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A Hero's Quest - An Epic Poem

by tj_wagner


Through the lush green fields in the land of Meridell,

There exists a story that is the greatest to tell.

It is a story told by the young and the old;

The greatest of stories about a hero bold.

Listen to my story. From its lessons do not turn.

For in it is a message we all should learn.

In a modest dwelling lived one named Adrianne,

And she was the greatest sorceress in all the land.

With her magic staff, she protected the weak.

She protected the forsaken and the meek.

Her talents were legendary in times that were dire,

But the faerie Uni had grown old and wanted to retire.

She needed a successor and she wanted to find,

A hero who was worthy and one of a kind.

She composed three letters for such heroes one day,

And used her magic to send her requests on their way.

Through magical currents, her letters found their mark.

She requested that these heroes to her home embark.

One was a blue Skeith by the name of Sir Gary.

His strength and his brawn were more than legendary.

He was afraid of nothing – absolutely zero.

In his hometown, he was already a hero.

Concerning this situation, he was not deceived.

He immediately left the moment the letter was received.

Brian the Brave was the second called to come.

Of all Neopia's archers, he was the greatest one.

A calm, cool Gelert with his arrow and his bow;

Exactly how good he was, only he did know.

Like Sir Gary, he came when he was called.

This was the kind of opportunity he wouldn't have stalled.

The last hero was so mysterious even with her fame.

Little was known beyond that of her name.

They called her Ellisa and she was said to be smart.

She had turned the skill of being stealthy into an art.

Unless she chose otherwise, she could remain unseen,

And her talents rounded out this competent team.

The Skeith and Brian met on the way as they walked.

And as they continued on, the two began to talk.

They knew each other for they had met in the past.

Talking, they continued down the path with steps fast.

Both were eager to meet Ellisa who was still a mystery,

Even though they had heard of some of her history.

Soon they came to a Cybunny sitting in the road.

Sir Gary asked, "Are you here to carry our load?"

They didn't give her time to answer well,

As they unloaded their items to this Cybunny frail.

They were big and strong where she was tiny and pink.

As to her real identity, they didn't even think.

Soon they came to the gate and saw Adrianne there.

"Welcome, great heroes!" she shouted with flair.

"I see Sir Gary with strength and size.

And you must be Brian, I would surmise."

Then her eyes saw the Cybunny struggling behind.

"And you must be Ellisa – the stealthy and kind."

The two other heroes were shocked and amazed,

That one so small could be a hero left them dazed.

The fact that she wasn't even stealthy was at least funny.

How could she be a hero, this little Cybunny?

They held back their comments, but even without words,

It appeared Ellisa knew what they thought of her.

She stood up straight, although not very tall,

And dropped all of the stuff so to the ground it did fall.

There was a power hidden in her irises blue,

So that even the others had to agree it might be true.

On her tiny appearance, they no longer did dwell.

After all, Adrianne surely would have picked her heroes well.

"I called you all here," Adrianne confidently said,

"Because of a matter that I truly dread.

I have grown old. Oh, the years, they truly fly!

And I need someone to take my place by and by.

You each have great skills, but I need to know who is best.

That's why I'm sending you all on a special quest."

"A quest?" repeated the Skeith. "Is that what you want us to do?

Tell me what it is you need, and I will bring it to you."

Adrianne replied, "There is no need to hurry,

But I'll tell you what I want. Do no worry.

I've chosen a job that will test each of you three.

You must acquire a Weewoo of jewels from a tree."

The Uni continued, "It sounds like an easy task,

But it really it is much more that I ask.

Along the way in the woods, obstacles have been placed.

These are the hurdles that must be faced.

After all this, you will come to a tree tall,

From whose heights you surely wouldn't want to fall.

"At the top of the tree between two branches askew,

You will find wedged a jeweled Weewoo.

Its body is of gold and many jewels you will see.

Remove it from its deadly perch and bring it to me.

When this is done, I will think of your pace,

And then I will choose the hero that shall take my place."

Their task explained, they were pointed to the path to begin,

And they begin their trek walking against the wind.

The Skeith was noisy. He felt sure he would succeed.

Laughing and joking, he thought this an easy deed.

The brown Gelert spoke less, but his spirits were stirred.

Only Ellisa remained quiet without speaking a word.

The path twisted between two shear rocks,

And by a huge boulder, the path was blocked.

This rock was stuck firmly in the ground.

There was no way for them to get around.

This was the first obstacle. This much was true.

Sir Gary realized what he needed to do.

