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How to Care for a Petpet

by liesl_1997_11


Do you find yourself being nagged on a regular basis, by your Neopet, to go to the local Petpet store and see what's good? No?



Sorry about that.

There comes a time in every pet's life when he or she longs for a Petpet of their very own, and let me start by saying that you really should let them have one. Petpets aren't just playmates. They are educational TOOLS. They teach valuable lessons of responsibility, sharing and love. They are a life for your Neopet to cherish other than yours...

But not everybody is familiar with the requirements of a new little Petpet, which is why I, being the lovely, kind soul I am, have created this guide to caring for a Petpet if you have never done so before.


Although it may sound like a fun prospect, may it be known that feeding time for a Petpet is serious business. Without three meals a day, your Warf WILL mess all over that freshly-ironed pile of clothes. I'm pretty sure you don't want that. Nor will you want to lose a finger to a hungry Nuranna. But what does one feed to a Petpet?

The easiest option would be canned food, which is available in a number of flavours that your pet's pet will enjoy. But there's more to it than meets the eye. Whilst canned Petpet food is a quick, cheap hunger cure, it contains some rather questionable ingredients. By that, I don't just mean the things you'll find at the Rubbish Dump. No... I mean things much, much worse than that.

If the thought of finding junk in your Petpet's meal is extremely off-putting to you (if not, it should be!) then allow me to recommend some healthier, safer alternatives:

Fresh fruit and vegetables can be home-grown for convenience and are jam-packed with vitamins to help your Petpet grow and develop. Some species, such as the humble Slorg, will happily live off lettuce and tomatoes, but every Petpet is different so don't worry if you have to give yours some encouragement. I'll be honest and say you might as well not bother with this paragraph if your Petpet is a carnivore, but I guess it's too late now!

It has been proven that most Petpet species love the taste of cheese and crackers. There are many varieties available and prices are usually low. I wonder what it is that makes Petpets crave them so much.

Finally, you may want to try feeding meats such as ham and sausage to your Petpet, especially if it is a carnivore. Merifoods sells some mighty fine pork sausages... and just so you know, that wasn't free promotion for the store.

Please give these foods in moderation. It is very easy to make a Petpet look like a balloon.


Like your Neopet, a new Petpet will require a lot of training to prevent it from becoming a weapon of mass destruction.

Toilet training is a big deal. Place down some pages of an old copy of the NT in one corner of a chosen room and encourage the Petpet to go there. If your Petpet is aquatic, this job has already been made 100% easier! If puddles are made in the wrong place, gently scolding will help ensure the same mistake isn't made twice. Soon, your Petpet will be able to let you know when he or she wants to use the bathroom, so don't worry.

PLEASE make sure you teach your Petpet not to destroy your furniture. There have been so many times when someone has written to me saying: 'my Huggy has left tooth marks in my armchair and the furniture store won't refund me.' People, you only have yourselves to blame. You can either scold the Petpet whenever you find a scratch in your furniture, or replace it all with wood or something. But I'm sure you don't want to do that. Besides, it won't match your carpet.


Now for the fun part - playtime! There are so many ways of spending a day inside and outside with your Petpet. For extra helpfulness, I have listed specific activities for each type of pet, but don't be afraid to experiment and try something new!

Aquatic Petpets:

-Hide tiny treats around the tank and let the pet hunt for them.

-Buy a castle ornament. This will give the Petpet somewhere new and exciting to explore.

-If your tank is big enough, jump right in and swim around! Your pet will love a new underwater playmate.

Geraptiku Petpets: It's a general rule that all Geraptiku Petpets love rocks, so you can quite simply create games that involve rocks. For example:

-Fetch the Rock

-Rock Piles

-Building Rocks

Desert Petpets: In their natural habitats, desert Petpets often seek water. Fill a small dish with it and let them cool off.

-They also enjoy hunting. Bury shiny things in the sand of their tank or cage and give them a reward for finding them all.

Other Petpets: -Larger Petpets love going for long walks through town and will happily spend a day chasing after a frisbee in the local park.


All Petpets have different requirements to keep them happy and healthy. Aquatic Petpets, on one hand, will obviously need a large, decorated tank, whereas Petpets like the Babaa can live in a pen in your garden with plenty of grass. Make sure you speak to the assistant at your Petpet shop for information regarding where you can and cannot house your new friend. Ensure you don't allow tiny pets, like the Spyder, to simply crawl around the house. They WILL get lost, and they WILL crawl over your face as you sleep. *Shudders*


Just like your Neopet, it is vital that Petpets are well-groomed. Most pet shampoos are suitable for use, as are long and short haired brushes. It has been proven, however, that the majority of furry Petpets shrink when dried with a hairdryer, so do make sure you allow heir fur to air dry.

That's basically all you need to know! The world of Petpets is vast and fun, but only if you take good care of your little buddy. Until next time!

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