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Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Four

by downrightdude


"Isn't this forest beautiful?" Kira asked as she twirled. The Faerie Woods were located on the outskirts of Faerieland and were a favourite meeting spot for Earth and Grey faeries. With the mighty oak trees growing high above the green meadow of grass and blooming wildflowers, the Top Air faerie continued to twirl until she fell to the ground, laughing.

     Marissa cocked an eyebrow. "Are you feeling okay?" she wondered.

     Carrie approached Kira and placed a hand on her forehead. "I don't sense a fever," she reported. "Do you need me to get Headmistress Rose?"

     "Nope, I'm perfectly fine," said Kira, getting up.

     Ms. Aerial gave her students a glare and clapped her hands to get their attention. "Alright, girls, we can settle right here by these trees while I give you your first assignment." As the students groaned and sat on the soft grass, their teacher wiggled her fingers over her palm and closed her hand into a fist. Once she opened her fist opened, a fluffy miniature cloud appeared and slowly floated up into the sky. "This will be your first assignment," Ms. Aerial explained. "It was written down in Chapter 2 of your textbooks. Now, who would like to go first?"

     Carrie shot her hand up immediately. "Oh, I'll do it!"

     "Why don't we let the Top Air faerie demonstrate it to us first?" Marissa suggested with a sneer. "I'm sure she would know how to do an easy cloud-making spell like that."

     Kira gulped and immediately turned towards the nearby woods. When she noticed a Grey faerie peeking ever-so-slightly behind a nearby tree, she felt even more anxious about obtaining her opportunity to meet her. With the entire class waiting patiently, the Top Air faerie stood up and began to wiggle her fingers the same way she saw Ms. Aerial do it. "Cloudicious –"

     "Kira, what are you doing?" Ms. Aerial snapped. "That was not in your textbook, young lady. When will you learn that grown-up faerie spells are made with actual phrases and not baby talk?"

     "But I was just–" Kira began.

     Ms. Aerial shook her head. "Just sit down and let one of your other classmates perform the spell for you."

     How unfair! She never even allowed me to finish! Kira thought as she watched Marissa stood up and perform the spell perfectly.

     After the other Air faeries finished making their miniature clouds, Ms. Aerial gave each of them a piece of paper. "For your next assignment, I want each of you to create a perfect, white cloud model by using the spell you would have learned in Chapter 3. Once you do that, study them and see if you can control your personal cloud to create rain. If you notice your clouds turning colour or performing some other typical weather phenomenon, write them down as they occur. Okay?"

     "Okay!" repeated the students.

     As soon as the young faeries began wiggling their fingers to create their model clouds, Kira ran over to the woods and flew up over to the clearing, watching as the Grey faerie ran below. As soon as she spotted the familiar clearing in the middle of the woods, Kira lowered herself to the ground and smiled as the Grey faerie approached her. Alice gave her a small smile.

     "Hi Alice," said Kira. "I got your message!"

     Alice nodded approvingly. "Who were those girls you were with?" she wondered.

     "Oh, they're my class," Kira explained. "I've been studying with them at Faeriewood Academy."

     "You mean the private school?" asked Alice. "What's it like?"

     Kira waved a hand at her. "It's alright. I've been learning some new spells and my teacher's really strict. And this girl named Marissa, she's that Air faerie with the childish pigtails, keeps bugging me in class. But overall, the school's not that bad since my friends are there, too." Then she asked in a low voice, "You saw something here, Alice?"

     "It was by the lake," said Alice. "I was going to gather some water for me and my friends when I saw..."

     "Saw what?" asked Kira.

     "Evil," Alice said in a hushed voice. The Grey faerie quickly looked behind her, as if fearing she was being watched. Then she said, "Whatever happened yesterday was no accident, Kira. Somebody purposely imprisoned these innocent Water faeries, including your Top Water faerie friend, into these giant glass containers that shrank as this Dark faerie gathered them up."

     "What Dark faerie?" Kira demanded. She could feel her heart beating faster as the news of what happened to Sirena came to realization.

