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Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Eight

by downrightdude


Brillare knelt down beside Kira, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Can you tell me what happened?" she asked.

     Kira looked up at the broken window. "Daphne came in and attacked the class," she said in a soft voice. "Before I could do anything, she slammed me and a group of other girls against a wall and began to attack those who were nearest her. Not even our teacher could escape those specks of glitter that were thrown at her. And then... well you came, and I was too weak to do anything to save them. So now..."

     "I see," said Brillare. She stood up and squared up her shoulders. "Its times like this that we should go talk Queen Fyora. Now I'll go fetch Illere and request Headmistress Rose to send an urgent message to Fyora while you go find Ardore–"

     "Can't," said Kira. "Ardore told me she's not attending Faeriewood, and she refuses to as well."

     "Oh my," Brillare gasped quietly. "Well then, we'll just have to convince her to join us at the royal palace. I'm certain she won't disappoint us or the Faerie Queen."

     I hope so too, Kira thought as she stood up and turned to Brillare.

     Brillare gave her a smile. "It was not your fault, Kira. Please don't blame yourself for what happened. And I'm positive that if we work alongside Illere and Ardore, we will save those captured faeries and free them."

     "Do you really think we could do that?" asked Kira.

     "Yes," said Brillare, nodding. "I'm positive our time of triumph will come very soon."


     Kira waited nervously outside the door of Fyora's office later that afternoon. She looked down the long hallways, hoping to see Illere waving as she approached her and Brillare with her head tiled in a confident angle. And Ardore... well, Kira wasn't confident that she'll show up today, despite how much she was needed by her friends.

     When she did see Brillare and Illere at the end of the hallway, Kira felt more relaxed and tried to slow her heartbeat by placing a hand on her chest. "Easy now," she coaxed herself quietly. "Everything will be okay." But when she noticed that Ardore was trudging slowly behind the other two faeries, Kira gulped, feeling her ease turn into heart-pounding nervousness.

     As soon as one of the office's double doors opened and a faerie walked out, the four Top faerie entered the room. Each faerie knelt on one knee as they aligned themselves on the light lavender carpet. "My queen," they all chanted in unison.

     Queen Fyora nodded from her desk. "Good morning, ladies," she said briskly. Headmistress Rose has given me great detail on what has just happened at Faeriewood Academy. Still, I would like to know more information about these Dark faeries and what they have done."

     Brillare stood up and gave Fyora a curtsey. "My Queen, we have a serious problem on our hands. Kira and Illere have told me that two Dark faeries have captured some Water, Earth and by sprinkling some sort of green glitter upon them. I've witnessed the Air faeries in Kira's class disappear just this morning, and we fear that these Dark faeries will soon strike the Fire, Light and other Dark faeries as these groups haven't been targeted yet."

     Fyora raised an eyebrow. "And who are these Dark faeries you speak of, Brillare?"

     "We believe they are the sisters of Rosia the Top Dark Faerie," said Brillare. "The Dark faeries that you trapped within the Magical Seal, remember?"

     Fyora got up and turned to stare out of the wide window that was behind her. "Those girls shouldn't have been able to escape the Magical Seal, especially after their attack here, at the Royal Palace."

     Kira stepped forward and curtsied, not caring the Faerie Queen was still staring out of the window. "Illere and I also have hunches that these two Dark faeries have captured Sirena, since our friend Al–"

     Before she could finish, Ardore stepped forward and turned to glare at Kira. She didn't even bow or give Fyora a curtsey. "So this is your 'dire situation': a bunch of missing losers?"

     "But it's much more serious than that," Kira insisted. "These faeries–"

     "Oh who cares about them," Ardore blurted out. "Besides, it's not like I know any of those kidnapped faeries anyways."

     "Ardore–" Kira began.

     Fyora turned towards the squabbling faeries and raised a hand. "This situation you girls speak of must be stopped immediately and swiftly before anyone else goes missing. And the first thing I shall do is command my army of Battle faeries to defend Faerie City and send a telegram the other Faerieland private schools to alert their students and teachers as well. That way they, too, can defend themselves from this glitter that you girls speak of."

     "That's brilliant, my queen," said Brillare.

     "I'm confident that all four of you are studying hard at Faeriewood," said Fyora. "However, in order to defeat these Dark faeries and rescue those they have captured, you must all try to reach the second platform of your magical abilities."

     Kira felt confused. "Excuse me Fyora, but what do you mean by a 'second platform'?"

     "Each faerie element has a basic magical principle," Fyora explained. "For example, Light faeries can summon the powers of light, and Earth faeries can summon the power of nature. But each element also has a secondary level: a power that is unique with each faerie type and can be achieved through much dedication in mastering their powers."

