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Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Two

by downrightdude


"You sure seem confident, Rosia," Daphne sneered teasingly. With a snap of her fingers, the Dark faerie transformed her shoulder-length red hair into a set of beautifully curled ringlets that were were set just above her shoulders. Delighted by her work, Daphne poofed up a hand mirror and smiled as she doted on her new hairstyle.

     Velma turned to face Rosia. "And what new plan do you have this time, Rosia?" she asked wonderingly.

     Rosia gave her sisters a sly smile as she handed Velma a green-covered spell book. "How to Capture a Faerie," Velma read aloud.

     Rosia nodded. "We need to prove to Fyora that we mean business," she explained coolly. "This means we need to take our plans up a notch and show Fyora how powerful we really are!" After laughing loudly, the Top Dark faerie walked over to the tower's fireplace and pointed a finger to the black cauldron that was placed inside. "First, we'll create a potion to trap all those vulnerable faeries."

     "How are we supposed to do that?" asked Daphne.

     "It's actually quite simple," Velma piped up. She placed the book open-faced on a table and pointed to a spell labelled 'The Faerie Trap'. "This spell seems to be what we need in order to extract Rosia's revenge upon Faerieland," Velma explained. "All we need to do is find the right ingredients and we'll be able to create this-"

     "Pretty green glitter? Oh Velma, that's ingenious!" Violet exclaimed.

     "It's not just glitter, you ninny," said Rosia. "If we get this spell right, then we can imprison every puny faerie into sealable, glass containers. Once we do that, we can extract their magical powers and sell those miserable faeries-"

     "And spend the profits on clothes! Oh, how fun!" Daphne shrieked. Rosia gave her sister a glare while her sister clapped with glee.

     Balthazar rubbed his chin. "Well, I suppose I can gather up some wild berries to assist in making the potion. But, if I help you faeries out with this, what will I get in return?"

     "You can have all the profits from any bottled faerie sales," Rosia insisted.

     "You sure?" asked Balthazar, giving Rosia an uncertain look. "Because I heard all of you Dark faeries are clever and can use mind-controlling spells on those they believe are easy to manipulate."

     "Well," said Rosia, "I suppose my sisters and I will just fly away and take care of things ourselves."

     Balthazar sighed and shook his head, as if he was regretting the deal. "Oh, all right, but I get one hundred percent of the credit." After shaking hands with Rosia, Balthazar left the tower in search of the needed ingredients while the cackles of Rosia and her sisters echoed within the tower hallway.


     Kira walked around the academy's courtyard, anxiously looking for the face of the Top Earth faerie. As she walked around the beautiful bushes of flowers, the Air faerie walked towards a purple gazebo and sighed deeply when she saw a freckled faced Earth faerie reading a book. Seeing her sitting beside a golden-haired Light faerie gave Kira even more comfort.

     "Hey guys!" Kira said as she approached them.

     Brillare, the Top Light faerie, gave her a smile. "How was your first day, Kira?" she asked.

     Illere, the Top Earth faerie, pointed to Kira's unravelled hair ribbon. "You might want to fix that," she said with a grin.

     Kira sighed and snapped her fingers, which magically turned her wrinkled hair ribbon into a smooth, crisp bow. "My day couldn't have been worse," she sighed as she took a seat between her two friends. "I swear all of my classmates hate me!"

     "Did your classes go well?" asked Brillare, sounding concerned.

     "Sort of," said Kira. "I remembered everything my other taught me about Air faerie magic, but those girls still laughed at me when our super cruel teacher ordered me to list all of Psellia's accomplishments during our history lesson. Like I knew everything about her!

     Brillare placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "Don't worry, you'll be better tomorrow."

     "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean!" Illere groaned loudly. "Just because my name is 'Illere', all the other Earth faeries laughed at me and insisted I go back to the swamp where I belong. But at least this girl named Avalon stood by me while everyone else purposely avoided me."

     "Why do we need to attend that snooty school anyway?" Kira demanded.

     Illere shrugged her shoulders but Brillare just gave her a smile. "Fyora had wanted all of us to attend Faeriewood to help in furthering our studies in magic spells – as well as in other subjects that we haven't learned yet, such as the history of Faerieland." The Top Light faerie got up and placed a hand on Kira's shoulder. "You may think you are powerful, Kira, but there is more to Air faerie magic than cloud formation or breeze control. And I believe your teacher, despite her strict demeanor, wants you to better understand your inner abilities. Do you understand?"

