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Have You Hugged a Spoppy Today?

by inverted_destiny


Every neopet deserves a Petpet, a little friend that can travel along with them both in good times and in times of trouble. But can you believe that there are actually neopets out there that have no companion Petpet? Some of them might think that they are better off alone, or perhaps their owners have neglected this vital portion of the life of their pet. But you would not want to be that owner, now would you? I thought not. So you say you are in the market for a new Petpet? Well then, perhaps it's time to consider the Spoppy. There are many reasons to ask a Spoppy to travel with your neopet, so let's just jump right in and talk about them.

A gift from the Great Pango Pango...

Not only are they fantastic companions, but their origins are that of being a reward from the Great Pango Pango. If you would like to be rewarded with one yourself, just go to Mystery island to see Jhuidah and her Cooking Pot. Offer a Spyder and a Poppit in the Pot, the Great Pango Pango will be pleased and you will be going home with a lovely new friend. And you would not want to displease him, would you? But maybe that is not enough for you...

The eyes of the Spoppy are upon you.

Spoppies have extra large red eyes that combine the convenient size of a Poppit's eyes with the sharp red of the eyes of a Spyder. These allow them to see impending danger, both in the light of day and the dark of night, making them excellent treasure hunters. Some neopets might find their eyes a little on the creepy side, but looking beyond that allows one to see how valuable their companionship is. After all, some neopets have a little trouble seeing, and a Spoppy could make a great seeing eye Petpet. I suppose there is a chance that your neopet can see just fine, though...

Can you hear the skittering of their many legs?

Spoppies have more legs than the average Petpet. It's hard to knock over a Petpet with so many legs, so they are always upright and ready to lend a foot. In addition to the extra stability, they can get greater traction, allowing them to help your neopets pull home all those extra neopoints. And when was the last time you saw a Spoppy with a cast on even one leg? Never. So that must mean that even though they have many thin legs, they have the strength and resilience to go on when other Petpets fall behind. If your neopet is slow, or rich enough not to be concerned about such things, then a Spoppy might not be for you... unless...

Still more inherited capabilities

But the eyes and the legs are not the only possibilities for a Spoppy to inherit in their creation. Poppits have the ability to draw in air in order to float around, even pushing themselves at high rates of speed. Spyders, in addition to their natural creepiness, make excellent hunters. Both of these things can be found in that perfect combination of the two - yup, you guessed it, the Spoppy. By now, I am sure you're convinced, but we are not done yet...

Perfect for the budget conscious.

Yes, after hearing this about the Spoppy, perhaps you would expect these wonderful companions to be, at best, difficult for the average neopet to afford. But Spoppies care as much about your finances as you do. Even if you do not go see Jhuidah to make one yourself, you can usually pick one up for around a thousand neopoints. Which is a far cry less than the millions upon millions that some Petpets can set you back. So are you going out for that Spoppy yet? If not, I've got one more thing to say...

Great potential for the future.

Some Petpets have many different colors, but the Spoppy is just available in one color. Some people will find this comforting for the moment, as it keeps them from having to decide what color of brush to take with them to the Petpet Puddle. Others of us will view this as a good thing because it means that there is lots of room for future excitement. Still other wonderful things can come to the Spoppy lover in the future. Who wouldn't want the shifting red eyes of the Spoppy as an avatar? Or maybe you would prefer the many legs standing around on the neoboards as an icon? You could easily enjoy both of those while looking around for that Spoppy plushie that could be coming. And that doesn't even touch on the possibility of wearable Spoppies - a shirt, hat, or even a little skittering Spoppy wandering around your neopets. One never knows what will happen to honor this true and trusted companion.

Perhaps you are concerned, though, about the personality of a Spoppy. Is a Spoppy the right choice, and can they get along with your neopet? Well, in that case, I am happy to say that you don't have anything to worry about. Spoppies enjoy all the same things that any neopet does. They will finish off the leftovers from your gourmet snacks, and sit on your shoulder while you read. Inventors will find that they will bring over that wrench you need for your latest world changing invention. Some of them will wander into the bushes to help you gather berries. And there are others who will be content to keep you company when you just do not want to be alone. And you should not be worried about discretion, there are even Spoppies out there that can keep your secrets - even if it means working for Dr. Sloth.

So there you have it, just a small sampling of the reasons that a Spoppy is an excellent choice...

Good enough? I thought so. So do not wait for Spoppy Day, make it today.

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