     Alice gave Kira a nervous look before she muttered, "A faerie with curly, red hair and black pants."

     Which Dark faerie has red hair and black pants? Kira wondered to herself. The description seemed to only have one suspect--Daphne, who was the only Dark faerie Kira knew that had red hair. But Daphne is sealed away alongside her sisters in that giant mirror, she thought, and her hair wasn't curly at all. Maybe this Dark faerie wasn't Daphne after all... maybe it was another Dark faerie...

     "I fear that whoever struck those Water faeries would definitely return," Alice said, interrupting Kira's thoughts. "Prior to seeing you arrive, I saw a group of Earth faeries enter the Faerie Woods alongside a tall Earth faerie I recognized as your other friend, the Top Earth faerie."

     "We should alert Illere in case anything happens," Kira suggested.

     Alice gave Kira a concerned look. "Are you sure you should be leaving your class? What if they notice you've vanished?"

     "But this is an emergency!" Kira insisted. "This sounds a lot more important than making stupid rain clouds! Now, do you know where Illere is now?"

     After considering what Kira had said, Alice nodded. "Yes, I heard she was going to be further north. We should go up there to see if she's still with her class." Kira nodded and followed Alice as she flew over the forest, keeping a watchful eye for her friend and any other Earth faeries.


     "This is wonderful!" Balthazar growled with pleasure. He held up a clear bag full of the bottled Water faerie Daphne collected earlier and showed them to Rosia.

     Daphne beamed a smile. "It was no problem," she insisted. "Those water-creatures never saw me coming!"

     Rosia rolled her eyes. "And how will we extract their powers?" she asked Balthazar.

     Balthazar smiled widely as he pulled out a bottled Water faerie from the bag. As the four Dark faerie sister watched, the mutant Lupe placed a Water Faerie Charm in front of the blue bottle. As the charm glowed a bright shade of light, a thick cloud of sky blue flew out of the bottle and directed itself into the charm's faerie-shaped logo. As soon as the cloud of mist vanished, the weak bottled Water faerie began to shape shift until the blue container morphed into a clear glass bottle, a small water faerie lying inside.

     Rosia gave the faded-blue Water faerie a smirk. "What a weakling," she scoffed. She handed the see-through bag to Velma. "I want you to do exactly what Balthazar did, you hear me? And I expect every single Water faerie to be as faded as that one."

     Velma grumbled as she took the Water Faerie Charm from Balthazar.

     Rosia turned to Daphne and Velma. "Now that Daphne has taken care of a small group of the Water faerie population, I want both of you to strike all those other water-lovers before sunset-"

     "Well, actually," Daphne interrupted, "I was thinking that we should shift our mission as collecting every Water faerie in Faerieland would be a real pain-not to mention seemingly impossible."

     "Are you serious?" Rosia gasped angrily. "Do you not understand the purpose of my revenge plan?"

     Daphne shook her head. "No, I don't! Why must we strike every faerie in Faerieland when we can only strike those who have actually ruined our plans? Am I right, sisters?"

     Rosia was shocked when Velma and Violet nodded their agreement.

     "I do think this idea seems to be too extravagant, even coming from you," Velma admitted, draining a Water faerie as she spoke. "If you ask me, I believe a better solution would be to stop any random rampages and try to focus on our actual enemies rather than random strangers."

     After looking over the collection of Water faeries Daphne had already collected, the Top Dark faerie finally sighed and said, "Oh, all right! We'll change our objective and only go after those blasted Top faeries. But I'll say who we shall strike at and when."

     Violet gulped when Rosia threw an Earth faerie charm at her. "What do you want me to do with this?" she asked as she picked up the charm from the floor.

     "I want you to go and imprison that Top Earth faerie girl," Rosia explained. "Make sure you also collect a few extra faeries during your mission, and for heaven's sake's, don't screw up like you always do!"

     Still shaking from nervousness, Violet nodded to her sister and collected a pile of green glitter with a gloved hand. Then she poofed herself out of Balthazar's tower while Velma finished draining Sirena the Top Water faerie.

To be continued...

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