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Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Six

by downrightdude


Illere placed a hand on Alice's shoulder. "What do you mean?" she asked.

     Alice shook her head. "I'd rather not talk about it, Kira. It's too sad."

     Kira sat down and grabbed Alice's hand. "You can tell us anything that's on your mind," she insisted. "Please, tell us what you meant. Why are you so angry with Balthazar?"

     After a moment of thinking, Alice nodded and spread her hands across her lap, her palms facing the bright sunlight. Then the Grey faerie picked a nearby flower and began to twirl it in her fingers, as if she was thinking. Finally she said in a calm voice, "Once, long before Faerieland had settled itself on the surface of Neopia, were a band of faeries whose friendship was as strong as any Faerie power. My friends and I were as close as sisters and we danced and played with each other everyday alongside all of our other faerie friends in a clearing surrounded by various sized and coloured trees.

     "Then, on a calm sunny day, a mutant Lupe peered out of nearby bushes and began to scare the faeries with his furious snarls and razor-sharp claws. My friends tried various spells to urge him away, and I too found myself fighting him with all of my magical energy. But alas Balthazar was too strong for our magic, and he had eventually pulled out this gem, a pink gem, out from this brown knapsack he had hanging over his left shoulder."

     "Then what happened, Alice?" asked Kira.

     Alice bent her head down. "The gem Balthazar had blinded us with this pink light that was also draining all of our magical powers. By the time he had finished and had fled, we were all nothing but a bunch of Grey faeries, completely drained of our formal powers." She looked up at Kira and said, "That's why I despise Balthazar. He took all of my powers and my friends' powers, too. And for that, he shall never be forgiven."

     Illere sniffled and wiped her eyes. "That's so sad!" she wailed.

     "Do you remember what type of faerie you were, Alice?" asked Kira.

     Alice nodded. "I used to be a Light faerie before Balthazar took my powers; my hair used to be golden blonde and I remember wearing a beautiful yellow dress... but now..."

     Kira shook her head with frustration. "That's so wrong! How could that Balthazar steal your Light faerie energy! And now that he's working with Violet and Daphne–"

     "Oh, I'm not that mad," Alice insisted. "In fact, I've learned how to in isolated areas around Faerieland with my friends, who are still very close to me. I'm still mad that he took my powers and attacked my friends, but I also pity him for he endured horrible mistreatment at the hands of some wicked Dark faeries."

     Then why is he working with two Dark faeries now? Kira asked herself.

     Illere stood up. "Should we go to Ardore's boutique now?" she asked Kira.

     "Yes," said Kira. "Let's go right now." She stood up and gave Alice a compassionate smile. "I'm sorry I can't stay, Alice. Will you be okay if we leave you here?"

     Alice nodded. "Yes, I'll be fine. I understand that you must warn your friend immediately, so please go now."

     "Thanks," said Kira. She flew up into the air alongside Illere and followed the Earth faerie to Faerie City, all the while thinking of the tragic story her Grey faerie friend had confessed.


     Rosia's face grew bright red as she watched her sisters inspect the Earth faeries Violet had collected. "Well, did you find her?" the Top Dark faerie barked impatiently.

     Daphne shook her head. "I don't think we have the Top Earth faerie," she said with a sigh.

     Velma inspected a clear bottle and squinted at the imprisoned Earth faerie inside. "Could this be her?" she asked her sisters.

     "It's not her," Daphne insisted. "I already checked and she has too many split ends to be that Illere girl."

     Balthazar growled at the four Dark faeries. "Why haven't you captured the Top Earth faerie, yet?" he demanded.

     "Well, don't look at me!" said Daphne. She pointed a finger at Violet, who was nervously twirling one of her pigtails. "It was her fault for ruining our mission!"

     Violet shook her head. "It's not my fault!"

     "Oh, please," Rosia muttered. "We all saw your attack through Velma's crystal ball; who in Neopia would think of using a dark-screen spell while she was trying to capture our next victim?"

     "And why couldn't you capture Illere when she was huddled on the floor?" asked Daphne.

     "It was that Earth faerie's fault for stepping in front of that other faerie!" Violet insisted "If she hadn't come along, I would have succeeded for sure."