The Skeith grabbed the rock, and without a care

He threw the rock up into the air.

It came down with a thud and then went flyin'

Down the bank right toward Ellisa and Brian.

Ellisa grabbed Brian and pulled him out of the way.

"Oops," was all Sir Gary had to say.

They continued on until they came to a ravine so wide.

Their path continued on the other side.

But the bridge had been cut. There was no way to cross.

For a minute the questers seemed quite lost.

But then Brian smiled and chuckled low.

Almost casually, he pulled out his bow.

He shot an arrow that flew just right,

And into the faraway tree, it became stuck tight.

A rope had been tied to this arrow,

Which showed that Brian was a clever fellow.

Tying the other end of the rope to a tree

He create a makeshift bridge for the three.

Brian quickly climbed across the chasm first

But then he did something that really was the worst.

It was an act almost too hard to grope.

He pulled out the arrow and released the rope,

Leaving the others in a terrible strife

Until Ellisa pulled out a knife.

She shoved the knife into the ravine wall

And caught ahold of Sir Gary before he could fall.

She slowly climbed and didn't dare stop

Until her and Sir Gary made it to the top.

She screamed at Brian, "What are you daft?"

The Gelert only looked at her and laughed.

They began walking again as it had grown late,

Until they reached a tall tree surrounded by a gate.

This locked gate was made of tempered steel,

And it refused to open with force or will.

There was a sign that hung squarely in the middle

That said the gate would open if they solved a riddle.

The posted sign said to stand in one spot

And to perform the riddle answer that was sought.

The riddle itself said, "This isn't just a game."

"I am so fragile, I break at the sound of my name."

Sir Gary and Brian looked confused completely,

But Ellisa stepped forward to the spot immediately.

To their surprise, this Cybunny they thought was weak,

Stood in the spot, but not a word did she speak.

"What do you think you're doing?" Brian cried,

But at the moment the gate swung open wide.

Ellisa said, "You might have thought that I was being lame,

But silence is the thing broken when you speak its name."

With the gate open, they could climb up the bark

And retrieve the jeweled Weewoo before it got dark.

Ellisa was the smallest and the lightest you see,

So she was volunteered by the others to climb up the tree.

She hurried up the tree, careful not to fall

Until she had the jeweled Weewoo firmly in her paw.

When Ellisa climbed down, Adrianne did appear.

She took the Weewoo saying, "Thank you, my dear.

You three faced all the obstacles. You weren't perplexed.

So who should follow in my footsteps?

Each one of you can tell me why you should be picked.

I must choose before nightfall, so please make it quick."

"I am the strongest," Sir Gary shouted to the trees,

"I took care of the huge boulder with ease.

Of all of us here, it should hardly be news.

I am the only one you can really choose!

I am the hero that all the villains will dread."

But it appeared Brian didn't agree with what was said.

Brian began, "You are strong, but do you know what?

I am the archer who is the surest shot.

I was the one who, while at the ridge,

Shot the arrow to create a bridge.

This is a decision that shouldn't even be rough."

Throughout all of this, Ellisa hadn't spoke up.

Adrianne looked at the Cybunny with a gentle smile.

She said, "You have been quiet all the while.

On this quest, what did you do?

Was the riddle solved by you?

Do you think you could be a great hero?"

To everyone's surprise, she answered, "No."

She continued, "I have bad news that I must break.

I am not Ellisa! There has been some mistake.

You see, I got the letter by accident.

I knew of Ellisa, for whom it was meant.

I am a simple Cybunny by the name of Mary,

But the idea of being nobody was so scary.

"I decided, once I got the magical letter,

To pretend to be Ellisa, although I knew better.

I just wanted, for once, to be a someone,

And I have to admit this quest was quite fun.

Yet, I am certainly no hero, for I have lied."

She dropped her head and began to cry.

Yet, Adrianne's smile hadn't even changed.

She announced, "Things have gone as arranged.

You are part of this group because you belong.

It was the name on the letter that was wrong.

I used my magic to send for three for this test

And it was my magic that decided you were the best.

"Brian and Sir Gary, I sent for by name.

But they are more interested in their own fame.

You, who in this group never seem to mesh,

Were the only one to appeared unselfish.

You have the honesty, brains, and heart.

It is those traits that have set you apart."

Mary was appointed the successor on that day,

And from that path she never did stray.

Sir Gary and Brain an apology did mumble

And they returned home, ultimately humbled.

A good lesson was learned by one and all.

Helping others first is a true hero's call.

The End

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