Come, brother. Sit," Zah commanded calmly as he unpacked a satchel from his belt. Kera pulled a packet from his robes and between them, we had enough food to soothe our nerves. Zah was careful to keep some bread for our return trip, and he noted that the omelette could not be too far away. Nor flared her nostrils and nodded,

     "I can smell the omelette on the breeze," she exclaimed.

     After our sandwiches and bottled water, we rose with fresh determination, marching at a strong pace along the trail to the omelette. There, on the tip of the horizon, the very top of the Giant Omelette could be seen. Zah, the tallest saw it first.

     "I see it! The omelette is not far now!" Excitement took control, and we began a steady jog.

     "Hurry up, Fel! This was your idea!"


     I am of course the shortest in my family and with the stubbiest little legs, I am always left last in line at anything remotely athletic. I won't lie, it was frustrating to have them arrive before me, on a quest that I was responsible for.

     Panting and out of breath, we stood just back from the omelette, we could feel its warmth radiating and it brought comfort.

     "So the omelette is kept warm on these solemn days! Fascinating!" I reached out and pulled of a large piece of Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette. It was hot to touch, and I almost dropped it onto the dusty plateau!

     Again we sat on a hard and cold stone, munching away on our find. It troubled me, how was the omelette warm on such a day? As the others turned to go home, I begged them,

     "Let quickly walk around the omelette and see if we can discover the reason behind its warmth."

     We did not get far, voices rang out from ahead of us, two Moltarans stood by the omelette, their molten skin aglow.

     "This part of the omelette is restricted, please go back and join the queue," one of the guards grunted. He was a stocky Magma Tonu with a stern look about him.

     "We have collect our omelette for the day, friend," Zah announced to the Tonu.

     "Then what, friend, do you want? Please leave the area, or we will be forced to remove you!" The other guard stepped forward, a large and fierce-some looking Magma Skeith.

     I stepped forward.

     "Information is all, please hear us out. We came in fear that the omelette, our favourite treat, may be ruined by this weather, we wish you no harm, and I am responsible for this visit."

     At that the magma pets lightened and laughed between themselves.

     "Young explorer, do not trouble yourself with such things. The omelette has been here since any archivist has ever recorded, one way or another it survives the elements," the Skeith began to explain.

     "It is true, little ones. This day is not the first darkness that has cast itself upon the omelette, as night surely falls upon it each evening," the Tonu chuckled.

     "But if you must know, right now, in our pocket of Neopian history, it is being written that Moltarans, with their searing hot lava-like bodies, are keeping this vital source cooking."

     We all stood awestruck! The Moltarans were here, so far from their homeland to help the Tyrannians protect their land's greatest treasure! How wonderful! Nor was all teary over it, Kera and Zah nodded with respect and began to leave, and I must say, my jaw hit the floor. I tasted actual dirt, I swear it.

     Content with this, I smiled, thanked the Magma pets for their honesty and set off after the others. We were a little way down the road when Scat rang,

     "Where are you all? I was worried sick! You were not supposed to leave Destruct-o-Match, you could have at least neomailed me!" Overacting, like always, that's our Scat.

     But that is a story for another time. We soon met up with Scat and explained our adventure, leaving the path open for another day.

The End

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