     "Well," Violet said thoughtfully, "I suppose we shouldn't have sent Violet out if we had gut feelings that she would ruin everything. So I guess–"

     "It was still her fault!" Rosia shouted. She picked up the pile of bottled Earth faeries and shoved them into Velma's arms. "Now go do your duty, Velma, and drain the magical energy from these wimps!"

     "But what will we do now that Violet messed up?" Daphne asked.

     Rosia handed Daphne a bag full of green glitter. "You will try to get that Earth faerie alongside the Top Air faerie," she explained. "Once you get those two, you may come back and assist Velma as she's too slow to do her job properly and efficiently."

     "Excuse me?" asked Velma.

     Daphne rolled her eyes. "Are you seriously still obsessing about that blonde Air faerie that defeated you, Rosia? Because that fight between us and her happened a long time ago, and I think you should seriously try to forget about her before this grows into a deep, creepy obsession... you know, like the type of behaviour Hanso's fans have?"

     "Look, it's all part of my plan," said Rosia. "And I'm confident that you'll trap that measly blonde-faerie if you attack her at the location I'll tell you to go."

     "And where is this 'location'?" Daphne demanded.

     Rosia gave her sister a wicked smile. "At Faeriewood Academy for Faeries. You know that private school for 'supposedly gifted' faeries?"

     Daphne nodded. "Was this also the same school that never accepted you, dear sister?" she asked with a smile.

     Rosia glared at her and walked over to the drawer that held Balthazar's collection of faerie charms. While she did that, Velma looked around and snapped her fingers, which created a light green box surrounding her and her two younger sisters. "That was close," she muttered.

     "Nice box," Daphne said as she inspected Velma's work. "But why did you make it?"

     "Because I needed a private place to vent out my feeling over our dear, overbearing sister," said Velma, eyeing carefully at Rosia.

     "Are you sure she won't see us?" asked Violet.

     "Oh she'll see us," said Velma, "but she won't be able to hear us speak."

     "Good," said Daphne, "because I am getting so tired of working for Balthazar and capturing random faeries with no pay!"

     Velma nodded in agreement. "While I disagree that your work is the most tiring, I must confess that doing all of the spell-draining is exhausting work, especially since Rosia hasn't even appreciated how much energy I've already drained."

     "Yeah, and she's really super mean because I missed my target!" Violet shouted angrily. "Why does she have to be so mad at me?"

     "We're all mad at you, Violet," said Daphne. "And it's because she was an easy target."

     "But–" Violet explained.

     Velma held up her hands to silence her sisters. "Stop bickering before my brain explodes and I explode both of you," she commanded.

     Daphne crossed her arms and leaned over to the box's surface. "Why does Rosia even want me to attack that Kira-girl in the first place?" she asked Velma.

     "My guess is because Kira's the Top Air faerie, thus she is needed for your plan to work," Velma explained. "My second reason is because Rosia's pride was wounded when she was weakened by Kira during our last fight."

     "But we're not going to imprison Queen Fyora, right?" asked Violet, remembering how the Faerie Queen had imprisoned her and her sisters in the Magical Seal.

     Velma shook her head. "I'm certain Rosia has other plans for her majesty."

     "Like what, exactly?" asked Daphne.

     "I don't know for sure," said Velma. "However, I have discovered a flaw in Rosia's plan that could greatly jeopardize her–"

     Suddenly the green box shattered into various pieces that quickly evaporated. Rosia glared at her younger sisters as Balthazar placed the Earth faerie charm back in its drawer. "Why aren't you girls working?" she demanded. "Can't you see we have a lot more work to do? Yet you three are having a party in your private box!"

     "But Rosia –" Daphne began.

     "Don't interrupt me!" Rosia exclaimed. "Now I want all of you to work harder before I turn each of you into petpetpets!"

     Velma stepped forward. "Rosia, I'm afraid you've miscalculated your revenge plan since you've been–"

     "Go back to your cauldron, you worthless wretch!" Rosia commanded. "And keep your mouth shut for the rest of the day!"

     Forming fists with both hands, Velma walked back to the tower's cauldron and began to make a new batch of green glitter using Balthazar's personal spell book. As she worked, she looked up at Daphne, who was standing by the entrance door, and whispered, "She'll be sorry when it's too late. Just watch and see."

To be continued...

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