     Kira sighed and nodded, feeling a twinge of embarrassment. Then she laughed and quickly told her friends all about Sirena and her classmates surfing down the second floor hallway. All three faeries laughed and Kira said, "Boy was I glad to see that Sirena was okay!"

     "Is she still at the school?" asked Brillare.

     "I believe she said something about visiting the Healing Springs with her class today," said Illere, who was also Sirena's roommate.

     "Why would she need to go to the Healing Springs?" asked Kira.

     Illere shrugged her shoulders. "Probably to learn about water magic-but then again, she may also be at Faerie Lake to practice water combat."

     Brillare handed Kira a book she was holding and said, "Can you please give this to Sirena? I'd do it myself, but I must go meet my classmates at the library of our academy. We're going to study the sun's rotation patterns for an upcoming test."

     "Sure," said Kira. "I'll be happy to."


     Rosia smiled slyly as she reached into the bubbling cauldron with a gloved hand and scooped up a pile of green glitter. She nodded to Balthazar and said, "Well, this will do wonderfully. Now all we need to do is try it out."

     Daphne watched as the glitter began to overflow out of the black cauldron. "Are you sure this will be enough?" she wondered.

     "Yes, it'll be plenty as long as you three don't waste it all at once," Rosia said, eyeing all three sisters.

     Velma filled a small bottle with glitter and handed it to Rosia. "Well, who should we attack first?" she asked.

     Rosia handed the bottle to Daphne and said, "Daphne, I want you to find that Top Water faerie and capture her. She shall be our first test experiment."

     Daphne looked at the bottle with confusion. "Why me?" she wondered. "And why do I have to get the 'Top' Water faerie?"

     "Because she's our enemy," Rosia growled. "And because I said so!" The Top Dark faerie snapped her fingers and poofed Daphne out of the tower with a puff of purple smoke.

     Velma crossed her arms. "So now you're going after our enemies?" she asked.

     "Well, we should in order to exact my revenge," Rosia insisted. "And besides, even a dimwit like Violet would understand that the Top Water faerie would have stronger powers than any of the other Water faeries. If we want to capture all of the Water faeries in time, we must first capture their leader - who just so happens to be one of our enemies."

     Violet, who was busy coloring a picture she poofed up, looked up and shouted, "Hey! I'm not stupid!"

     "And you can honestly imagine Daphne sprinkling the glitter on Sirena to trap her?" asked Velma.

     Rosia shrugged her shoulders. "She'll have to figure it herself, I suppose."

     Balthazar handed Rosia a light and dark blue bottle. "This bottle is what I now use for the Tier 1 faeries," he explained. "As long as that Water faerie is in here, she'll be able to keep her original powers."

     After inspecting the round bottle and its fountain-shaped lid, Rosia threw it towards the ground and watched as the bottle shattered into various sized pieces. "I don't want that faerie to keep her powers!" she shouted with fury. "We need her to be a faded faerie, so go get one of those instead, you oaf."

     "But how am I supposed to earn money from a bunch of faded faeries!" Balthazar demanded. "If I sell faded faeries, then my customers would have to travel all the way to Mystery Island to receive blessings from-"

     "I don't care!" Rosia interrupted. "Just make sure that all of MY captured faeries are drained of all of their powers. That will surely go alongside my original plan for payback."

     Balthazar inwardly growled, knowing the faeries were already beginning to double cross him. Still, the main reason he'd agreed to help them was immunity they promised from their mother's wrath. Hopefully, they'd at least hold up that end of the agreement.

     Velma shook her head. "But, where are we supposed to store all of that extra power?" she asked. "It's not like you can just absorb it, Rosia."

     Still astonished by Rosia's plans, Balthazar staggered towards a drawer and pulled out a small glass jar. The jar was sky blue and had a dark blue faerie silhouette on the front. "I think this will do just fine," he said as she handed Velma the bottle.

     "A Water Faerie Charm? I thought they were just cheap toys?" Velma said.

     Balthazar shook his head. "It only looks like a toy: however mine has the ability to store any Water faerie magic it comes in contact with. We can use this to store all of the Water faerie powers we get from draining our captives."

     Rosia snatched the bottle from Velma and opened it. "Are you sure this isn't too small?"

     "These charms have a tremendous capacity for absorbing magical energy," Balthazar explained. "So we would only need one charm for each type of faerie."

     "Oh, then Velma can watch over it," Rosia said as she tossed the charm to Velma. She walked over to the drawer Balthazar had opened and looked inside, grinning widely that there were five other charms for the five other types of faeries. "These will do never nicely," she said as she took out the charms and closed the drawer.

To be continued...

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