     Illere stepped forward. "How long will it take us to achieve our new powers?"

     "It depends on how powerful you already are," said Fyora. "Usually a faerie with high magical energy levels can achieve her new powers in weeks, or even days if she is truly dedicated to her studies. But it would be extremely rare for any faerie to reach their second platform in less than a week."

     "And will each of us be able to achieve our new powers soon?" asked Kira.

     Fyora shook her head. "Each one of you is special and has your own unique levels of energy. However, since each of you is considered as the strongest faerie of your individual types, then achieving and mastering your unique powers would take you less time than ordinary faeries."

     Brillare nodded. "I remember reading that we could access these new powers with our Faerie Treasures. Is this true?"

     "Oh yes," said Fyora, nodding. "The Faerie Treasures will be the perfect route for you girls to achieve these new levels of power. Though they may be too weak today, I'm certain each of you will be able to use them eventually as you train without their aids."

     Kira understood that the Faerie Treasures, including her Circlet of the Air Faerie, had lost a majority of their magical energy due to a spell Rosia had cast on them. I hope I can perform my second level spells without my circlet, though, she thought wistfully.

     Fyora gave the Top faeries a quick smile before she ushered them out of her office. "If you girls need any more help, please don't hesitate to return to me!" she called as the four girls walked out of the office doors.

     "Well, this will be exciting!" Illere said gleefully. "I can't wait to achieve my new super Earth faerie powers!"

     "Oh, please," said Ardore. "Do you honestly believe Fyora was telling us the truth about having a second level of magic powers?"

     "Of course she'll tell us the truth, Ardore," Kira insisted. "She is the Faerie Queen after all! Why would she want to lie to us?"

     Ardore crossed her arms. "Because the idea of a Fire faerie like me can possess another power besides flame-creation is ridiculous and stupid. I mean, what does Fyora think I can do? Make water?"

     "Actually," Brillare piped up, "a Fire faerie with a second level of magical energy can possess the ability to create and control molten substances."

     Ardore yawned. "Like I'll ever need to learn how to create hot coals for a combat battle, when I could just heat up rocks with my fire powers instead."

     "Ooh, do you know what power I'll achieve, Brillare?" asked Illere.

     "You'll be able to possess the ability to control the weather," Brillare explained. "Which means you can make it rain, snow, or–"

     "Doesn't that sound like an ability an Air faerie should have?" asked Kira. "After all, I am the only one of us that can create clouds."

     "Poorly," Ardore murmured.

     "Well, actually, Illere can only control the clouds," Brillare insisted. "She wouldn't be able to create new ones like you." Then her mouth turned into a thin line. "According to my textbook, an Air faerie with a secondary level of energy can possess the ability to create ice... though I don't know why..."

     "Shouldn't Sirena be able to do that, since she can create water?" asked Illere.

     "Well yes," said Brillare, "that does make more sense. However, Sirena's secondary powers are supposed to allow her to create illusions, to make ice like an Air faerie."

     "So... I'll have to make ice? That sounds cool," said Kira, though her mind kept thinking it must be a terrible mistake.

     "It is remarkable," said Brillare. "But it's also supposedly very challenging, Kira. Very few Air faeries in Faerieland's history have been able to create ice by themselves, just like how very few Light faeries have been able to control the moon's rotation."

     "You can control the moon, Brillare?" Illere gasped.

     Brillare shook her head. "Not yet, though I wish I can soon. If I can control the moon the same way I can control the sun, then I would be able to summon new powers from the moon's light. In fact, it's the main reason why many scholars have considered Light faeries as 'Faeries of the Sun and Moon'."

     "That sounds so cool!" said Illere.

     "It does," said Kira. "I'm glad you guys have powers that can be mastered eventually. I don't know if I can really achieve my new levels of powers before those Dark faeries try to attack me again."

     "Why do you think that, Kira?" asked Illere. "I'm positive you'll be able to release your ice powers soon!"

     Kira was surprised how confident Illere was with her statement. "Um, are you sure?"

     Illere nodded eagerly. "After all, you are the strongest Air faerie I know."

     Brillare beamed a warm smile. "The only things you need, Kira, are confidence and devotion. If you are willing to pool your magical energy and focus on creating ice crystals, then you will be able to access your higher magical lever in no time. Just remember to work hard and try everyday."

     Ardore smirked. "Just don't expect any results for at least ten years."

     "Thanks, guys," said Kira, though she brushed Ardore's comment aside. "I'll try and learn more about my powers once I get home." And think about why those Dark faeries want to capture other faeries with their spell, she added silently.

To be continued...

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